graduating and passing the Illinois State Board in 1925. Prospects in optometry were not good, so Ed worked again in the tool engineering field, keeping abreast of developments in optometry through society meetings and correspondence courses.

In May 1942 he took employment with the U.S. Air Force Procurement Inspection Service specializing in optical parts. He designed tools for making a perfectly round bearing; it went into production without any revisions. As inspector he checked camera and telescope lenses. After World War II Ed practiced optometry full time in several different offices in the Chicago area until retiring in 1967, then on a part time basis.

In 1925 three Lutheran Churches joined to form the United Lutheran Church. Ed met Martha Jacobson (b. 18 apr 1895) at that time. They were the first couple to be married in the new United Lutheran Church on 29 May 1929. A quartet of Arnesons sang at the wedding.

Bio Photo

Family photo taken when gathered for Mother's funeral April 28, 1917. Clarence is missing. Father Ole Tolef died June 5, 1917. Henry, Theodore, Robert, Fred, Ed, Alice, father Ole Tolef, Arthur and Bert.

Ed developed cancer and Martha had a heart condition. Martha died 31 May 1979 and Ed 17 Jun 1979.

Arneson, Frederick and Jane (Christensen)

(Alice (Hamre) Arneson)

Frederick Wilheim Arneson was the fourth son of Ole Tolef and Inger (Tobiason) Arneson. He was born 21 Nov 1886 in Hatton, ND and died 5 Jun 1937 in Chicago. The family moved back to Decorah in 1887.

In 1903 Fred and his brother, Henry went to Fargo. Fred worked in a health treatment place. Both played in an orchestra. During World War I Fred was in San Diego. After the war Fred took over at SKANDINAVIN from Ole, his father, who translated books and hymns.

Bio Photo

Three brothers in Fargo, 1903. Henry, Fred and Clarence Arneson.

Jane Helene Christensen was born in Denmark on 24 Mar 1898. Her family (3 sisters) came to the U.S. to Chicago when Jane was eight years old. Jane worked at SKANDINAVIN (1921-1925) for Fred. Jane and Fred were married 14 Aug 1926. They had no children.

Fred ran the company. He printed “First Cardinal of the West" for Catholics and printed 45 newspapers in Norse and Swedish. Fred also did job printing. After Fred died, Jane worked at the company until 1949 when she sold it.

Arneson, Henry and Mary ( Farrell) and Mary (Holm Froberg)

(Alice (Hamre) Arneson)

Henry Olaf Morton Arneson was the second child of Ole Tolef and Inger (Tobiason) Arneson. He was born 8 Mar 1882 in Hatton, ND and died 5 Dec 1947 in Chicago.

Henry married Margaret Farrell in ca. 1908. She died of tuberculosis about four years later.

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