Anna Anderson married Nels Lysne. She was 11 years old when she came to America. Anna was born 27 Nov 1866 and died 7 Jun 1968. Nels was born 20 Jan 1863 and died 27 Mar 1947. They had one step-brother who farmed for 40 years in Winneshiek Co. and retired in 1942. Anna and Nels had 4 children: Elmer (b. 19 Feb 1896); Alfred (21 Aug 1897-22 Jun 1982); Nelius (b. 3 Nov 1901); and Emma (22 Aug 1908-3 Oct 1994) married Archie Richards. Alfred married Carol Groff (1919-1977). The son Robert married Lynette Garrett.

Thanks to Lynette Lysne, Esther Anderson, NoraStortz and Nelius Lysne for this information.

Erik W. Anderson’s Family

(Frances M. Jeffers)

Erik W. Anderson born 28 Feb 1836, Hurum Parish, Valdres, Norway, immigrated to America in 1858. His birth name, Endre Endresson Septhun was Americanized upon his arrival. His parents were Endre Tomasson Dallaker Tveidt and Aaste Ericksdtr. Lie of Valdres. It is believed he married his first wife Marith Torsdtr. Solstad 30 Jun 1861 in Winneshiek Co. The records are difficult to interpret. They may have had two children that died prior to Aasine and the baby listed in the 1870 census, as Andrew (6) and Ole (5) are no longer in the records in 1880. Marith (known as “Mari”) born 8 Nov 1834, daughter of Thord Amundsen Solsten and Ingeborg Nilsdtr., emigrated from Vestre Slidre in 1857 with her parents and nine other siblings: Berith, Ragnihild, Amund, Ingeborg, Nils, Randi, Knud, Randi and another Marith born in 1855. (Yes, there were two Mariths and two Randis!)

Bio Photo

Erik W. Anderson's son, Martin E. and Lucy (Wise) Anderson on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Erik and his wife had 3 children before she died: Aasine Eriksdtr. born 8 Oct 1867, married L. Nelson Womeldorf; Edy Teodor born 22 oct 1869, married Sylvia May Skinner Smith; and Andrea Oline born 8 Jul 1872, married Fillmore K. Wold. Marith died sometime before 11 Nov 1875 when Erik married Mary Gudbransdtr. Hagen at Luther College, Rev. V. Koren officiating. Mary was born Oct 1836 at Gran in Hadeland, Norway. Apparently she was the mother of

Erik’s last 3 children: Martin E. born 19 Dec 1875, married Lucy Wise 15 Jan 1902; Johan (John) Gustav born 8 Nov 1880, married Elsie McFarland 8 Nov 1913; and Endre Olaf born 23 May 1883, married Ruth Mower 9 May 1926. All children of both wives were born in Pleasant Twp. Only Aasine and Olaf had issue; Aasine had six and Olaf one. (For Aasine see L. Nelson Womeldorf biography.)

Olaf and Ruth Anderson had one son, Richard born in Denver, CO where Olaf was a machinist and horticulturist and Ruth a podiatrist. Olaf died 16 Jul 1960, and Ruth died Oct 1990. Both are buried in the Fairmount Cemetery, Aurora, CO.

Johan Gustav (John G.) attended the Decorah Institute, Highland Park Medical College, Des Moines studying pharmacy, Keokuk Medical College graduating in 1903, interned in Moline, IL and began practicing medicine in his own office in Stanhope, IA in Jan 1904. He had been married a little over a month when pneumonia took his life 13 Dec 1904.

Martin E. graduated from Decorah Institute in 1897, then received his electrical engineering degree from the U. of MN. He went on to get his law degree in Washington, DC. Martin and Lucy settled in Denver, CO where he practiced law, was a patent attorney and an inventor. Martin and Lucy adopted a daughter Florence. Martin died 6 Mar 1961 and Lucy died 25 Nov 1964. Both are buried in the Fairmount Mausoleum, Aurora, CO.

Oline and Fillmore Wold lived in Zahl, ND. After Fillmore’s death “Lena” moved to Denver (Englewood) and lived beside her half-brother Olaf and Ruth Anderson. Both Lena and Fillmore are buried in the Phelps Cemetery, Decorah.

Edy, known as E.T. and Sylvia adopted a boy, Ralph. They lived on the farm in Pleasant Twp. where E.T was born for the rest of their lives. Both are buried in the Phelps Cemetery.

After the death of his second wife, Erik Anderson married a third time to Torbjor Larson 12 Feb 1891. When Erik died 11 Nov 1895, the 3 boys were the only ones left at home. They did not like Torbjor; she left. Edy came back to the farm and cared for the homestead and his brothers.

Erik W. Anderson was the only one of his siblings to take the patronymic name—the others took the farm name, Tvedt. Most settled in South Dakota after a stop in Winneshiek Co. At least one went to Canada. Erik’s “branch" will meet their long-sought relatives in 1996 at a reunion in Storm Lake.

Anderson, Gilbert and Karen (Wermager)

(Mildred Kjome)

Gilbert Andreas Anderson, born 10 Jul 1867 in Highland Twp. to Tosten and Maria Anderson, was baptized and confirmed in Big Canoe Lutheran Church. He married Karen Maria Wermager, daughter of PH. and Gunhild Wermager, at her parents’ home in Highland Twp. 15 Feb 1893. When Gilbert’s parents moved to town in 1896, he took over the family farm, which became known as Bear

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