Andrus, Erastus V. and Abigail (Trask)

(Dorothy W. Anderson)

Erastus Vaiores Andrus was born in Westfield, NY 26 Jul 1819, one of a family of 7 children. His father was Daniel L. Andrus born 27 Oct 1788 and died 1872 in Troy, NY His mother was Minerva Cole born 4 Jun 1793 and died 30 Jul 1872. Both had Revolutionary War ancestors.

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Abigail (Trask) and Erastus Vaiores Andrus

“In 1833 Erastus came west with his parents making the overland trip from New York with an ox team. The Andrus Family settled near Chicago, then but a frontier village with a population of about 800 souls. Old Fort Dearborne was then garrisoned by a company of soldiers and Indians roamed the western prairies. His par

Partial OCR transcription, some sensitive personal information such as birth dates of people that maybe living was not transcribed. See the associated scan to compare with the published information.

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