He died in Rochester, MN 14 Dec 1975. He was buried at West Concord, MN where the family lived. Lorene (b. 29 Jan 1911) never married and died 16 Apr 1991 at Madison, Wl. She was buried in the Postville Cemetery.

Wayne attended Castalia Public School graduating from high school in 1941. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served in the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean Theaters from 1942 to 1945. On his return from the military service, he and his brother, Clarence, rented their father’s farm near Castalia.

On 12 Jun 1947 Wayne married Colette Kipp at St. Francis DeSales Catholic Church in Ossian, IA. They moved onto the Dahms farm which they bought in 1957 from Wayne's mother who owned the farm after the death of his father. Three children were born here: Maureen Margaret born at Decorah; Marilyn Elizabeth born at Postville; and David Wayne born at Decorah.

Maureen married George Tekippe, the son of Roman and Florence Tekippe, 30 Jan 1971 at St. Francis DeSales Catholic Church in Ossian. George was born near Festina, IA. Their children are: Christopher born in Pasadena, CA; Andrea born at Decorah; Brian born  at Decorah; and Ashley born  at Decorah. George and his brother, Lyle Tekippe, own and operate Tekippe Engineering Service in West Union, IA. Maureen is employed by Winneshiek Co. Public Health as a registered nurse. They live in Decorah.

Marilyn married Charles “Tony’’ Meyer, the son of Eugene and Dorothy Meyer, 28 Aug 1971 at St. Francis DeSales Catholic Church in Ossian. Tony was born (along with a twin brother, Jody) in New London, CT Their children are: Aaron , Travis , Alicia , and Linsey  - all born in Decorah. Tony is employed by Erdman Engineering Co. of Decorah. Marilyn was employed by the Winneshiek Co. Memorial Hospital and the Eastern Star Nursing Home as an L.PN., and is now doing child day care in her home. They live in rural Decorah.

David married Virginia Wood at St. Augustine’s Church in Des Moines, IA 17 May 1986. Virginia was the daughter of Donald and Nancy Wood of Franklin, IL. Their children are: Michelle born at Des Moines and Anne born at Muscatine, IA where the family now lives. David is employed with the Bandag Tire Co. of Muscatine as a Area Credit Manager. Virginia is employed by the Chamber of Commerce in Muscatine.

About 1982 Wayne and Colette retired from active farming and rented the land, remaining in residence on the farm until Aug 1995 when they moved to Decorah. The couple had lived on the same farm for 48 years, this being their only residence until the move to Decorah.

Dalbey, Charles “Wendell” and Verna (Peterson)

(Verna Dalbey)

Charles “Wendell’’ Dalbey (1911-1989) was born in Pickering, MO and grew up on farms in southwest Iowa. He attended Northwest Missouri State University and majored in agricultural education. It was there he met Verna Peterson who was studying elementary education.

Verna (b. 1913) grew up in Highland Twp, Winneshiek Co. Her parents were Peter Mikkel and Johanna (Larson) Peterson. Norwegian was Verna's first language. It was spoken both in Verna’s home and preached in church on Sunday. She also learned English at an early age and used the 2 languages interchangeably until she married. When Verna started high school in 1927, there was no school bus service. She attended Spring Grove, MN High School which was 8 miles from her home. Verna stayed in a rooming house in Spring Grove during the week where she did light housekeeping as part of her room and board. She only went home on weekends.

Bio Photo

Charles Wendell Dalbey

In 1931 Luther College was not yet co-educational, so Verna went to Northwest Missouri State University where she again worked for her room and board. Despite the stresses of attending college at the time of the bank closings and the Great Depression, there were many stories of fun times with friends. However, due to the financial difficulties of the time, it became important to find jobs. After 2 years in college Verna returned to Highland Twp. to teach in the school where she had been educated. It was not until she had mature children of her own that she returned to college to finish her bachelor’s degree. Verna taught elementary and junior high for 30 years before retiring in 1977.

Wendell Dalbey and Verna Peterson were married 17 Apr 1938 at the Highland Lutheran Church. They became the parents of 3 children: Kathryn Kay , Cythnia Sue and Charles Marcus . Kathryn married Thomas A. Rettig (1939-1986). They have 2 children: Karin Michelle and Heidi Kristin . Kathryn and Karin now live in St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN where Kathryn is a professor at the University of Minnesota and Karin is a medical student.

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