John William (12 Apr 1857-11 Jan 1942 in Hay Springs, NE); David James (28 Nov 1859-1940 in Lewiston, Mt); Matilda Ann (3 Oct 1860-14 Feb 1917 in Winneshiek Co. married James Douglas); Sarah Elizabeth ( b.3 Jul 1862 in Winneshiek Co., married Will Morrison); Lorenzo D. (16 Jan 1864-16 Mar 1907 in Ossian, IA); Clara Miny (26 Jan 1866-5 Jul 1866); Evaline (11 Aug 1867-12 Jul 1952, Burr Oak, married John Wicks; Fred (27 Dec 1869-1937 in Decorah); Minnie Annie (6 Mar 1874-15 Oct 1949, Decorah, married Bartlett Bucknell).

Robert and Rebecca enlarged their farm to 280 acres. Family members state that Rebecca was hurt in an accident with a team of oxen and that she was paralyzed for some time before her death on 19 Oct 1879. In 1893, at age 69, Robert’s real estate was valued at $1,303, 3 horses at $75 and 40 sheep at $40. Near the house he had planted a large orchard which remained for many years. He donated money to the Advent Church in Burr Oak and was listed as one of the prominent farmers in the county. Robert continued to live on the farm until his death of kidney trouble 15 Feb 1903. He was buried beside his second wife at Russell Cemetery in Canoe Twp.

Busta, David and Connie (Fretheim)

(Ruth C. Fretheim)

Bio Photo

Connie and David Busta

David Charles Busta was born in Decorah, IA to Godlove and Anita (Kriener) Busta. He grew up on a farm west of Ft. Atkinson, IA. David is the second of 6 children. His brothers and sisters are Jeanne Luzum, Susan Fisher, Karen Humpal, Steve and Brian.

Connie Lynn was born in Decorah, IA to Herbert and Ruth (Bjerkvig) Fretheim. Connie grew up on a farm west of Decorah. She is the fourth of 6 children. Her brothers and sisters are: Wayne, Carol Benzing, Warren, Ruth Ann and Wesley.

Dave and Connie were married 7 Aug 1976 at the Madison Lutheran Church. They lived in Decorah for 10 years before they moved to their present address.

Bio Photo

Thomas James Busta Decorah School picture, 1995

Dave has worked at Case Power and Equipment (now Windridge Imp.) for over 20 years and is presently the Service Manager. His hobbies include golf and woodworking. He has made many pieces of furniture for their home. He planted a small field to trees on their property which keeps him busy.

Connie has worked at Usgaard & Smith over 17 years. Her hobbies are reading, playing the guitar and walking. She is a member of a guitar group at St. Benedict’s Church in Decorah where they are members.

Dave and Connie have 2 sons: Michael David  and Thomas James Both boys are active in school sports and part time jobs. Mike’s favorite sport is basketball and then track. He has been to the State Track Meet twice and hopes to go for a third time this coming Spring (1996). Mike will graduate from high school in May 1996. Tom enjoys football, wrestling and track. In his spare time he enjoys working for his grandparents and a neighbor on the farm.

Bio Photo

Michael David Busta

Decorah High School graduation picture, 1995

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