Alfred and Edward were nicknamed “Hans and Fritz”. There was a comic strip called “The Katzenjammer Kids”. The two boys in the comic strip were always getting into trouble and they were named Hans and Fritz.

Halvor was the ninth child of Tolleff Arneson Sanden and Margrete Olsdtr. Rudringen. He farmed next to Erik’s old homestead. He did not marry. Theodore was the tenth, and youngest, child of Tolleff and Margrete. He married Rebecca _?_ when old and did not have any children. He lived at Highlandville, then on a farm at Mabel, MN. They adopted a girl who became a nurse and lived at Hesper. After Theodore died, Rebecca moved to Minneapolis.

Arneson, Clarence and Clara (Slach)

(Alice (Hamre) Arneson)

Clarence Bernard was the third child of Ole Tolef and Inger (Tobiason) Arneson. He was born 18 Feb 1884 in Hatton, ND and died 31 Jul 1987 in Spokane, WA. He married Clara Slach in Canada on 10 Dec 1910. They had a son Clifton (12 Jan 1914-7 May 1929). He died from a brain tumor.

The Arneson family moved back to Decorah in 1887. Clarence was confirmed in Norse in 1898. “In 1902 I had a bad case of ruptured appendix. It was the year of the big flood. They wanted to take me to LaCrosse, Wl, but the bridges were washed out and there was no train. Uncle Will Tobiason got a team and buggy and took me on a cot to New House (Newhouse), MN and from there I went by train to LaCrosse. An ambulance met the train and we went to the hospital with 3 horses running and bells ringing. I was in the hospital 5 weeks, At that time that operation was quite new and the doctor said they saved about one case in five. That was the only bad sickness I have had.”

From 1901-1903 Clarence took a teachers’ course at the Decorah Institute. Jane Addams spoke at graduation. He visited his brothers, Henry and Fred, on his way to Hatton where he taught one year. Orlando and Will, sons of Theodore Tobiason, urged Clarence to homestead in Canada with them. The fall of 1904 he worked for the Telford brothers from Decorah who had a sawmill in Prince Albert. That Christmas Eve Clarence walked 3 miles to church, the northern lights were bright, and later he heard it had been 62°F BELOW zero. Saskatchewan changed from a territory to a province that winter. Clarence returned to his homestead and taught 2 years at a school built 2 miles west of his land. On 7 Dec 1910 he married Clara Slach. They stayed with his aunt Bertha and Ben Marsh on their wedding trip to Decorah. Wrestler Ben Marsh was also there. Friends talked them into homesteading in Alberta where they lived for 10 years. A railroad was built across their land and a town was built and given the name Arneson. Clifton was born there. In 1920 theArnesons bought a hotel in Rutland. In 1925 Clarence ran a lumber yard in Cando which closed in the Depression. In Cando the Mounted Police wanted a Justice of the Peace, so Clarence was appointed and presided over several police cases. Because he had a steam threshing outfit on the farm, Clarence had a steam boiler license.

He ran the steam heating plant in a 9 story apartment building in Saskatoon and in 1942 in an apartment building in Minneapolis, MN.

At brother Ted's urging, the Arneson’s moved to Spokane in 1944 and worked at the Fairchild Air Force Base in the engine repair shop. After the war Clarence joined the Carpenters’ Union, working there until he felt he was too old for it. He then was hired at the Naval Supply Base in Forms and Publications during the Korean War from which he retired in 1954 at age 70.

Bio Photo

Clarence Arneson and Clara Slach on wedding trip to Decorah in 1910.

Clarence enjoyed long walks and strenuous swims at the “Y” (short for YMCA or Young Men’s Christian Association) . He regularly had his picture in the paper for such endeavors.

Clarence visited Marcus and Alice Arneson twice in the 1970's. He was VERY deaf, and visiting was difficult. BUT Clarence had been so many places and had done so many things, it was like conversing with a living history book.

Clara died 31 Jul 1967. Clarence sold their home and moved into a retirement home in 1972. He enjoyed the life there living to be 103 1/2.

Arneson, Edward and Martha (Jacobson)

(Alice (Hamre) Arneson)

Edward Eugene Arneson was the ninth and last child of Ole Tolef and Inger (Tobiason) Arneson. He was born in Decorah 27 Apr 1897. He moved to Chicago with his family in 1904. Ed graduated from Crane Technical High School June 1916. He was employed by various companies as machine operator, draftsman and tool designer. Using his savings and with financial help from sister Alice, he enrolled in the Northern Illinois College of Optometry,

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