John Allen’s parents were agricultural laborers and in the mid-1800’s census reports it states that John's father William was born ca. 1796 in the parish of Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire, England and his mother Anne Sutton was born ca. 1801 in Elington, Huntingdonshire. John was born 1848 in Graffham, Huntingdonshire, England, and became a member of the Episcopal Church of England as a youth. Several of John Allen's brothers came to the U.S. also and settled in the La Crosse, KS area where they are still represented by many descendants.

Susan Darrington and John Allen were married in 1865 and in 1874 along with their first 3 children came to the U.S., the trip over the Atlantic taking 3 weeks. They lived first with Susan’s brother Joseph Darrington, then built a log cabin close by. They later moved into Hesper.

Bio Photo

John Allen's mother, Anne (Sutton) Allen

Susan and John were blessed with 11 children during their marriage: Anna, Jennie, Tom, Fred, Albert, Amy, Margaret, Esther, Nerissa, Bessie and a child who died in infancy. Little is known of that child.

Anna (1866-1955) married Gilbert Tabor (b. ca. 1857) in 1889. Their children were: Gretchen, Mildred and Milo. Anna and Gilbert are buried in Inglewood, CA. Jennie (1869-1970) married David Welch (1866-1939) in 1893. They were the parents of Eva, Myron and Evelyn. Jennie and David are buried in the Hesper Public Cemetery. Tom (1871-1967) married Emma Ford (1884-1976) in 1906. They were the parent of Bernice, Esther, Irvin, Lester, Vernon and Doris. Tom and Emma are buried in the Hesper Public Cemetery. Fred (1894-1948) never married. He is buried in the Hesper Public Cemetery. Albert (1876-1953) married Agnis Gagen (1876-1951) in 1902. They were the parents of Viola, Theresa, Stanley, Audrey and Hillary. Albert and Agnis are buried in the Calvary Cemetery in Caledonia, MN. Amy (1879-1959) married Oscar Reed (1869-1937) in 1901. They were the parents of Loren, Grace and Alta. Amy and Oscar are buried in the Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, MN. Margaret (1882-1934) married Hugo Noecker (1875-1958) in 1902. They were the parents of Norbert, Charlotte, Milo, Genevieve and Ruth. Margaret and Hugo are buried in the Hesper Public Cemetery. Esther (1884-1971) married Fred Johnson (1877-1964) in 1900. Their children were: Kenneth, Lucretia and Winnifred. Esther and Fred are buried in Boulder, CO. Nerissa (1887-1889) and Bessie (1889-1889) both are buried in the Hesper Public Cemetery.

Bio Photo

Susan Darrington's mother, Eliza (Lovell) Darrington

After tne Allen’s moved into Hesper, John became the janitor for the Hesper school. John had lost his left eye in an accident on the Elmer Folstad farm southwest of Hesper, which explains the profile shot in the picture. Susan died in 1909 at St. Marys Hospital in Rochester, MN, after complications of a gallbladder operation. John then moved in with his daughter, Jennie near Mabel, MN. He died there in 1928. John and Susan are both buried in the Hesper Public Cemetery. Hundreds of their descendants owe their heritage to this fine couple.

Allen, Leslie and Ruth (Myren)

(Ruth Allen)

Leslie Eugene Allen was born 14 Jul 1921, son of George Franklin and Elsie (Duff) Allen, at Ossian, IA. He was the youngest of 8 children: Leslie had one brother, Leonard and 6 sisters: Bernice (Schwinefus), Blanche (Haugen, Jerrine (Hughes), June (Monroe), Mabei (Vine) and Geneva (Ruen).

Leslie entered the U.S. Navy in Aug 1942. He served aboard the USS Chaumont and USS Kalinin Bay. Both ships were small aircraft carriers. Leslie saw action in the Pacific theater when the Kalinin Bay was hit by a torpedo and 3 Japanese Kamikaze planes. Dec 1945 Leslie was discharged.

Ruth Marie Myren was born 9 Feb 1929, daughter of Halvor and Maud (Van Wey) Myren. She had 2 brothers, Howard and Hartley, who died in infancy. Also, 2 half-brothers, Roland and Upton Peck.

Leslie and Ruth (Myren) were united in marriage 15 Apr 1946.

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