export broker on his annual trip to visit his buyers in Western Europe. In 1934 Bob moved to Portland. Bob’s business increased as packers increased production. A quote from his brochure of the North Pacific Canners and Packers, Inc., "FLAV-R-PAC was selected as the Grade A

label.....and for promotional purposes. WEST-PAC was

selected for the Grade B label and NORPAC for Grade

C.....In addition to selling, the sales office coordinates

production; consolidates and originates all shipping instructions; and maintains central invoicing, inventory control and cost accounting departments.” Bob was honored for being a pioneer in the frozen food business since 1925 and canned goods since 1911. In 1957 he sold the business which continues to use his name. He worked there on a part time basis for several more years as his health allowed. His firm sells to leading manufacturers, wholesalers, national chains in the United States as well as Western Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. He and his wife traveled to all these locations.

The Arneson Sisters - Brynild, Kari, Randi, Margit and Mari

(Alice (Hamre) Arneson)

tains several Arnesons who have married into the Pladson family.

Randi married William Nordheim of Hatton, ND. Their daughter Maria married Nicolai Norgaard. The Norgaards had 2 children: Myrtle Rebecca (b. 18 Mar 1905) and Waldo Otis (b. 3 Jan 1910).

Margit (15 Oct 1864-2 Oct 1926) married Ole Halvorson Forde (15 Jun 1862-4 Jan 1896). They had four children: Helmer Clarence (25 Apr 1889-6 Jun 1938) married Maria Henrietta and had 9 children; Arthur Melvin (16 Sep 1889-8 Jun 1950)(wife's son is Elmer Blakely); Mabel Levian (b. 1 Jan 1892) married George Herman Giddings (20 Oct 1888-23 Sep 1957) and had 2 children, Beatrice and Raymond; and Stella Magelena (30 Aug 1895-20 Jan 1961) married Alvin G. Aaby and had 3 children: Alton (who named his children - Aane, Aazy and Aadeen), Waldo and Donn. Helmer and his large family lived at Highlandville,

Mari (1862-9 Aug 1932) married H.S. (Stoflet) Halstenrud (1854-19 Sep 1924). They lived near Mabel, MN on a farm with a round barn. Her brother Theodore bought the farm from Mari and lost it back to her. Mari and Stoflet had no children of their own. They adopted one of Edgar Schjeldahl’s daughters, Adelaide, and raised her as their own.

Bio Photo

Five Arneson sisters. Standing: Margit Forde and Mari Halstenrud. Seated: Brynhild Schjeldahl, Kari Pladsen and Randi Norheim.

Arneson, Theodore and Minnie (Kammerer)

(Alice (Hamre) Arneson)

Bio Photo

Theodore and Clara Beers Arneson. Harold, Ethel and George.

The daughters of Tolleff Arneson Sanden and Margrete Olsdtr. Rudringen Sanden, all took the last name Arneson.

Brynild married Erik Schjeldahl. (See separate story.)

Kari (4 May 1860-20 Oct 1918) married Knut K. Pladson on 7 Dec 1883. They farmed at Hatton, ND. They had five children: Bertha Margaret, Clarence Theodore, Magnus Elvin, Sam Oliver and Benjamin Hieman. A lovely book has been printed about the Pladson family which con

Theodore Norman Arneson was the first born of Ole Tolef and Inger (Tobiason) Arneson. He was born 17 May 1879 at Hatton, ND and died 18 Oct 1954 in Spokane, WA (Fairmont Cemetery). In 1900 he married Clara Beers of Decorah. They farmed near Ridgeway. Three children were born at Decorah: Haroid, George and Ethel. Harold (b. 25 May 1901) never married. He died 6 Sep 1955 and is buried in Rapid City, SD. George (b. 11 Mar 1904) married Annabel and had a son Richard Norman (b. 9 Oct

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