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Arthur H. Arneson and Sylvia Mikelson

was church organist and taught piano and organ lessons. Art sold life insurance full time. In 1938 he joined Lutheran Mutual Life Insurance Company and was one of their top salesmen representing them for over for 25 years. He was active at Clarkfield Lutheran Church serving as president of the congregation, on the Board of Deacons, choir director, superintendent of the Bible School and a teacher of the Bible School seniors. Active in community affairs, Arthur was Heart Fund chairman, worked on the Luther College Fund Drive, was Chaplain of the American Le-

He developed diabetes in 1946. A severe stroke in 1964 curtailed many of his former activities. After that he took a special interest in witnessing his Christian faith in person and by letter to everyone he could. He had an extensive library devoted mainly to religious subjects and history, especially Norse immigration. (Remember his father worked for a publisher and sold books.) He always came back to Decorah for Luther College Homecoming. He knew his large relationship into the second cousins and visited them and/or wrote to them. He loved music and played many classical pieces on the piano from memory but his stroke took that ability away. He then listened to records, always moving his arms to direct the record.

Toward the end of 1972 he grew weaker. He had seen his beloved granddaughter Corrine marry in 1971. No longer could he drive and he had difficulty talking. Arthur rallied for Christmas at Marc's home and died 7 Jan 1973 at the Veterans Hospital in Minneapolis.

The Arneson Brothers - Arne, Ole,

Erik, Halvor and Theodore

(Alice (Hamre) Arneson)

Arne Tolef Arneson was the first child of Tolleff Arneson and Margrete Olsdtr. Rudringen Sanden. The Norwegians always named the first child after the father’s father. Arne married and moved to Worth Co., IA where he farmed near Northwood. He had two children, Tolleff and Carrie. Tolleff Sanden farmed near his father. He never married. Carrie did not marry either. She inherited two farms and a house in Northwood. Her heirs are unknown. Arthur Arneson and his son Marc visited them/her in the 1950's.

Ole Tollef Arneson (4 May 1853-5 Jun 1917), the second son, was married on 7 Jul 1877 to Inger Tobiason (13 Jan 1855-28 Apr 1917), daughter of Tobias and Mary (Henrikson) Tobiason. (See separate story.)

Erik Tolef Arneson (b. 2 Dec 1856) married Kari Knutson (b. 10 Dec 1886). Erik was the third child of Tolleff and Margrete. Erik and Kari lived on the old homestead farm at Highlandville and had six children there: Belle married Sever Sherviem (also Shjervheim) and moved to Hatton, ND. They have 4 children: Sigrid, Valborg, Eugene and Berneice. Sigrid married Donald Thorson. Their children were: Phillis, Judy and Thomas. Valborg married John Stock. Their children were: John, Monte, Harvey and

Warren. Eugene married Alice_?_. They had two

children, Erick and Mary Jean. Berneice married Martin Hanson. They had two children, Stanley and Carol. Theodore (b. 1886) married Ella Forde and lived on the homestead farm. They had 4 children: Robert, Emmett, Magdalene and Evelyn. Robert married Donna Eastess and lived on the homestead farm. They had three sons: Gary, Mark and Randy. Magdelena married Harold Rupe. Evelyn married Morris Langeland. Martin (b. 1888) married Nora Grindeland, daughter of Estone Grindeland. Their children were: Paul, Ralph, Stanley and Katherine. Paul married Beatrice Iverson. They had 3 daughters and one son. Ralph married Shirley Albertson. They had one daughter. Stanley married Margaret Hovden. Their children are: twins Mary and Martha, Cindy and Debra. Katherine married Jerome Kroshus. They have a daughter and a son. Edwin married Christmas Larson. They had 7 children: Ruth, Denise, Douglas, Gale, Bryan, Everett and Edna. Ruth married Everett Wurtz. Denise married Harvey Johnson on 14 Feb 1971. Edna married Clifford Fredrickson of Minot, ND. They had 4 children: Daniel, Brenda, Julia and Marsh. Alfred (b. 4 Jul 1891) married Julia Brunsvold. They had 10 children: Earl (of Spring Grove, MN), Alfred, Steven, Ross, Laurie, LuAnn, Alta (m. Hilary Mash of Chicago), Sandra, Pamela and Michael. Edward died in 1918 of the flu.

Bio Photo

Five Arneson brothers. Standing: Erik, Theodore and Arne. Seated: Halvor and Ole Tolef.

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