in 1855 and a son, Tosten, in 1857. Herbrand shortened his name to Ansten. Herbrand died in 1887. Ingrid died in 1900. They were buried in the East Madison Cemetery (the Wold Cemetery).

Ansten and Christen did not marry. They both died as young adults. Eli married her cousin Helge Skadeland and lived in North Dakota. In 1885 Tosten Ansten married Mari Jakobsdtr., who was born in 1846 in North Skare in Eggedal. She emigrated in 1871. Mari worked in the dining room at Luther College before she was married. Tosten and Mari had one son, Henry, on 3 Jan 1889. He attended Valders Business College and Luther College, His father needed him at home, so he left college and farmed with his father. Mari died in 1915 and Tosten in 1921. They were buried in the Madison Lutheran Cemetery.

Henry Ansten married Inga Myran 26 Jun 1919. She was born in Traill Co. ND 23 Dec 1889. They had 5 children: Malene, Telford, Hazel, Rosella and Gladys. Henry was the first person to drive a car to the Madison Church. Among his first cars were a Hupmobile, Maxwell and Overland. He had a threshing machine which was run by a huge M.TM. tractor. He also owned a silo filler and part interest in a cornstalk shredder. When Henry started farming the work was done by horses. The corn was picked by hand. By the time he died there wasn't a horse on the farm. The grain was threshed by a combine and the corn was picked by machine. When electricity came to the neighborhood, he studied electrical wiring and wired the buildings on his farm and many of the neighboring farms.

Henry died 21 Oct 1966 and Inga died 21 Jun 1973. They were buried in the Madison Cemetery.

Bio Photo

Herbrand Ansten Family (taken about 1880). Standing: Eli, Helge Skadeland (Eli's husband), Tosten. Seated: Ingri, Christen and Herbrand.

Malene went to California during World War II. She worked in an aircraft factory. She married Gettys Baxley. They had one daughter, Mary Sherbarth, who is living in Santa Ana, CA. Gettys died and Malene married Carl Cash. Malene died 12 Jul 1991 soon after they moved to Virginia. Her ashes were buried at the Madison Cemetery.

Telford took over the management of the farm after his father's death. He is not married. Hazel married Oscar Skaim. They are living in Decorah. They have 2 daughters, Luane Henzler, in Decorah, and Susanne Bruvold, rural Decorah. Rosella married Virgil Goettelman. They live in Decorah. They have 2 daughters, Sharon Buhr, in Des Moines, and Eileen Meyer, rural Postville. Gladys also went to California and worked in an aircraft factory. She married Arthur Varon. They are living in Hesperia, CA. They have one son, David Varon, who lives in Camarillo, CA.

Anundsen, John Killen and Mary Eleanor (Glick)

(Jack and Ellie Anundsen)

Bio Photo

Ellle and Jack Anundsen

John Killen Jack” Anundsen was born in Decorah, IA  to Brynjulf Bjorkholt “B.B.” and Ellen (Killen) Anundsen. Jack’s father was born 16 Jun 1902 in Decorah and his mother was born 16 May 1903 in Monona, IA. They were married 4 Sep 1925 in Cedar Falls, IA. B.B. died 8 Aug 1984 and Ellen died 4 Sep 1986, both in Decorah.

Jack married Mary Eleanor “Ellie” Glick  in Wiesbaden, Germany while Jack was stationed in the Air Force. Ellie was born  in Creston, IA, the daughter of Arthur M. and Mary Kathleen (Magee) Glick. Ellie’s father was born 1 May 1900 in Chillicothe, MO and her mother was born 23 Oct 1901 in Albany, MO. They were married 4 Jun 1921 in Warrensburg, MO. Arthur died 13 Mar 1966 in Phoenix, AZ. Kathleen currently resides in Decorah. Ellie has one brother, Randall Glick.

Partial OCR transcription, some sensitive personal information such as birth dates of people that maybe living was not transcribed. See the associated scan to compare with the published information.

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