frequent Allied bombings forced Jutta and her family to spend many nights in a lice infested cellar. During the day she explored the bomb craters in her back yard. Standing in line for food was not uncommon.

The family survived the war, only to have her father killed in a car accident shortly afterward. Jutta and her two siblings were all under 10 at the time. She chose the husband of her godmother as a substitute dad, only to have him also killed in a car accident a half year later.

Jutta received the equivalent of a M.A. in art history and art education from Johannes Gutenberg Universitat, Mainz, Germany. She taught art history at Universitat Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany.

In 1964 Jutta had married Rolf-Dieter Herrmann. They emigrated to the United States in 1968 where they taught at Lenoir-Rhyne College, Hickory, NC. Rolf-Dieter taught philosophy and Jutta taught art history. After a year and a half, the Herrmanns left Hickory for the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Rolf-Dieter and Jutta adopted two sons, Lars Gunnar (1970) and Neils Holger (1973). Jutta stopped teaching to raise their sons.

Rolf-Dieter was diagnosed with cancer the first year they were married. He survived surgery and treatment only to die of another cancer 13 years later in 1978.

After Rolf-Dieter's death, Jutta returned to the University of Tennessee (1978-79) to work on a Ph.D. in psychology, specialized in terminally ill people and their families. In 1981-82 she studied theology at Lutheran Theological Seminary, Columbia, SC. At the time H. George Anderson was president of Lutheran Theological Seminary in Columbia. Shortly afterwards, he accepted the presidency of Luther College.

Jutta and George met again a couple of years later at a conference in the Twin Cities. They were married in 1983.

Since marrying H. George Anderson, Jutta has done graduate work in art and theology at Wartburg Theological Seminary (1990-91), Dubuque, IA and was Assistant Professor of 20th Century Art History at Luther College (1994).

Anderson, Johannes ‘John” Aakre and Sylvia (Hopperstad)

(Darla (Anderson) Bakken)

Johannes John" Aakre Anderson was born 15 Oct 1851 and died 20 Jul 1935. He was born in Boone Co., IL. Belvidere, ILwas the county seat. The area was known as the Jefferson Prairie Settlement - most of the settlement was in southern Wisconsin, but extended into the northern edge of Illinois. John and his family came to Glenwood Twp. in Winneshiek Co. in 1854 when he was 3 years old. He lived there with his mother until he was an adult.

John’s father Ole (Aakre) Anderson and his mother Helga (Tho) Anderson were born in Upper Telemarken, Norway. They left for the U.S. in 1843. They lived in Boone Co., IL for 12 years before coming to Glenwood Twp., where Ole died 4 days later on 21 Jul 1854 of cholera. Helga lived in Glenwood Twp. with her children until her death in 1895. She was born 20 Feb 1816 and died 27 Apr 1895.

John married Karine Marie Landsverk at Spring Grove, MN in 1885 and farmed with his mother for a few years. Karine (who used her middle name Marie) was born 21 Feb 1860 and died 10 May 1891.

Bio Photo

John (Aakre) Anderson and Sylvia Hopperstad’s Wedding

Their children were: Clara, Olena and Marie. Clara married Julian Kjos (1885-1966). Their children were: Nora (died in infancy), Mayme, Milton, Ruby, Spencer, Clifford and twins Reuben and Rudolph (died as infants) Olena (20 Oct 1887-10 May 1974) married Gust Haugen (1881-1942). Their children were: Margaret, Merle, Clayton and Gladys. Some years later, after Gust’s death,Olena married Henry Melaas (1888-1965). Marie died from complication of measles when Clara and Olena were only 5 and 2 1/2 years old. She is buried in the Orleans Lutheran Church Cemetery.

In 1893 John moved to Willow City, ND, leaving his daughters to live with families in Orleans Twp. While living in Willow City, he ran a livery stable.

Moving back to Iowa, John married Sylvia Hopperstad on 9 Dec 1897. Sylvia (24 Mar 1871-30 Oct 1959) was born in Lincoln Twp, Winneshiek Co., the daughter of Endre J. Hopperstad (22 Oct 1838-22 Dec 1890) and Johanna Void (25 Dec 1844-2 Nov 1896). Both Endre and Johanna came from Vik. Norway in 1866 and were married Ridgeway, IA on 9 Nov 1866. They were naturalized in Winneshiek Co. on 12 Nov 1874.

John and Sylvia's children were: Ernest, Stella. Angeline, Leon and J. Oliver.

Ernest (11 Apr 1899-10 Dec 1968) married Esther Egge (1904-1987). They had 2 daughters, Hazel and Jeanette.

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