Arneson, Ole and Inger (Tobiason)

(Alice (Hamre) Arneson)

Ole Tolef Arneson was born 4 May 1853 at Highlandville, the second son of Tolleff Arneson Sanden and Margrete Olsdtr. Rudringen. (See separate article.)

Inger Tobiason (13 Jan 1855-28 Apr 1927) was the first child of Tobias and Mari Henrickson Tobiason. (See separate article.) Inger was a school teacher. On 7 Jul 1877 “at the meeting house of the Norwegian Lutheran Congregation at Highlandville” she was married to Ole Tolef Arneson by “H.A. Stub, Minister of the Gospel.” Ole graduated from Winona State Normal School 31 Dec 1871. He became principal at Spring Grove, MN School. In 1879 they homesteaded at Hatton, ND. The whole town talked Norse! The 4 oldest children were born there: Theodore, Henry, Clarence and Fred. In her book Grass of the Earth Aagot Raaen, on page 83 says, “the school district, organized on June 21 1879, had grown very slowly. With pioneer Ole Arneson, a Luther College man, as teacher, there had been school for a few weeks in three different log cabins.”

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Inger Tobiason Arneson and Ole Tolef Arneson

In 1887 the family moved back to Decorah, Ole worked at the Decorah Posten a short time and then at the Lutheran Publishing House for 17 years. He translated hymns and books from Norse into English. Robert, twins

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