Heidi lives in Bethesda, MY where she works and attends Georgetown University.

Cvnthia married Barry H. Greenburg (b. 12 Oct 1937). They have one child, Jennifer Joanna . The Greenburgs live in Chicago, IL where Barry is an attorney. Cynthia is a stockbroker and Jennifer is a student at the Art Institute.

Marcus Dalbev lives in Indianola, IA where he operates his business of furniture construction and refinishing.

Verna did a lot of sewing for herself, her girls and her girls' dolls - after all, dolls need wardrobes, too. She has made “Grandmother Remembers . . books for her grandchildren and genealogy books for her children. Since retiring Verna has done some volunteer work, such as: quilting for Helping Hand, Balloon Museum, Planned Parenthood book sales and tour guide for Terrace Hill (the Governor’s Mansion) and Calvin Manor in Des Moines. She is a member of a study club, PE.O. and Delta Kappa Gamma International.

Wendell and Verna enjoyed traveling. They went to Norway, Sweden and Denmark in 1975 and visited every state except Alaska. On her 80th birthday Verna went to Hawaii with a senior citizens group.

The lives of Wendell and Verna Dalbey have coincided with an age of dramatic change. Their early years were spent living on farms without running water or electricity and where travel was mainly by horses. Transportation has moved from horses, to automobiles, through rail, air, and to space travel. Electricity has brought telephones, televisions, television/telephones, copy machines and

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Verna Peterson Dalbey

computers with FAX modems for instant information exchanges. All of this would have been difficult to imagine in the early 1900’s. Along with these technological changes, there have been advances in medicine and dramatic changes in social customs, attitudes, and beliefs.

Verna and Wendell lived through two world wars and numerous minor wars. They experienced a landmark social decision allowing women the right to vote and have lived to see women serving in important legislative roles. The years from 1911 and 1913 to 1995 have been exciting times to be alive.

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Rolf S. Dale, Sr. family (1977)

Bottom row, left to right: Rolf, Sr., Luella and Dianne. Top row, left to right: Rolf, Jr., Kristie and Julie.

Dale, Rolf S. and Luella (Welper)

(Luella Dale)

Rolf Sigurd Dale was born 26 Jul 1914 in Minneapolis, MN and died 24 Dec 1982 in Decorah, IA. He was the son of Christian Johan Dale and Inga Marie (Martinson) Dale. Christian was born in Minneapolis 14 Jun 1891 and died in Decorah 14 Jul 1966. Inga Marie was born 1 Apr 1892 in Madison Twp, Winneshiek Co, IA and died 14 Jan 1982 in Waukon, IA. Christian and Inga were married 29 Mar 1912 in Decorah. Rolf had one brother, Norman Charles, born 19 Nov 1916 in Madison Twp, and died 22 May 1989 in the VA Hospital in Knoxville, IA. Norman never married. Rolf’s parents and brother are buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Decorah.

Rolf was educated in the rural schools in Madison Twp. During World War II he served in the Navy on the U.S.S. Mercury. He worked at Cary’s Machine Shop in Decorah for over 25 years. Because he enjoyed watching professional baseball, he always took his vacation during the World Series.

On 18 Mar 1952 Rolf married Luella Maud Wepler in Preston, MN. Luella was born  in Decorah, the daughter of J. Elmer and Inga Marie (Anderson) Welper. J. Elmer was born 16 Dec 1888 and died 21 Oct 1960. Inga Marie was born 6 Sep 1890 and died 22 Dec 1956. Luella’s parents were married 19 Mar 1913 in Dubuque, IA. Luella’s brothers and sisters are: Jesse, Dorothy Anderson, Gail Ode, Walter, Viola Hedges and Percy. Luella’s husband, parents and brothers, Jesse and Walter, are buried in Phelps Cemetery, Decorah.

Before her marriage Luella graduated from Decorah

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