Chris was mustered out of the Army at the end of the war in 1865. He then came to Iowa where he bought 80 acres in Sec. 8, Bloomfield Twp. Later he married Margaret Steffens (b. 1837).

Will went West and homesteaded near Utica, NE. Brother George also homesteaded in Nebraska. Will and George came back to Iowa to encourage Chris to move to Nebraska, but Margaret did not want to leave her family.

Chris and Margaret were the parents of 2 children: Anna (b. 1872) and Henry (b. 1874 or 5). Both were born in a log house in Sec. 8, Bloomfield Twp. Anna married Charles Schweinefus.

Christian Althouse died 8 Mar 1894. Margaret died in 1912. They are both buried in Eldorado, IA.

Althouse, Henry, Jr. and Martha (Bechtel)

(Leonard and Mary Althouse)

Henry Althouse, Jr. (known as H.F.) was born in 1899 in Sec. 8, Bloomfield Twp. He was the second son of Henry and Anna (Linderbaum) Althouse. In 1915 H.F. moved with his family to a farm just east of Postville in Clayton Co., IA.

In 1929 H.F. bought a farm north of Postville in Allamakee Co. with the help of the whole family. On 19 Nov 1930 he married Martha Bechtel (b. 6 May 1906). Then came the Depression. It was tough going and every day he questioned if he could hold on to the farm. H.F. was a natural carpenter and loved to work in the woods. He built or remodeled every building on the farm. H.F. and Martha farmed on this place until they retired.

When their son Leonard married, H.F. built himself and Martha a smaller house on the property and lived there until his death 24 May 1987. Martha still lives in the house.

H.F. and Martha had 2 children: Dorothy (b. 20 Apr 1932) and Leonard (b. 1 Dec 1937). Dorothy married Norman Borseth (b. 10 May 1923 in Springfield Twp.). Norman and Dorothy were the parents of 3 children: Gary (1 Jun 1955-7 Jun 1963 ), Wayne (stillborn 4 May 1960), and Ann (b. 3 Dec 1961). Dorothy died in June 1988.

Althouse, Henry, Sr. and Anna (Linderbaum)

(Leonard and Mary Althouse)

Henry Althouse, Sr. was born 15 Aug 1874 in a log house in Sec. 8, Bloomfield Twp. He was the second child of Christian and Margaret (Steffens) Althouse.

Henry and his family moved to a new location in the “Hollow” as it was called. The log house and horse barn were moved to the new location by Maurice Hoenshel for $20.00. At the new place the log house was used as a hog house.

Henry Althouse, Sr. married Anna Linderbaum (b. 19 Jan 1879) on 26 May 1896. Anna was the daughter of Ludwig and Caroline (Martens) Linderbaum. Anna came to America with her parents and 4 other siblings at the age of 3 or 4 from Germany. She was the third of 11 children.

In this house in the “Hollow" 2 sons were born: William - known as Willie - (7 May 1897-11 Aug 1920) and Henry

Frank - known as H.F., Jr. - (27 Jun 1899-24 May 1987). In 1901 or 1902 Henry, Sr. again moved his family. This time to the corner where a Teiskoetter now lives. Here Caroline (6 Feb 1902-11 Nov 1923); Ludwig (6 May 1904-7 Oct 1904); Emma (b. 23 Feb 1906; married Henry Binjegerdes; and Carl (b. 6 Sep 1908) were added to the family making 6 children in all.

In 1906 a new house was built by the family. They lived there until March 1915 when they moved to a farm southeast of Postville in Clayton Co., IA. They started to move the corn and such in the Fall of 1914.

In the months of January and February only 2 or 3 days were spent at home. Of these one was spent butchering. It was too bad a day to be on the roads with a team anyway because of a big storm.

In 1921 a new house was built by the family on this farm . Henry, Sr. and Anna lived the rest of their lives here. Henry died 16 Nov 1954. Anna died 13 Nov 1973. Their son Carl still lives in the house but no longer owns the farm.

Althouse, Leonard and Mary (Green)

(Leonard and Mary Althouse)

Leonard Althouse (b. 1 Dec 1937) was born and raised on a farm north of Postville in Allamakee Co. He is the son of Henry and Martha (Bechtel) Althouse.

Leonard farmed with his father until entering the military service in 1960. He returned to farming with his father when he was discharged from the service.

In 1962 Leonard married Mary Ellen Green (b. 28 Dec 1940). Mary is the daughter of Clarence J. and Helen (Koth) Green, Bloomfield Twp., Winneshiek Co.

Leonard and Mary continue to farm. They raise corn, oats, hay and dairy cattle. Leonard and Mary have 3 children: Stephen Todd (b. 17 Jan 1965); Randy Alan (b. 23 Mar 1967); and Debra Lynn (b. 6 Nov 1969).

Stephen married Laura Heins (b. 6 Dec 1969). They have 1 daughter, Breanna Marie (b. 2 Aug 1991).

Randy married Ellen Matthias. They have 4 children: Katherine Marie “Kate” (b. 12 Jun 1989); Benjamin Carl “Ben” (b. 14 Oct. 1991); Christopher Alan "Chris” (b. 31 Aug 1992); and Rebecca Sarah "Becky" (b. 3 Aug 1993).

Ameling, Clarence and Ida (Smith)

(Ida Ameling)

Clarence Ameling was born 9 Aug 1920 in Winneshiek Co., the son of John and Mathilda (Kruse) Ameling. John Ameling was born 16 Jun 1891 and died 18 Oct 1964. Mathilda (Kruse) Ameling was born 18 Feb 1894 and died 19 Apr 1982. John Ameling came to America from Germany around 1913. He married Mathilda Kruse in 1915. Her parents, Henry and Susan (Werner) Kruse, were life long residents of Winneshiek Co.

Clarence was baptized at St. Luke’s Catholic Church in St. Lucas, Fayette Co., IA. He attended the rural school near his home. Clarence Ameling and Ida Margaret Smith were married 21 Apr 1947 at St. Luke's Catholic Church, St. Lucas.

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