(More AndersonAA/elper history can be found in the following stories: Elmer Welper, Adam Welper, Erastus Andrus, Trond (Skogstad) Anderson, Andres Skogstad, Andrew and Caroline (Moe) Anderson, Andres O. and Anna (Nedrolo) Saltun and Ole and Assa (Munson) Moe.)

Anderson, Einai (Andres Olson Saltun) and Anna Nilsdtr. (Nedrolo)

(Dorothy W. Anderson)

Andres Olson Saltun was born in Laerdal and left Norway in 1878. His church affiliation was Lutheran at Borgund Stavkirke. His gravestone in the Glenwood Lutheran Cemetery reads: "Her Under HVILER, STOVET AT Einai Anderson, Fodt 6 Dec 1856 Dod 24 Sep 1909."

Einai married Anna Nilsdtr. Nedrolo 18 Jul 1895. They had 7 children: Andrew, Nels A. (Quam), Tom (Kvamme), Ole A., Anna, Ole N. and Edward,Their son Andrew was born in Borgund, Norway 16 Oct 1861. He was 16 years old when he left Norway. He lived with his parents in De Soto, Wl before coming to Decorah.

Andrew and his wife Caroline (Moe) farmed in Frankville Twp. The family was active in Glenwood Lutheran Church. They are all buried in Glenwood Cemetery except their son, A. Carleton, who is buried in Phelps Cemetery. Andrew and Caroline’s family took great pride in displaying their grandmother Anna’s reading glasses and telling their memories of sharing her love of good books. Anna was living with her son Andrew when she died. (See Andrew and Caroline (Moe) Anderson and A. Carleton Anderson stories)

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This new home of their son Andrew, was one of the realizations of Einai and Ann Anderson's ‘‘Dream of America.”

Nels A. Quam (or Quamme or KvammeJ was born in Sogn, Norway 16 Mar 1850. He married (Uni) Kari Hagendtr. Lysne. She was born 18 Jan 1875 and died 31 Mar 1943. They moved to Owatonna, MN and farmed in Havana Twp. They had 7 children. One son was named Ned.

Tom Kvamme married Yetta Stokke in Red Wing, MN 26 Nov 1888. They were both born in Norway but did not meet until they settled in Minnesota. They lived in Kenyon, then moved to a farm near Skyberg and later to Minneola Twp. In 1927 they moved to Wanamingo. Tom and Yetta had 12 children, 6 of whom are living according to a news article describing Tom and Yetta’s golden wedding celebration. Tom and Yetta had 2 daughters, 7 sons and had a set of triplets who lived only a few hours: Laura (Mrs. A.M. Thomford); Anna (Mrs. Gerhard Fredrickson); Theodore who died in infancy; Albert died in World War I; Andrew; Julius; Gerhard; Dan and Carl. Carl later resided in El Paso, TX.

Ole A. Anderson (19 Jan 1848-21 Jun 1945) married Anna Lysne who was born in Wisconsin 3 Mar 1852 and died 8 Aug 1921. Ole and Anna moved to Allamakee Co. They had 3 daughters and 4 sons: Minnie (1 Apr 1887-7 Feb 1970); Ida (b. 1894); Bertha (b. 1879); Albert (b, 1876); Theodore (b. 1877); Oscar (27 May 1891-15 Nov 1968); and Ole. Minnie and 2 of her brothers moved to Decorah and lived at the corner of East Main and Sumner Street near the fairgrounds.

Ole N. Anderson married Caroline Lysne (6 Jun 1867-26 Nov 1956). They had 4 sons: Oscar (b. 2 Mar 1883); Melvin; Olaf (b. 13 Sep 1892); and Alfred. Alfred had 2 daughters: Carrie and Violet. They had 2 daughters: Ella and Nora (Mrs. Roy Stortz). Nora and Roy had 2 daughters: Eileen Jaastad Fretheim (1921-1995) who lived in Decorah and Angela Braham of Postville, IA. Eileen’s sons are: David of Decorah and Ronald of Winona, MN.

Coordinator's Note: See "Carrie and Violet. They had 2 daughters:" above, this text was apparently omitted by the publisher, the correction was provided by Norb Wurtzel s/o Carrie on Aug. 25, 2017. Thank you Norb

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