Carolan, James and Elizabeth (Woodhouse)

(Marcella A. Rooney)

James Carolan was born in 1835 in County Cavan, Ireland to Phillip and Mary (Sexton) Carolan. He was the grandson of Stephen and Mary Carolan of County Cork, Ireland. He came to America with his brothers John and Terrance. Stephen remained in Ireland on the homestead. Stephen married Kate Tierney and they had 6 children: Andrew, James, John, Mary, Bridget and “Irish Tom” who settled in Bluffton and died there. John (23 Jun 1838-7 Apr 1926) served in the Ohio State Militia in the Civil War. He married Johanna Casey in Prairie du Chien, Wl 6 Mar 1865 on the way to Winneshiek Co. John and Johanna had 6 children: Bridget (m. Drew); Thomas; Mary: Catherine (m. Magner); Phillip; and Ellen (m. Kelly). Terrance (1831-17 Jan 1921) married Bridget O’Brien (1836-10 Apr 1909). They had 12 children: Mary (m, McCormick); Catherine; Phillip; Susan (m. Sexton); Elizabeth; Stephen; Margaret; Andrew (m. Grace Sexton); James (m. Mary Kelly); Thomas; John; and Bridget (m. Hugh Foley).

James married Elizabeth Woodhouse in 1865 near Columbus, OH. The same year they moved to Winneshiek Co. Elizabeth was the daughter of George and Hannah (Thompson) Woodhouse of Belfast County, Tyrone, Ireland. Elizabeth had 2 brothers who came to America. At the time of her death Thomas was in London, OH. Elizabeth and James had 15 children: Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Phillip, Thomas, Margaret, Sarah, John, Patricia, James, Hannah, Katherine, Ellen, Susan, Grace and Terrance.

Mary Ann (5 Oct 1865-24 Jan 1905) married John Donlan (16 Mar 1865-7 Jan 1944). They had 3 children: Phillip (m. Mary Courtney); Mary (m. William Brown); and James (m. Ellen Courtney and Bernice Slattery). Elizabeth (25 Feb 1867-1934) married 2 Jan 1876 to Thomas McCormick (9 Oct 1863-21 Apr 1940). They had 3 children: Mary (m. Steve Sexton); Elizabeth (m. Thomas McConnell); and Phillip (m. Lucille Farrell). Phillip (7 Jun 1869-18 Jun 1958) married 29 Feb 1892 to Ella Donlan (29 Dec 1867-12 Oct 1958). They had 11 children: Mae (m. Cronin); Bessie (m. O’Brien); Theresa (m. Drew); Richard (m. Bea Nolan); Peter (m. Margaret Baumler); James (m. Esther Hanlon and Esther Fish); Robert; William (m. Frances Gaul); Ellen (m. Bill Sutton and Jerome Van Steenhuyse); Sylvester (m. Vivian Gossman); and Melvin (m. Ruth Whalen); Thomas (17 Mar 1869-25 Sep 1954) married 17 Feb 1896 to Margaret Donlan (26 Apr 1871-13 Jan 1953). They had 8 children: Stella (m. Harry Courtney); Bernadine (m. Joe Courtney); Stephen (m. Florence Wilson); Thomas (m. Alice Whalen); Patrick (m. Coletta McBride); Raymond (m. Helen O'Brien); Vincent; and Raphael (m. Gertrude Wilson). Margaret (12 Mar 1871-10 Nov 1946) married 10 Oct 1892 to John Malanaphy (25 Nov 1860-24 Sep 1922). They had 6 children: Bridget (Sister Imelda); James (m. Dorthy Marlow); John; Grace (m. Lawrence Sutton); Thomas (m. Emma Broghammer); and Martha (m. Thomas McAleer). Sarah (20 Mar 1874-8 Mar 1952) married 25 May 1897 to John

Kelly (5 May 1868-22 Oct 1952). They had 7 children: Mary (m. Peter Gaffney); Agnes (m. Luke Courtney); William (m. Lucille O'Brien); Lawrence; James (m. Myrtle Hill); Francis (m. Mary Knox); and Marcella (m. William Keefe). John (20 Aug 1874-29 Sep 1948) married in 1902 to Martha McCaffrey (24 Mar 1884-17 Jun 1913) and Mayme Cronin (3 Nov 1891-19 Jul 1973). There were 6 children in the 2 marriages: George (m. Marie Fus); Robert (m. Lucille Anderson); Gladys (m. Gene Beresford and John Brennan); John Ronald; Cletus; and John Leo (m. Gladys Einck). Patricia (17 Mar 1876-12 Nov 1958) married Jack Keefe. They had 10 children: Joseph, James, Robert, Mary, Elizabeth, Roger, Edna, Imelda, Walter and Kenneth. James (20 Aug 1877-13 Jul 1935) married 19 Nov 1901 to Lucy McConnell (27 Oct 1881-1 Sep 1940). They had 6 children: Katherine (m. Fitzgerald); Mary (m. Kelly); Edward; Agnes (m. Stortz); Anastasia (m. Foltz) and Terrance. Hannah (5 Feb 1879-2 Dec 1965) married 29 Jul 1901 to Peter McCauley (20 Nov 1874-22 Jan 1952). They had 2 children: Mabel (m. Ted Courtney) and Elmer (m. Gladys Peterson). Katherine (17 Jan 1881-27 Aug 1900). Ellen (12 Oct 1883-25 Aug 1903). Susan (18 Jul 1884-28 Oct 1971) married 27 Apr 1919 to Joseph Harmon (21 Sep 1889-25 May 1957). They had one child William. Grace (6 Mar 1888-20 Mar 1893). Terrance (6 Mar 1888-22 Dec 1899). Grace and Terrance were twins.

James and Elizabeth farmed in Bluffton Twp. for 40 years. James died at 67 of a heart attack on 29 Dec 1902. Elizabeth was nearly 84 years old when she died 12 Feb 1927. Both are buried in St. Bridget’s Cemetery In Bluffton. It is said that James and his brothers owned around 400 to 700 acres of land in Bluffton Twp.

Carolan, John and Johanna (Casey)

(Regina Ann (Carolan) Wilkens)

Our Irish ancestors came from Waterloo Grousehall Bailievor, County Cavon, Ireland. The first O’Carolans we know of are Stephen and Mary O'Carolan of County Cork, Ireland. Their son, Phillip, was born in the early 1800's. Phillip married Mary Sexton. They had 4 sons. Stephen stayed in Ireland. James, Terrance and John (my great grandfather) came to America.

John Jeremiah O'Carolan was born 23 Jun 1838 on the O'Carolan homestead County Cavon, Ireland. He died 7 Apr 1926 in Winneshiek Co., IA. When he came to the U.S. in 1859 the “O” was dropped from the O’Carolan name.

John first settled near Columbus, OH. He served in the Civil War (Ohio State Militia, Rank 2nd Lieutenant). John came to Iowa in 1865 after the war. He married Johanna Casey 6 Mar 1865 at St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church, Prairie du Chien, Wl. Johanna was born 18 May 1836 in County Cork, Ireland; she died 15 Nov 1904 in Bluffton, IA. Both are buried in St. Bridget’s Catholic Cemetery, Bluffton, IA. Johanna’s parents were Patrick and Catherine (?) Casey. After John and Johanna married they came to Iowa and had 2 sons and 4 daughters:

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