without compassion for those in need. His philosophy of "hard work never killed anyone" was apparent in his approach to any task and in his conviction that “God helps those who help themselves."

Josiah died 17 Oct 1977 at age 84. Although he never amassed great material holdings he left a priceless legacy of concern for others less fortunate and the understanding that self sufficiency is a virtue.

Casterton, Lawrence and Ethel (Gulbro)

(Myrtle Noecker)

Bio Photo

Lawrence Sylvester Casterton was born to Josiah and Augusta (Busness) Casterton. He entered school at Highland #2, Rock Springs, or Kjome School, and graduated there.

Since Lawrence enjoyed the out-of-doors he chose to work for some neighboring farmers along with helping at the family farm.

Lawrence later owned and operated a milk truck business, hauling customers’ ten gallon cans of milk to the Mabel, MN creamery.

He met Ethel Gulbro and they married 31 May 1947 and lived at the Gulbro farm near Highlandville, IA. They later purchased the Olaf and Julia Tolo farm in Houston Co., MN, located southeast of Spring Grove, MN.

Lawrence and Ethel had 3 children: Roger Duane, Linda Elaine and Robbie.

Linda married Harley Wiley 26 Sep 1969. They have 2 sons: Christopher and Timothy. The Wiley family lives in Frederick, MD.

Roger owns his home in Spring Grove and Robbie resides in Caledonia.

Lawrence passed away 15 Feb 1984. Ethel moved into Spring Grove where she is an employee at the Tweeten Lutheran Health Care.

Ethel and her family have continued their membership at the Highland Lutheran Church where they are very active.

Ethel enjoys traveling to see her daughter and family in Maryland and her sisters in California and International Falls, MN.

Casterton, Norman and Gena (Rauk)

(Gena Casterton)

Norman Leslie Casterton was born 6 Jul 1915 at Nokomis, Saskatchewan, Canada. His parents, Willard Josiah and Hilda Estella Casterton, former residents of Highland Twp., Winneshiek Co., had gone to Canada to homestead about the year 1908. In 1920 Norman and his mother moved back to Highland Twp. Norman attended the rural Grindeland School and Spring Grove High School.

At age 17 Norman began farming 65 acres in Section 19, Highland Twp., which he rented from his grandfather, William Ogden Casterton. He later rented another 160 acres in Section 17. He became owner in 1944. Norman farmed with horses until he bought his first tractor about 1944.

On 16 Aug 1941 Norman married Gena Josephine Rauk, a rural school teacher of Spring Grove, MN. They had 3 sons: William, Robert and Charles.

William Norman married Elizabeth Ann Tilley in North Carolina. He worked as a machinist for IBM (International Business Machines) in Raleigh, NC and later for Separation Technology.

Bio Photo

Norman and Gena Casterton Family August 1991

Robert Henry married Sylvia Jean Harmes in Readlyn, IA. They have 3 children: Kristin Noel, Theresa Jean and James Eric. Robert is an engineer for John Deere Tractor in Waterloo, IA.

Bio Photo

Norman and Gena Casterton 50th Wedding Anniversary

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