In 1898, he was one of the founders of The Western Fraternal Bohemian Union, an insurance group.

In 1901, Charles sold his home and business and with his family moved to a farm at Tremont, MO, a crossroad near Bolivar. There he built a new home and helped build a church. Later the settlement came to be known as Karlin, after Karel, his name in Czech. After 3 years, longing to be closer to their friends and relatives, the Andera family moved back to Iowa, first to Ft. Atkinson and then to a new home in Spillville.

Charles and Barbara (Dostal) Andera were the parents of 10 children: Louise, Charles, Albert, Mary, Albert, Barbara, Anna, Emma, Charles, and Martha. All were born in Spillville.

Louise Andera was born 3 Dec 1875. On 26 Sep 1899 she married Joseph Fisher, born 13 Nov 1876 to John and Anna (Zoulek) Fisher. They had 5 children. Martha, born 6 Mar 1901 in Duncan, IA, married Leonard Akre. Anna, born 1902 in Lourdes, IA, married Louis Mott. Fred (known as Schnickelfritz), born 12 Jun 1904 in Lourdes, married Margie Bunn. Henrietta, born 11 Jun 1907 in Charles City, IA, married Alan Singer. Arnold, born 15 Feb 1911 in Garnavillo, married Marj Wenzel.

Charles Joseph Andera was born 17 Mar 1878; he died 1 Apr 1878.

Albert Andera was born 26 Mar 1879; he died 15 Oct 1881.

Mary Elizabeth Andera was born 22 Jun 1881. On 24 Apr 1900 she married Robert A. Klimesh, born 27 Mar 1877 to John and Anna (Mikota) Klimesh. They had 8 children: Robert Charles, born 3 Aug 1901 in Karlin, MO, married Arzella Raezak, Charles Matthew, born 21 Apr 1903 in Karlin, married Anna Pavlovec. Otilia Mary, born

19    Feb 1905 in Protivin, married Mark Walsh. Sidonia Josephine, born 18 Mar 1909 in Protivin, married Alvin Klimesh. Celestine Francis, born 6 Mar 1911 in Protivin, married Helen Polansky. Emil Anthony, born 19 Jul 1914 in Spillville, married Marcella Herold. Cyril Methodius, born

20    Jan 1917 in Spillville, married Irene Dolan. Godfrey Martin, born 8 Nov 1919, married Regina Bily.

Albert Andera was born 13 Mar 1885. On 3 Sep 1912, he married Frances Humpal, daughter of Frank and Veronica (Kerian) Humpal. They had 13 children: Edward John, born 24 Jun 1913, married Helen Kacer. Adella Marie, born 17 Aug 1915, married Carl Peterson. Albert Frank, born 18 Aug 1916, married Grace Svoboda. Frances Angela, born 14 Apr 1918, married Leonard Hageman. Marcella Marie, born 23 Feb 1920, married Edward Hayek. Louis Joseph, born 27 Aug 1922, married Doris Zoulek. Frank Cyril, born 29 May 1923, married Georgina Klimesh. Methodius (Matt) Paul, born 20 Aug 1925, married Darlene Samec. Cyril Peter, born 20 Aug 1925, died 11 Dec 1925. Mary Martha, born 4 Aug 1928, married James Soukup. William Stanley, born 13 Oct 1930, married Mary Ann Fencl. Robert, born 17 Jun 1933, married Janet Havel. Lawrence, born 24 Apr 1935, remained single.

Barbara Andera, born 4 Jul 1887, never married. She worked as a house maid.

Anna Andera was born 14 Aug 1889. She too remained single and worked as a house maid.

Emma Andera was born 27 Oct 1891. A nun in the Order of St. Francis, she was known as Sister Mary Sidonia.

Charles Andera was born 26 Feb 1896. On 14 Jul 1925, he married Ida Kubesh. They had one son: Vincent, born 4 Jan 1927. Vincent married Patricia Mullin.

Martha Andera was born 30 Sep 1898. A nun in the Order of St. Francis, she was known as Sister Mary Milina.

Andera, Frantisek and Katerina (Cekal)

(Cyril M. Klimesh)

Frantisek Andera was born 26 Nov 1804 in house #12, Hrobska Zahradka, County Tabor, Bohemia to Vaclav and Mary (Vesely) Andera. Vaclav was the son of Vaclav, who was the son of Vaclav, who was the son of Jacob, who was the son of Martin, who was the son of Ondrej Andera. Ondrej, who died at age 60 on 18 Jan 1719, was a subject of Hroby manor, a feudal estate of just five villages. At death he was the mayor of his native Kozmice.

It is not known if Ondrej, the Czech form of Andrew, acquired his surname from his father or, as was then the custom, from the farm he occupied. Andera, also a form of Andrew, is an uncommon Czech name of foreign origin. Legend in one branch of the family points to a Danish solder (Anders?) who was left behind after being wounded during the Thirty Years' War and then married a Czech woman. The earliest record of the Andera farm indicates that in 1654 it was owned by Pavel Andera. He may or may not have been the Dane in question; Ondrej may or may not have been his son. The records note that after Pavel in desperation had abandoned his decrepit farm in 1680, the magistrates turned it over to a game-keeper, very probably Ondrej, who in 1703 was identified as gamekeeper and mayor.

Katerine Cekal was born 3 Apr 1818 (or 8 Apr 1819, archive reports are in conflict) in house #12, Velka Rovna, County Tabor, Bohemia to Vaclav and Katerina (Sakulina) Cekal. Katerina and Frantisek were married 4 Sep 1849 after the death 22 Jun 1849 of his first wife, Anna Balounova, born 22 Jun 1912 in Zahradka, house #4, to Jacob and Mary (Zak) Baloun.

In 1862, after a 9 week voyage, Frantisek and Katerina brought their family to Toronto, Canada. A short time later they moved to Winneshiek Co., IA. Young Frantisek, who had found work in a furniture factory, remained behind. On 9 Jul 1863 Frantisek, Sr. bought an acreage west of Spillville adjacent to the Haug Cemetery.

Frantisek and Anna's children were: Frantisek (b. 12 Aug 1831-d. 10 Oct 1831); Vaclav (b. 30 Aug 1832-d. 8 Mar 1835); John (b. 4 Jan 1835). On 2 Nov 1856 John married Barbara Cekal, born 19 Sep 1830. She was John’s step-mother's sister. John died 12 Feb 1857. Their child Marie was born 10 Sep 1857. Barbara, John’s widow, who also came to Iowa, married Leopold Poshusta, a widower. Frantisek (b. 9 Apr 1837) married Mary Jencil in 1861, in Bohemia. After 3 years in Toronto he farmed near Roseville, Floyd Co., IA, then in 1880 moved to Red Lake, Brule Co., SD where in Mar 1931 he died. Frantisek was the father of 13 children. Vaclav (aka Wencil) (b. 10 Oct

Partial OCR transcription, some sensitive personal information such as birth dates of people that maybe living was not transcribed. See the associated scan to compare with the published information.

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