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Winnebago County
Look-up Volunteers

Please make only one request at a time to the look-up volunteers & please be specific with your requests.
Most importantly, send a thank-you email even if the volunteer was not able to help you.

To add your name and resource to this list, please email Paul Nagy, the Winnebago County Coordinator.

Volunteer   Resource

Gordon Felland


History of Winnebago and Hancock Counties, Iowa, Volume I & II, 1917


Marlon Henvit


Forest City birth record December 1881


Mona Sarratt Knight


Who's Who in Iowa, 1940


Ruth Leibrand


Marriages, Births, Obituaries, I can help with most anything except land records.


Ken Moen


I can help with several families in Winnebago county,  my source is from the Lime creek Genealogy Society, in Forest City.


David Strommen


I will do simple Norwegian, Danish & Swedish translations; and answer basic research questions about Winnebago co., especially the Scarsville area.

  • Note! If you have entire documents needing translation or need more than simple assistance in finding your Norwegian, Danish or Swedish roots, David will assist you on a 'for fee' basis.