1916). On 1 Jun 1916, when Olga was 2 months old, a flash flood swept down the creek that ran through the farm. Her father Ellend and her Aunt Synneva were drowned as the wall of water swept away the chicken coop where they were gathering eggs. This was the only flash flood ever known in this area of Winneshiek Co. Elmie was stranded for many days with her children until the flood waters subsided. With the death of Elmie’s husband, her mother, Ellen Marie Samuelson Numedahl, moved in with Elmie’s family. They raised the four children together until Marie's death in 1944.

Elmie moved to a house in Calmar, at the corner of West and Clay Street, in 1921. She worked doing laundry and washing floors for 25 cents a day to support her children through the Depression. For many years Elmie was the night telephone operator in Calmar. Her children would often take turns sleeping on a cot in the telephone office so Elmie would not be alone at night. Elmie retired from the telephone office after many years of service.

When Elmie moved her family to the house in Calmar on Clay Street, she knew that she wanted her children closer to school and opportunities for education. She insisted that the children learn English (they spoke Norwegian until they moved into town from the farm) and supported them in their education. Edwin, known as Eddie, married Lucille Dvorak (b. 1912) and became a businessman in Decorah and died in 1987. Martin died in 1935 in a car accident near Spillville. EHa married Dwight McGraw (b. 1908). She finished college at the University of Iowa and became a social worker in Knoxville where she still lives. Olga married Robert Shaffer (b. 1914). Olga finished college at the University of Iowa and University of Wisconsin and became a teacher and counselor in Duluth. Olga returned to the Dalen home on Clay Street after her retirement.

Elmie died in 1977, leaving her three surviving children and eight grandchildren with a lasting legacy of her strength and indomitable spirit. She was truly a grand lady of Winneshiek Co.

Daniels, Walter W. and Rebecca (Sersland)

(Walter and Rebecca Daniels)

Walter “Walt” Wesley Daniels was born 7 Jul 1915 in Winneshiek Co. and died 30 Jun 1982. His father was Charles O. Daniels who was born 31 Jan 1897 and died 1 Apr 1972. His mother was Grace Rathbun Daniels who was born 21 Aug 1897 and died 3 Sep 1936. They were married 16 Feb 1910. They were the parents of Raymond, Donald, Walter, Lester, Robert, Charles and Betty.

Charles O. Daniels married Carol Dundee Rupp 15 Nov 1937. She was born 11 Jul 1888 and died 16 Mar 1983.

Walt married Rebecca Sersland 18 Oct 1941 at Kirksville, MO. Rebecca’s parents were Theodore Sersland and Helga (Anderson) Sersland. Theodore was born 2 Sep 1871 and died 11 Dec 1960. Helga was born Jan 1879 and died 8 Nov 1961. They were the parents of Harold, Alice, Thelmer (died in infancy), Edgar, Rebecca, Edith and Norma. Walt and Rebecca were the parents of three children: Walter James, Marilyn Ann, and Rosalyn Jean.

Walter James “Wally” Daniels was educated in the Decorah Public Schools and graduated from high school in May 1963. Wally attended Iowa State University at Ames, IA and graduated with a degree in architectural engineering in 1969 (5 year course). He then spent two years in the U.S. Armed Forces. On his return he worked in Iowa City where he met and married Jessie Szostak, daughter of Antoni and Janina Szostak of Rockford, IL. Jessie, born in Ingalstat, Germany, arrived in the U.S. in 1951. Her elementary and high school education were received in Rockford, IL. Her nursing degree and master’s degree are from the University of Iowa (1976). Wally and Jessie live in Minneapolis, MN where Wally is employed at Setter, Leach and Lindstrom Architectural Firm. Jessie is on the faculty of the University of Minnesota. They are the parents of: Emily Catherine and Peter Benjamin . Both of the children are students.

Marilyn Ann (Daniels) Mizell was educated in the Decorah Public Schools and graduated from high school in May 1965. She received her B.A. from Luther College in May 1969, M.A. in Education from St. Thomas University, St. Paul, MN in Jul 1995. Marilyn has taught in the Bloomington, MN school district since 1970. She married Robert Mizell of Minneapolis 21 Mar 1970. He was the son of Earl and Elayne (Seagren) Mizell. Robert was educated in the Minneapolis school system, attended Normandale Junior College for two years and then received his B.A. in Business Management from Metropolitan State University in Minneapolis. He is employed at Eaton Corp. as Assistant Mechanical Engineer. They are the parents of two children: Christopher Allen and Jennifer Dawn . They are both students.

Rosalvn Jean (Daniels) Blegen was educated in the Decorah Public Schools, graduated from Decorah High School in 1971 and received a B.A. in Physical Education and Health from Luther College in 1975. Rosalyn owns and operates The Seam Ripper from her home. She wanted to be home while her children were young. She married Douglas Blegen, son of Arthur and Viola (Wangsness) Blegen of Decorah, on 5 Aug 1972. Doug was educated in the Decorah Public Schools and graduated from Decorah High School in 1970. He spent two years at Dunwoody Technical Institute in Minneapolis, graduating with a degree in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. He is employed by People’s Natural Gas. They are the parents of: Allisa Marie  a student at Waldorf College, Forest City, IA; Andrew Michael a student at Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, IA; and Elizabeth Ann  a student at Decorah High School.

Walt was drafted into the U.S. Army 18 Apr 1941 (before the attack on Pearl Harbor) and was discharged 13 Sep 1945. He remained in the Army Reserve for another five years. He received his basic training at Camp Claibourne, LA. He spent New Years Eve 1941 in a troop

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