The eighth child of James and Emma died at birth 6 Apr 1914.

James George was born 9 Oct 1916. He attended grade school at Orleans #3 and later high school in Cresco. He married Gladys Mae Baker 23 Nov 1939 at the Little Brown Church, Nashua, IA. They had no children. James and Gladys farmed the home farm for some years. He then became a butcher in a meat market and later operated restaurants for many years in the area. Gladys died 12 Jun 1988 and James died 1 Jan 1994 at Green Lea Manor, Mabel, MN. They are buried in Oak Lawn Cemetery, Cresco.

The tenth child of James and Emma died at birth 12 May 1925.

Burns, William and Julia (Hardy)

(Iva May (Burns) (Stendel) Ames)

William Burns was born in Fayette Co., PA, the son of John and Isabel (Hart) Burns. They were of Scotch/lrish descent.

William married Julia Ann Hardy. Her father was Henry Hardy of English descent and her mother was Rebecca Martin of Pennsylvania Dutch descent. This is the ancestry of Iva May (Burns) Ames.

William and Julia were early pioneers of Bloomfield Twp. and settled there in 1856. Their story is an interesting tale of how many pioneers decided to come west. The Burns family might have stayed in Pennsylvania except for an incident that forced them to make the decision to move west. The church demanded payment of a stipend, which would have required William to sell his most prized possession, a horse, and which he desperately needed to support his family. Instead of selling the horse, he hitched the horse to a covered wagon, which was packed with all their earthly possessions, and headed west.

They first settled in Green Co., Wl where John Henry (b. 1853) and Emily Isabel (b. 1855) were born. After 3 years they again headed west. This time they settled down to stay on the land they purchased in Bloomfield Twp. It is still being farmed by their great-great-grandson, Earl Stendel, son of Hyles Stendel and Iva May (Burns).

The children of William and Julia Burns who were born in Bloomfield Twp., are: William, Jr. (b. 1856), Eugene (b. 1859), Rebecca (b. 1861), Iva Minerva (b. 1863) and Marion (b. 1867). John Henry married Mrs. Mary Etta McMullen and they farmed in the Frankville area. Emily Isabel married Martin Smith Vance of the Ossian area. William, Eugene and Rebecca never married. Iva Minerva married Preston Reeves. Marion married Myrta Ermina Cooper. Marion spent his life farming in the Moneek area on the Burns homestead farm. They were the parents of: Marshall, Marie (who died in infancy) and Iva May (b. 9 May 1906). Iva May said she never remembered seeing her father like other people. As a crippled man, he supported his family by being a fish peddler. The farm work had to be done by his wife and children.

Burrows, Robert and Family

(Marvin Wicks)

Bio Photo

Robert Burrows and his family Back: John, Lorenzo and Evaline. Middle: Sarah Robert (father), David and Matilda. Front: Fred and Minnie.

Robert Burrows was born 16 Sep 1824 to John and Elizabeth (James) Burrows in Suffolk Co., England. He was the oldest of 13 children. His parents were married at Haughley, Suffolk Co., near Stowmarket 30 May 1825. His brothers, William and Samuel, were baptized there.

Robert left England in 1836 with his parents and came to Buffalo, NY where he stayed until 1840. From there he moved to St. Catherine, Ontario, Canada. No record of his parents remaining in the Buffalo, NY area has been located. Family information indicates that his brother William married Annie and among their 5 children were Cindy and Isabel. Isabel married Sullivan and lived in Fresno, CA. William died in 1924 at Niagara Falls, NY

Robert Burrows married Eva Crow in St. Catherine 22 Jun 1847. Eva Crow was born 12 Jan 1828. The couple farmed near there, 12 miles from Niagara Falls, until 1853 when they moved to Winneshiek Co. Four children were born: Viola F., born 24 Jul 1848 and married Ambrose Gates; Almeida A., born 28 Sep 1849 and married William Garner; Olive 0., born 31 Nov 1851 and married Edward Metcalf; and Velmey V., born 28 Aug 1853.

In 1853 Robert paid taxes on land in Section 6, Canoe Twp. On 1 Jan 1854 a Declaration for a Preemption was filed in the Dubuque Land Office by Robert Burrows for land in Section 31 of Hesper Twp. On 29 Dec 1854 taxes were paid for 160 acres belonging to Robert Burrows in Sections I and 2, Bluffton Twp.

Eva died 5 Nov 1854. The youngest daughter, Velmey, died 10 Jun 1855. Burial locations are not known.

Robert Burrows married Rebecca Smith 10 Jun 1856. Rebecca was the 4th of 7 children born to William and Sarah (Hutton) Smith in England. William died in England but her mother and all the children came to the United States. Sarah (Hutton) Smith is buried in Russell Cemetery.

Robert and Rebecca farmed in Bluffton Twp. All of their 9 children were born there: John, David, Matilda, Sarah, Lorenzo, Clara, Evaline, Fred and Minnie.

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