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Who's Who in Iowa
Winnebago co. biographies

Note: there are no photos (Photo) in the book. Those that have been contributed are from another source, as credited with the photo.


Aasgaard, Gordon W. Photo
Aasgaard, Martin A. Photo
Anderson, James B. Photo
Anderson, Joseph H. Photo
Anderson, Mrs. Tilda H. Photo
Arneson, Ernest G.


Bowen, Ralph Photo
Brackey, Austin O. Photo
Brones, Alfred George
Brooker, Jay Ellis Photo
Brooker, Myrtle
Buren, John Leonard Photo


Calhoun, Joseph A. Photo
Carman, George M. Photo
Cleophas, Herbert R. Photo
Colby, Joseph E. Photo
Costigan, George L. Photo


Dolmage, George F. Photo
Drugswall, Dennis G. Photo


Eaton, George D. Photo
Edgren, Walter T.
Ehred, Harry M. Photo
Erdal, Martin J. Photo
Evans, Homer Blaine

F & G

Fisher, Floyd E.
Francois, George J.
Guyer, John J.
Guyer, Mrs. Lily


Hage, Martin M. Photo
Hansen, Robert F.
Harwood, Burt
Hass, Elmer Henry
Hayden, C. B.
Helgeson, Peter A.
Holtan, George T.
Horvei, Oscar Johan Photo

I & J

Ingebritson, H. H. Photo
Irish, Thomas Judson Photo
Jensen, Aage Photo
Johnson, Harold F.
Johnson, Helmer G.
Johnson, Melvin T.
Johnston, John Francis Photo


Kingland, Edwin Photo
Kinney, Roy C.
Klemesrud, Theodore Photo
Knutson, Joseph L.

L & M

Lackore, Charles H.
Larson, Arthur M. Photo
Larson, Erwin
Larson, Harry
Larson, Oscar A. Photo
Lee, Gisle Martin Photo
Levison, Henry Photo
Lundberg, Albert Photo
Murray, Harold H.

N & O

Nelson, Irving Arlington Photo
Odden, J. G.
Olsen, Forrest B.
Olson, Fred
Olson, Russell Leonard
Osmundson, Floyd W.
Osmundson, George E.


Palmer, Charles Mann
Parker, Jessie M. Photo
Perry, Bert J.
Peterson, August J.
Pettersen, Clarence H. Photo
Prewitt, Lester Dee
Prewitt, William R. Photo

Q & R

Quam, Henry O. Photo
Quam, Oscar E. Photo
Rendahl, Junald Leo Photo


Sapp, Elso Edward Photo
Secor, Raymond E.
Sheldon, Clifford A. Photo
Skarpness, John J. Photo
Slowey, James E.
Smith, John Edgar Photo
Smith, Milford W.
Swanson, Bernhard

T & W

Thompson, Burt J. Photo
Thompson, Henry
Thompson, Merle M. Photo
Thompson, Paul L.
Thorson, Thorwald Photo
Torgeson, Samuel R. Photo
Tracy, Clifford C.
Tweed, Selmer T.
Tweeten, Albert
Walker, Park Boyd
Weible, John Dudley Photo
Westbury, Ernest

~Source: The Iowa Press Association's Who's Who in Iowa, a Biographical Record of Iowa's Leaders in Business, Professional and Public Life; Pub. by Iowa Press Association, Des Moines, Iowa; 1940

~Copyright note: the Winnebago co. IAGenWeb Coordinator can find no evidence that the copyright of this book was renewed, therefore it is presumed to have expired, and the work is in the public domain. (sources consulted: and and ).