Leistikow and Roger Powers. Gretchen graduated from Canton (Minnesota) High School in 1952. After graduating from high school, Gretchen worked in Waterloo, IA for 2 years.

On 28 Sep 1954 Gretchen married Claude Bucheit. Claude was born  in Washington Twp., the son of Alfonse and Olivia (Schneberger) Bucheit. He has 3 brothers and 2 sisters: Jerry (m. Mary Huber, deceased), Adrian (m. Lavonne Kovney), Joyce (died at age of 13), Quentin (m. Marcelite Hedges, deceased) and Joan (m. Donald Schissel). Claude attended school in Festina, IA.

Claude and Gretchen farmed near Ossian for 7 years before moving to Decorah when they farmed for another 18 years. In 1978 they quit farming and bought a house in Locust. In 1982 Claude and Gretchen bought the Highlander Laundromat in Decorah. In 1985 they moved to Decorah. In 1989 they bought a condo where they still live. In 1990 they sold the Laundromat to their son Alyn. Gretchen continues to manage the Laundromat. Claude is retired from Asphalt Services.

Claude and Gretchen have 4 children: Alyn J. , Claudette , Jenny Marie  and Jody Lee . Alvn married Lou Ann Ewing on 29 Oct 1977 in Waukon. They have 3 children: Tara Ann , Bryan Joseph  and Kayla Marie . Alyn and Lou Ann live in Decorah. Alyn works for Wicks Construction and owned 2 laundromats. Lou Ann works for Rockwell-Collins. Claudette attended Hamilton Business College in Mason City, IA. She now lives in Cedar Falls, IA. She is continuing her education at the University of Northern Iowa while working nights at Ruffmans and part-time during the day at Congdon Printing. Jennv married Gary Klotzbach  on 22 Apr 1978. They have 4 children: Emily Mary , Nathan Richary , Andrew Taylor  and Seth Joseph . Gary and Jenny live west of Decorah on the Madison Road. Gary is part owner of Moen and Klotzback Construction Co. Jenny works at Rockwell-Collins. Jody married Wendy Hesse  on 17 Sep 1988. They have a daughter, Sadie Jo,. Jody and Wendy live in Decorah. Jody works for Miller Beer Co. Wendy works at Mayo Clinic.

The Bucheit Family

(Joan Schissel)

Phillip Bucheit was born in 1818 in Bavaria. He died in 1881 in Festina. Phillip married Marie Metzer who was born in 1811 in Saxony, Germany. Marie died in 1901. Both Phillip and Marie are buried in Festina, IA.

Phillip and Marie had a son, Nicholas (1842 - 1910). Nicholas married Juliana Duggals (1850 - 1912). Nicholas and Juliana had 8 children: Philip (8 Jan 1868 - 3 Mar 1948); Mary (23 Sep 1869 - 2 Oct 1951); John (6 Aug 1871 -1878); Anthony (26 Apr 1873-6 Feb 1963); Casper (24 Apr 1875 - 18 Jul 1950); Anna who became Sister Merchteld (b. 15 Nov 1877); Joseph (13 Jan 1879 - 9 Dec 1949); and Dominic (9 Sep 1881 - 20 Nov 1944).

Philip Bucheit married Julia Klisart (8 Nov 1873 -1930) on 27 Sep 1892. Julia’s parents were Heinrich (1824 -1911) and Magdalen (1831 -1919) Klisart. Heinrich and Magdalen are buried in Festina. Philip and Julia had 6 children: Helena Magdalena “Lena” (b. 11 Jan 1894); Alphonse (29 Oct 1895 - 4 Dec 1968); Petronella "Nellie” Rausch (5 Jan 1898 - 5 Feb 1980); Louisa Rosenbaum (10 Jan 1900 - 8 Feb 1937); Hildegard Rosenbaum (28 Dec 1901 - 21 May 1985); and George (22 Feb 1906 - 9 Jul 1967). Philip and Julia are buried in Calmar.

Alphonse Bucheit married Olivia Schneberger (11 Sep 1893 - 5 Nov 1969) on 7 Oct 1919 at Festina. Olivia was the daughter of Christopher and Maria (Zovadil) Schneberger. Alphonse and Olivia had 6 children: Gerald (b. 14 Jun 1920); Adrian (b. 27 Aug 1921); Joyce (30 Mar 1923 - 22 Apr 1937); Quintin (31 Jan 1925 - 20 Feb 1994); Claude (b. 5 Aug 1927); and Joan (b. 21 Apr 1932). Alphonse and Olivia are buried in Ossian.

Christopher Schneberger married Maria Zovadil of Czechoslovakia in Festina. They had 8 children: Rose, Bertha (1890 - 1939), Hubert (1896 - 1963), Otto, Hilda (14 Jun 1900 - 27 Sep 1960), Agnes (19 Sep 1899 - 3 Sep 1978), Olivia and Minnie (17 Dec 1906-3 Dec 1951). Rose married Nick Wagner. She is buried at Ft. Atkinson. Bertha married George Schuler (1889 - 1936). Hubert married Albina Huinker. Hilda married Art Callignon. Agnes married John Hosper. Minnie married Bert Kuennen. Christopher and Maria are buried in Festina.

Joan Bucheit married Donald Schissel  on 19 May 1952 at Ossian. They are the parents of 10 children: Joyce , Amy , Jeff , Meg , Mike , Patrick , Jill , Sue , Sally  and Sarah .


(Elizabeth (Tyler) Rauch)

Robert Bucknell was christened 1 Apr 1773 in Devonshire, England, a child of James and Barbra Bucknell. He was born 3 years before America declared its independence from Britain. His wife’s name is unknown. Robert and his wife probably lived their entire lives in England and died there. They were certainly living at Shopcott Bartin in the Parish of Knowstone, Devonshire, England when their son James was born 26 Mar 1800. Robert and his wife had 7 children: Elias, Jacob, George, John, Isaac, Betty and James. Their birth order is not known.

James married Rebecca Greenslade. Rebecca was supposedly his second wife and probably the mother of all his children although their birth dates, if correct, would indicate a possible mixture of 2 families after the deaths of their respective first spouses. James and Rebecca had 13 children, all born in England. The order of birth is unclear. Dates given in the Bucknell genealogy are obviously incorrect unless this is a mixture of 2 families. The children as listed in this genealogy were: Elizabeth (9 Apr

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