Winnebago Norwegian Evangelical Church
Births and Christenings, 1864-1891


This data was transcribed and copyrighted by Lars Oyane and is reprinted here with his permission. We thank him for his generosity and spirit of sharing!

Thanks also to Sheryl McClure for preparing Mr. Oyane's records for the Winnebago co. website.
She changed the Norwegian alphabet characters and added "datter" to the feminine names that had been initialized, so they would be more familiar to American researchers, and also so they could be found through the search engine on the website


Born Christened Name Father's Name Mother's Name
Oct. 12 1864   John Charles Rubby Josephine
Nov. 20 1865   Bergit Ole Jorgensen Guro Olsdatter
Dec. 2 1865   Klara Amalia Herbrand Knudsen Ingeborg Andersdatter
Nov. 1 1866   Ragnhild Johanne Herjus Halvorsen Thorborg Jorgensdatter
Nov. 11 1866   Johan Andreas Johan Krogh Petrice
Dec. 5 1866   Knud Edvard Ole H. Sonderland Anne Salvesdatter
Jul. 5 1866   Thomas Julius Erik Aslesen Lena Torsdatter
Jul. 5 1866   John Torger Lavransen Torborg Kittelsdatter
Jun. 5 1866   Torkild Sigurd Halvorsen Mari Jorgensdatter
Jun. 5 1866   Kari Serine Tore Albertsen Lizabeth Andersdatter
Apr. 13 1866   John Maloon Patrick Maloon Gunhild Jorgensdatter
Apr. 4 1866   Kristoffer Kittel Gundersen Guro Kristoffersdatter
Dec. 10 1866   Marit Sergine Olej Gresley Hellen
Apr. 30 1867   Anne Nils Olsen Gangseidet Turi Jorgensdatter
May. 5 1867   Peder Peder Hansen Bjorgesaetren Andrine Eriksdatter
Dec. 18 1867   Ragnhild Brede Iversen Gunhild Osmonsdatter
Oct. 21 1867   Karen Andrea Tabetha Gudmon Halvorsen Gunhild Kjostelsdatter
Sep. 29 1867   Andres Guttorm Olsen Honse Mari Olsdatter
Nov. 9 1867   Nils Johan Johan Martinius Johnsen Ingeborg Nilsdatter
Nov. 17 1867   Bendik Ole Bendiksen Marthe Njeldsdatter
Jul. 5 1867   Aaste Asle Torvildsen Turo Guldbrandsdatter
Jan. 5 1867   Gunhild Ole Olsen Tvetene Susanna Abrahamsdatter
May. 5 1867   Jorgen Herjus Olsen Anne Jorgensdatter
Mar. 5 1867   Rollef Rollef Kittelsen Gunhild Rollefsdatter
Jan. 6 1867   Knud Olaus Lars Helgesen Aase Olsdatter
Jan. 30 1867   Jacob Elias Jacob Jacobsen Lie Marit Olsdatter
Jan. 18 1867   Gunhild Tor Olsen Braekk Gunvor Tollaksdatter
Jan. 4 1867   Peder Peder Pedersen Aasen jr. Taran Olsdatter
Mar. 5 1867   Gunder Martinius Knud Hansen Haavig Oline Salvesdatter
Aug. 19 1868   Sigri Helene Oley Grasley Hellen
Jul. 5 1868   Henry Olaus Hover Nilsen Birgit Knudsdatter
Jul. 5 1868   Thea Adolfine Kristian Torgersen Cecilie Andersdatter
Aug. 23 1868   Turi Torger Lavransen Torborg Kittelsdatter
Sep. 26 1868   Ranni Peder Pedersen Aasen aeldre Tarje Tollefsdatter
Sep. 25 1868   Tallak Tov Olsen Gunvor Tallaksdatter
    Nov. 25, 1868 Nils Johan Daniel Njeldsen Sigvor Larsdatter
Oct. 30 1868   Mary Anne Patrik Ma Loon Gunnhild Jorgensdatter
Jul. 5 1868   Maria Peder Pedersen Aasen Taran Olsdatter
Oct. 17 1868   Herman Tobias Herjus Olsen Anne Jorgensdatter
Dec. 26 1868   Aase Marie Jacob Jacobsen Lie Margit Olsdatter
Jan. 13 1868   Berthine Gurine Gullik Gulliksen Langeland Sonneva Olsdatter
May. 5 1868   Ola Ellend Hermonsen Britha Olsdatter
Nov. 4 1868   Torvild Aslak Torvildsen Turi Guldbrandsdatter
Jan. 13 1868   Inger Ole Jorgensen Guro Olsdatter
Feb. 24 1868   Ole Hans Halvorsen Margit Torgersdatter
Apr. 6 1868   Nelly Kristine Hermon Gudmundsen Kristine Iversen
Feb. 27 1868   Hans Njeld Johannessen Margrethe Hansdatter
May 5 1868   Ragnhild Marie Herjus Halvorsen Thorborg Jorgensdatter
May 5 1868   Syvert Johan Johannes Andersen Britha Jorgensdatter
May 5 1868   Tollef Kittel Gundersen Gyro Kristoffersdatter
May 5 1868   Emma Oline Rasmus Olsen Hougland Sigrid Olsdatter
Apr. 23 1868   Anne Maline Ole Johannessen Martha Olsdatter
    Nov. 9, 1869 Jacob Jacob Halversen Anne Stenersdatter
Nov. 20 1869   Torberg Kittel Gundersen Guro Kristoffersdatter
Nov. 17 1869   Ole Brede Iversen Graver Gunhild Osmundsdatter
Dec. 18 1869   Anne Rebekka Gjermund Tollefsen Margit Evensdatter
Sep. 15 1869   Joseph Lightley Henry Collin Dorthe Hansdatter
Dec. 9 1869   Elsa Hans H. Hollou? Margit Torjesdatter
Oct. 19 1869   Thomas Martin Nils Matthias Monsen Marthe Terkelsen
Sep. 23 1869   Aadne Ole J. Grovum Guro Nilsdatter
Nov. 16 1869   Anne Marie Gunder Johnsen Toft Tore Pedersdatter
Nov. 2 1869   Julia Maria Torjus Larsen Folland Saave Olsdatter
Nov. 28 1869   Berit Andreas T. Lien Karen Pedersen
May. 5 1869   Nils Ole Bendiksen Marthe Njeldsdatter
Dec. 5 1869   Anton Arne Andersen Kristine Kristiansdatter
Jan. 25 1869   Elen Lovisa Reier Haldorsen Liva Monsen
Jan. 6 1869   Emma Kristine Johan Olaus P. Krogh Petrine
Jun. 5 1869   Bergit Karine Sigurd Halvorsen Sonderland Mari Jorgensdatter
Jul. 5 1869   Karine Alf Tallaksen Torberg Nilsdatter
Jul. 5 1869   Edvard Knud Egildsen Sofie Halvorsdatter
Aug. 16 1869   Gunhild Rollef Kittelsen Gunhild Rollefsdatter
Aug. 27 1869   Ole O. O. Tvedtene Susanna Abrahamsdatter
Aug. 15 1869   Anne R. O. Hougland Siri Olsdatter?
Jul. 5 1869   Betsy Oline Tollef Karlsen Aase Olsdatter
Jun. 5 1869   Emma Helene Ole Thompsen Marie Torkelsdatter

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