and Martha was born 29 Sep 1837. John J. and Martha had 9 children: Inger (b. 8 Sep 1866), Martin John (b. 2 May 1867), Ole (b. 1 May 1870), Johannes (b. 27 Mar 1872), twins Anna and Hendrike (b. 23 May 1875), Jonas Johan (b. 15 Sep 1877), Ingeborg Marie (b. 13 Sep 1879) and Christine Pauline (b. 2 Apr 1882). Both John and Martha died in 1902.

Bio Photo

Martin and Lena Akre

Martin married Lena Peterson Eide 26 Jun 1895 at Big Canoe Lutheran Church. Lena’s father, Lars Peterson Nord-Eide, was born 6 Jun 1832 near Bergan, Norway at Sundsprestejeld. Lars married Karen Ivers 24 Jan 1867. Lars and Karen had 2 daughters, Nellie (b. 5 Aug 1869) and Lena (b. 14 Feb 1871). Karen died 2 Feb 1875. Lars married Flelga Planson and they had 6 children: Susanna Christine, Ftenrick Olai, Sebella, Clarence Nicholas, Martin and Plelmer. Helmer died 12 Nov 1918 in France during World War I.

Martin and Lena began their married life in Highlandville, IA where Martin and his brother-in-law bought the creamery. It was known as the Bidne-Akre Creamery until 1940 when Norman Akre purchased it and it became Highlandville Creamery. Many improvements were seen in the operation of the creamery. A transition from horse to truck routes was made and there were changes in the method of buying cream. Cream was purchased from an area extending to Hesper on the west, Allamakee Co. on the east and several miles into Minnesota on the north. Electricity was the most recent improvement over the use of cord wood.

Martin and Lena had 4 children: Walter, Leonard, Norman and Margaret. Walter was employed as a barber in Spring Grove; MN for many years. He had 3 sons: Ronald of Hiwasse, AR; Wallace of Yuma, AZ; and Terry of Denver, CO. Walter died 21 Oct 1963. Leonard was born 1 Sep 1901. He lived in Highlandville until 1930 and then moved to Monroe, Wl. He married Martha Fisher 11 Nov 1932. Leonard worked as a salesman for Huber Brewery. Leonard and Martha had one daughter, Barbara, who lives in Coralville, IA. She has one son, Leonardo Sirios. Leonard died 15 Nov 1994. Norman was born 6 Dec 1907. He married Sylvia Jarland 28 Nov 1940. They had 2 children, Robert and Joyce. Norman died 7 Jul 1962 and is buried at Big Canoe Cemetery. (See Norman and Sylvia (Jarland) Akre story.) Margaret became a nurse and worked in hospitals in Chicago, IL. She married Frank Pearson and resides in San Leandro, CA near her daughter, Catherine.Martin lived his entire life in Highlandville.

Akre, Norman and Sylvia (Jarland)

(Sylvia Akre)

Norman Clifford Akre was born 6 Dec 1907 at Highlandville, IA, the son of Martin J. and Lena (Peterson) Akre. Martin was born 2 May 1867 at the Akre farm near Sattre. He died 8 Oct 1921. Lena was born 14 Feb 1871, the daughter of Lars Peterson Nord-Eide and Helga Hanson Eide at the family home near Springwater. Lena’s grandparents were born near Bergen, Norway at Sundsprestjeld. Lena died 21 Aug 1968.

Norman grew up in Highlandville where he received his elementary education. He attended Luther College Preparatory Department. Norman's father was co-owner and operator of the Akre-Bidne Creamery in Highlandville. Due to his father’s early death, Norman’s education was disrupted as he needed to support his mother and sister Margaret. Norman worked with his uncle Peter Bidne and in 1940 he purchased Peter’s share of the creamery and it became known as The Highlandville Creamery. Their butter prints were sold in the Holmberg-Erickson Store and Peterson Store in Decorah and the Highlandville Store and Thune Store in Highlandville. The

Bio Photo

Sylvia and Norman Akre 1940

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