In the autumn of 1853 Frank and Josephine and family and his cousin Martin and Katerina Bouska and family went to Bremen, Germany where they waited until there was passage for them on the steamship Hansa. They endured several severe storms while on the water and Joseph, the eight month old son of Frank and Josephine, died. After several weeks on the water they arrived in New York 13 Dec 1853. The family went to Cleveland, OH where they stayed the rest of the winter.

On 29 Apr 1854 Frank purchased three 40 acre parcels of land in Sections 17,18 and 20 in Sumner Twp, Winneshiek Co., IA. More land was purchased in the area in the following years. The town of Protivin, IA was platted in 1878 along the west side of Frank’s land. Frank died 15 Nov 1900. Josephine then lived with her son and his family until her death 22 Nov 1908. They were buried at Holy Trinity Cemetery in Protivin.

Frank and Josephine had 12 children: Frank, Mary, Joseph, Ignace/Henan, John, Anna, Joseph, Anastasia, Martin, Philip, Jacob and Joseph.

Frank was born 8 Jan 1839 in Borovany, house #33. He married Barbara Kliha/Klima 7 Jan 1868 at Spillville, IA. They were farmers near Protivin and the parents of 13 children. Frank died 13 Mar 1917 and is buried at Protivin. Mary was born 13 Jan 1841 in Borovany, house #33. She married Thomas Allen 16 May 1857. They lived in Dubuque, IA. Mary died 30 Nov 1913 and is buried at Mt. Calvary Cemetery at Dubuque. She was survived by 3 children: Thomas, William F and Elizabeth Kopsa. Joseph was born 19 Feb 1843 in Borovany, house #33. He probably died before the 2nd Joseph was born in 1853. Ignace/Henan was born 23 Dec 1844 in Borovany, house #33. Henan died in the 1860’s in the Mississippi River trying to rescue a friend. John was born 23 Jun 1847 in Borovany, house #33. He married Anna Fend 3 Feb 1874. They were farmers by Protivin and had 13 children. John died 31 Jan 1920 and is buried at Protivin. Anna was born 5 Jun 1850 at Borovany, house #33. She married Joseph Novak 26 Jun 1871. They were farmers near Spillville and the parents of 10 children. Anna died 18 Feb 1932 and is buried at Spillville. Joseph was born 9 Apr 1853 at Borovany, house #33. He died at the age of eight months on the way to the United States and was buried at sea. Anastasia was born 6 Apr 1855 in Sumner Twp., Winneshiek Co., IA. She married Andrew Herold 25 IMay 1875. They were farmers and the parents of 11 children. Anastasia died Dec 1937 and is buried at St. Clement’s Cemetery south of Spillville. Martin was born 15 Nov 1857 in Sumner Twp. and baptized at St. Clement’s Catholic Church. He purchased a farm in Eden Twp., Fayette Co. and was married 30 Jan 1877 to Frances Resabeck of near St. Lucas, IA. They were the parents of 10 children. Martin died 30 Nov 1938 and is buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery at Waucoma, IA. Philip was born 27 Apr 1861 in Sumner Twp. and baptized 11 Jul at St. Clement’s Church. He was married 22 Nov 1886 to Mary Mikota. Philip was a teacher, the county sheriff, and the City Recorder at Protivin. They had 7 children, all born in IA before they moved to a farm 4 miles west of Great Falls, MT Philip died 21 Dec 1951 and is buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Great Falls. Jacob, a twin brother of Philip, was born 27 Apr 1861 in Sumner Twp. and baptized 11 Jul at St. Clement's Church. He married Marla Mrachek 20 Jun 1892. They had 3 children. The family lived in the Spillville area before they moved to Wilmar, MN where Jacob died 18 Sep 1948. Joseph was born 21 Jul 1865 in Sumner Twp. and baptized at St. Wenceslaus Church, Spillville. Joseph married Elizabeth Malek in 1891. They were farmers east of Protovin and the parents of 5 children. Joseph died 10 Nov 1910 and is buried at Holy Trinity Cemetery, Protivin.

Bouska, Martin and Katerina (Brail)

(Alberta Bouska)

Martin Valentinus Bouska was born 5 Nov 1808 at house #14 in Borovany, Bohemia to Vaclav and Mariana Bouska. Vaclav was born in 1772 at Borovany #16. Martin had a sister Mariana and a brother Frantisek. Martin was a teacher in Lety, Bohemia when he married Katerina Brail 1 Mar 1840. On 23 Apr 1853 Martin got the baptismal certificates for the family from the Roman Catholic Church so they could get a passport to go to the United States. Martin and Katerina and their children left from Bremen, Germany on the steamship Hansa. After several weeks on the water they arrived in New York 13 Dec 1853. Martin’s cousin Frank Bouska and his wife Josephine and family were on the same ship. They stayed in Cleveland, OH the rest of the winter and came to Winneshiek Co., IA in the spring of 1854. Martin’s family stayed at the barracks at Ft. Atkinson, IA where their daughter was born 4 May. Martin purchased land east of Spillville, IA 29 Apr 1854 where he built a home for his family, part of which he used as a school. Martin was a farmer, teacher and an accomplished violinist. Katherina was a nurse in the early pioneer days. On 9 Feb 1866 Martin purchased 120 acres in Bridgeport and Prairie du Chien Twps. in Crawford Co., Wl. The property at the site of the 1854 cabin/school was sold 2 Oct 1866 to Wenzil Kopet. Martin and Katerina/Katharina had 7 children: Carl, Mary, John, Augustin, Emanuel, Anna and Barbara.

Carl was born in 1841 in Bohemia. He died in the winter of 1856/7 when he lost his way in a sudden snow storm. Mary was born in 1842 in Bohemia. She was married at Prairie du Chien in 1862 to George Schoeffer. They lived on a farm at the Schoeffer Vineyards near Bridgeport. Mary and George had 10 children. John was born 1846 in Bohemia. He married Anna Charvat in 1870. They were farmers near Bridgeport. They had 7 children. Augustin was born at #23 Lety, Bohemia. He was married to Antonia Panka in 1876. They were farmers near Bridgeport before moving to Oklahoma. They had 4 children. Emanuel married Josephine Panka in 1875. They were farmers near Bridgeport before moving to Ely, MN. They had 14 children. Anna was born 4 May 1854 at Ft. Atkinson, IA. She married Joseph Kappel in 1871. They lived at Hartington, NE and later at Lesterville, SD. They had 7 children. Barbara was born near Spillville in 1858. No records were found for her after 1866.

Katherina died in Nov 1873. Martin died Nov 1881.

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