Stella (7 Nov 1900-28 Aug 1987) married Melvin Hovey (1892-1983). They had 2 children, Ronald and Maizie. Angeline (25 Jan 1904-10 Jul 1988) married Arthur Benson (b. 1910). They had 3 children: Selma, Ardith and Andy. Leon (3 Sep 1905-29 Jun 1989) married Tinka Haaland (1906-1981). They had 5 children: Darla, Arden, Sylvia, Terryl and Rosemary. J. Oliver (11 Jan 1912-28 Jul 1981) married Doris Hovden (b. 1916). They had a daughter, Ramona.

Anderson, Leon and Tinka (Haaland)

(Darla (Anderson) Bakken)

Bio Photo

Leon Orlando Anderson Tinka Christine (Haaland) Anderson

Leon Orlando Anderson and Tinka Christina Haaland were married 1 May 1932 by Dr. D.C. Jordahl at the Madison Lutheran parsonage. The reception was held at the home of Tinka’s mother. A neighbor, Clarence O. Kvale (who was the first aviator and “barnstormer” of Winneshiek Co.), flew over the farm scattering rice on the wedding party. Clarence’s brother bought $1.00 worth of rice and Gilbert Christen practiced dropping the rice on the metal hanger roof - scoring every time. When the time arrived Clarence Borseth rode along too, which was lucky because Gilbert got airsick so Clarence had to change seats with Gilbert to be next to the door so he could drop the rice. They made several passes to be sure they hit their target since Clarence was a new bombardier and had not practiced. My Grandma said she had rice in her cistern water for weeks afterwards. The water came from the roof on the house.

Leon was the son of John O. and Sylvia (Hopperstad) Anderson. John was born 15 Oct 1851 in Illinois and died 20 Jul 1935 in Madison Twp. (John was known as Akre instead of Anderson.) John first married Karine Landsverk. Karine died from complications of measles when her children were very young. Karine and John had 2 girls: Clara (26 Jan 1886-5 Sep 1971) married a Kjos and Olena (20 Oct 1887-10 May 1974) married a Haugen. John married Sylvia Hopperstad 9 Dec 1897. Sylvia was born 24 Mar 1871 and died 30 Oct 1959. After their marriage John and Sylvia farmed in Madison Twp. They had 5 children:

Ernest (11 Apr 1899-10 Dec 1968); Stella Hovey (7 Nov 1900-28 Aug 1987); Angeline Benson (25 Jan 1904-10 Jul 1988); Leon O. (3 Sep 1905-29 Jun 1989); and J. Oliver (11 Jan 1912-28 Jul 1981). John and Sylvia are buried in the Madison Lutheran Church Cemetery.

Tinka was the daughter of Anna Marie (Horgen) Haaland Skogen (22 Nov 1870-28 Jul 1961) and Andrew Haaland, born (5 Oct 1871 in Skudenes, Norway and died 6 Feb 1908. They farmed in Madison Twp. until Andrew’s (also known as Andreas) death when Tinka was 2 years old. Marie and Andrew are buried in the Madison Lutheran Cemetery. They had 3 children: Stella Hanson (28 Oct 1892-1 Jun 1973); Edna Haugen (4 May 1896-3 Dec 1983); and Tinka Anderson (4 Mar 1906-16 Feb 1981). Anna Marie married Magnus Skogen Jan 1915. They had no children.

After their marriage Tinka and Leon farmed in Madison Twp. Leon also hauled cream for a few years and did some trucking. Tinka and Leon had 5 children.

Anderson, Morton and Delia (Stinson)

(Jim Skurdall)

Bio Photo

Morton Anderson, ca 1895.

Morton Anderson was born on 8 Aug 1875 on a farm in Orleans Twp., the fourth of 10 children of Charles (Kittel)

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