Cyril and Tillie had 7 children: Robert John (b. 13 Jul 1933); Norman Joseph (1 Oct 1934); Eugene Florian (b. 30 Dec 1937); Merlin Michael (b. 4 Jul 1939); Dorothy Lucy (b. 25 Apr 1946); Bernedette Loretta (b. 19 Mar 1950); and Gerelyn Mildred (b. 27 Jan 1955). Robert is married to Ingrid Kurlowski. They have a son, Jonathan, and 2 step-children, Doris and Bruce. Robert and Ingrid live in Seattle, WA. Norman never married. He died in 1968. Eugene is married to Joyce Kuhn. They have 5 children: Deborah, Michael, Teresa, Darin and Gregory. They live near Ft. Atkinson. Merlin is married to Shirley Reisner. They have 4 children: Dawn, Damian, Sara and David. Merlin and his family live in Sterling, IL. Dorothy was married to Ray Skretta now deceased. They had 2 children: Amy and Andy. Dorothy lives in Urbandale, IA. Bernedette is married to Tim Bink. They have 3 children: Becky, Rachael and Tim, Jr. They live in Port Washington, Wl. Gerelyn is married to Paul Heidt. They live in Humbolt, IA. Paul and Gerelyn have a son, Kyle James-Ryan Heidt. Cyril and Tillie believed in their children. They raised them to value God, education and commitment to country. Tillie was always there for her children.

Cyril and Tillie were members of St. John’s Catholic Church, Ft. Atkinson. Tillie was an alto and sang in the choir for over 30 years. She also played the pipe organ for the choir. Cyril died 4 Aug 1970 of throat cancer. Tillie now makes her home at the Aase Haugen Home, Decorah.

Barth, Frankie and Bessie (Bender)

Bio Photo

Frankie and Bessie (Bender) Barth

Frankie Raymond Barth was born in Winneshiek Co.,

IA 17 Apr 1902 to Henry and Margaretha (Young) Barth. Henry was born in Winneshiek Co. 14 Jan 1876 and Margaretha was born in Alsace, France 1 Dec 1875. Margaretha came to the U.S. with her family in 1881. Henry and Margaretha were married 16 Mar 1898 in Winneshiek Co. Henry died 31 Aug 1955 and Margaretha died 6 Oct 1957.

Frankie’s brothers were: Harry (b. 1899-1899); Willard (10 May 1900-12 Jun 1946); Arthur (21 Nov 1903-26 Jun 1981); Walter (2 Apr 1907-25 Jan 1982); Raymond (b.10 May 1911); and Howard (b. 18 Apr 1914).

Frankie married Bessie Mae Bender, born 13 Feb 1906 in Winneshiek Co. to Adam and Dora (Brandt) Bender. Adam was born 25 May 1866 and Dora was born 5 Oct 1889, both in Winneshiek Co. Adam and Dora were married 25 Jun 1908 in Decorah. Bessie’s brothers and sister were: Adam (15 Apr 1909-26 Aug 1940); Virgil (b. 15 Sep 1910); Walter (b. 23 Feb 1912); and Myrtle (b. 10 May 1914). Adam died 12 May 1956 and Dora died Jul 1980.

Frankie and Bessie were married at her parents' home in Winneshiek Co. 24 Jun 1925. They had 2 children: Virginia Dorothy and Dale Frankie. Virginia was born 29 Jul 1926 and Dale was born 22 Oct 1928 in Winneshiek Co. Frankie and Bessie farmed on a rented farm west of Locust until 1931 when they moved near to Mabel, MN where they rented a farm. Virginia and Dale both started school in Mabel. Frankie and Bessie farmed there until 1936 when they moved to Burr Oak and rented a farm for 1 year. The next year they purchased the farm Frankie was born on from his father Henry Barth. This farm was located west of Locust. They lived there until they moved to town. Frankie did some carpentry work then and also built two different houses in Decorah. Frankie died 13 Dec 1968 and Bessie died 8 Jun 1993.

Virginia and Dale attended the Knoke school, a one-room country school. They then attended Decorah High School where they both graduated. Viriginia went one summer to Luther College and one year to Kahler School of Nursing at Rochester, MN. In 1946 she married Kenneth Moen. (See Kenneth and Virginia Moen story).

Dale farmed for awhile and then ran a grocery store in Locust, IA. Next he worked for Farm Service 2 years. Later he started working at the Cliff House Motel & Restaurant which he now manages. Dale was married to Norma Hovey. They had 3 children: Janeen, David and Daniel. Dale and Norma later divorced. He is now married to Audrey (Westby) Nygaard. She has 2 children: Scott and Jill.

Barth, George and Helena (Ellingsc t)

(Palmer and June Anderson)

George B. Barth was born 10 May 1865 in Pleasant Twp., the son of Valentine and Julianne (Baird) Barth. He married Helena Ellingson 15 Sep 1892. Helena was born 22 Apr 1874 to Ole and Rachel (Severson) Ellingson. George and Helena had 7 children, all born in Pleasant Twp: Cora, Benjamin, Ruby, Mabel, Hazel, Lester and Evelyn.

Cora Rosetta was born 17 Sep 1893 and married Frank Ruffridge. Roy Benjamin was born 20 Mar 1894 and died 1 Oct 1957. He married Nellie Jeanette Buer Nov 1918. Ruby Violet was born 21 Oct 1900 and died 23 Oct 1972. She married Orlando Danielson 5 Sep 1922. Mabel Florence was born 4 Jun 1904. She married James Edward ’A.E.” Olson 1 Nov 1924. Hazel Gladys was born 21 Apr 1907 and married Frederick Aubrey 1 Nov 1924. Lester

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