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Contributors Individuals who have contributed information to this site. Their names are listed in the left column. To contact one of them click on their name. Be careful to fully describe your question and the page that generated the question. I am slowly building this list as I consolidate the email addresses that are randomly scattered throughout the site.

KC Bolton-Potter KC Bolton-Potter has made it her personal conquest to organize the Burr Oak Cemetery records. She will be submitting periodical updates that will be incorporated into the Burr Oak GPP database and cemetery tables. Please feel free to contact either K. C. or the County Coordinator about any information that you would like to incorporate into the Burr Oak cemetery information.

Loren Brandt Loren has contributed a set of pictures of deceased individuals that the the County Coordinator has linked to Winneshiek County Obits and gravestones. Thank you Loren, for sharing all those photos with us.

Terry Bonnie Ehler When Terry's father died in 2004, Terry his mother and his sisters and brothers compiled the Festina Burial information in memory of the Edmund & Sylvia Ehler family. Their intent is to update the information on either an annual or a bi-annual frequency. If you want to contact Terry, please contact the County Coordinator and they will forward your request to Terry. Thank you Terry for you and your families effort to share Festina cemetery information

kittykitty45 kittykitty45 Has taken pictures at many Winneshiek cemeteries. She usually takes pictures at small cemeteries and takes pictures of all grave markers in the cemetery. Thank you for doing a very through job.

John Matter John Matter has a special interest in the Locust Cemetery. He will be submitting information about the Locust cemetery on a regular basis

Janice Sowers Janice in conjunction with Howard-Winneshiek Genealogy Society has transcribed over 9400 Winneshiek County WPA Cemetery records. The WPA data is the basic data that I use to start every cemetery table. Janice has also contributed cemetery books for the Barnes, McIntosh, First Orleans Lutheran, Madison Settlement, Morton aka Bigalk aka Baetka aka Rice, Butz German Methodist, United Brethren Evangelical aka South Kratz, and St Johns Lutheran aka Stone Church cemeteries. Thank you Janice and the Howard-Winneshiek Genealogy Society for all of your much appreciated contributions. On Jan. 11, 2012, Janice sent me an email stating that she is no longer doing research for the Howard-Winneshiek Genealogy Society.

Sheila Walrath Sheila Walrath maintains a Cremer and Nockels family tree on Ancestry.com . Shelia contributes information about the Cremer and Nockles family tree

Barry Zbornik Barry contributed over 600 pictures of gravestones from the St John's, St Wenceslaus, Freeport, St Mary's cemeteries. Thank you Barry! Keep that shutter clicking; there are 1000's of gravestones waiting to be photographed.

Please, contact the county coordinator to submit additions or corrections.

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