Ossian. Mary Ellen, born 1947, married Herbert Hageman. They farm near Ossian.

Brickner, Horace and Vivian (Aim)

(Carolyn Flaskerud)

Horace Eugene Brickner was born 9 Feb 1904 in Winneshiek Co., IA to Sidney Eugene and Cora (Drake) Brickner. Sydney was born 22 Mar 1873 at Decorah and died 20 Feb 1946. Cora was born 8 Apr 1875 at Freeport, IA. Sydney and Cora were married on the Drake Farm 30 Jul 1901. Horace’s sisters are Lucile (Brickner) Brown Price (b. 31 May 1902) and Phoebe Elizabeth (Brickner) Plant (b. 26 Dec 1910.

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Horace Brickner

Horace married Vivian Louise Aim. She was born in Winneshiek Co. 14 Dec 1903 to Christopher Olson Aim, born 14 Jan 1861 in Norway and Louise Arness, born 31 Jul 1864. Christ and Louise had 5 children: Vivian, Manly, Loyal, Otis and Benjamin.

Horace and Vivian were married 28 Jun 1928 at Nashua, IA. They had 4 children: Nancy Louise, Marjorie Frances, David and Carolyn Dianne.

Horace joined Sydney in business about 1928. S. E. Brickner & Son sold feed, seed, groceries and farm machinery. After Sydney's death Andrew Thornton joined Horace in partnership. Later Andrew left to start his own business. Horace's store reverted to S. E. Brickner & Son.

Nancv. is the oldest daughter of Horace and Vivian, She married Alfred Gwynne 30 Dec 1954. Nancy and Alfred’s children are: Carol Jean ; David Allen ; and Susan Alice . Nancy and Al are now retired. They and their children are living in the Spokane, WA area. Nancy’s oldest daughter, Carol Jean, married James Lee Hardt 19 Mar 1977. Carol and Jim have 3 daughters: Hillary Jean Hardt ; Adrienne Rose and her twin sister Cheriece Amy . David Gwynne married Linda Cook 20 Apr 1985. Susan married Hugh James Russel 25 Jun 1988. They have 2 children: .

Marjorie Frances  married Charles Lee Johnson 1 Aug 1953 at Perrysburg, OH. They have 2 sons: Charles Brickner ; and Randy Laird . Marjorie and Charles divorced in 1977 in Kettering, OH. Marjorie is living in Edina, MN and works as a medical record technician. Marjorie’s oldest son, Charles, lives in Fairbanks, AK. He married Laura Jacobs 28 Sep 1991 and they have one son,  Randy Johnson resides in Centerville, OH. He married Kristina Konick in Aug of 1980. Randy and Kristina have 3 children: .

David Brickner (12 Mar 1933-11 Oct 1984) married Audrey Joyce Rosendahl 28 Jun 1953. David and Audrey had 3 children: Daryl Allen ; Daniel Eugene ; and Beth Ann . David’s oldest son, Daryl, married Wendy Wahe Faust 22 Sep 1984. Daryl and Wendy have 2 sons: Daniel married Susan Mary Linden  5 Aug 1978. Daniel and Susan have 2 children:

Carolyn Brickner  married Herman Robert Flaskerud  18 Oct 1952. Carolyn and Herman have 2 children: Herman Jay  and Christy Lynn . Jay married Nancy Johnson  28 Oct 1978. Jay and Nancy have 3 daughters: Herman Flaskerud has a Decorah landscaping business. Carolyn has worked at various sales and clerical jobs and has been at her current employment at Community First State Bank for 23 years.

Bringsjord, Ole and Charlotte (Josvanger)

(Frances M. Jeffers)

The parents of Ole Tonnes Bringsjord were Tonnes T. and Mary O. Haugen Bringsjord. Both came to America as young children. Ole and his twin brother were born 18 Sep 1900 and a sister Helen later.  in Mason City, IA, Ole married Maline Charlotte Henriette Josvanger (b. 1 Sep 1894) the daughter of H. O. and

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