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1875 POLL BOOK #554



Our thanks goes to the Webster Co. Genies for their submission to this site. This book contains 6 pages of information
(Transcribers note: hand transcription includes all typing errors in book, I did not correct)

     Polls taken at an election held in Wakonza (Wahonksa) Township Webster County Iowa at the school house in Ft. Dodge, Iowa on the 6th day of April A. D. 1857 for the purpose of electing the following Town County and State Officers Viz. County Judge, Clerk of the District Count, Sheriff, Treasurer, Recorder, Drainage Commifsioner County Surveyor, County Assefsor, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Register of State Land Office Commifsioner of Des Moines River Improvement, Township Trustees, Township Clerk, Justices of the Peace, Constables, Road Supervisors.

No.      Name No.      Name
1   W. G. Mitchell 22  C. H. Vincent
2   Wm. H. Merrett 23  N. B. Morrison
3   Thos. Quinlan 24  D.E. Colburn
4   W. C. Ruggles 25  Fred Boot
5   W.W. White 26  James R. Straw
6   Jarvis J. Hows 27  H. D. Merrett
7   Walter Ford 28  E. L. Hinton
8   J. J. Weeks 29  L. M. Hinton
9   John Garaghty 30  O. B. Ryel
10 Geo. Gregery 31  L. M. Olcott
11 J. C. Woodbury 32 Geo. Ginnold
12 Wm. E. Bailey 33 M. Develing
13 J. D. Burkholder 34 D. A. Haviland
14 Henry Gunn 35 E. H. Haviland
15 C. F. Allen 36 James Condin
16 M. Williams 37 Henry Broadstone
17 John W. Brady 38 James Mahoney
18 M. Nash 39 Geo. W. Reeves
19 John Casey 40 John Hogen
20 Thos. Sargent 41 Richard Glennen
21 Cosmose G. Bruce 42 Patrick Nolan
(End page 1)
No.      Name No.      Name
43 P. McLearney 76 John Welch
44 John Fitzgerald 77 Bart M. Welch
46 M.P. Earl 78 James N. Darling
46 J. A. Humphreys 79 Harvey Finton
47 Cordis Hardman 80 E. Sunday
48 Geo. H. Rogers 81 Jacob Merical
49 John D. Strow 82 John C. Armstrong
50 Thos. H. Hawley 83 J. Mesle
51 Chas. A. Sherman 84 J. F. Miller
52 L. B. York 85 F. Buckley
53 James Kalahan 86 A. J. Humphrey
54 Wm. A. Bear 87 C. M. White
55 J. W. White 88 J. Olacklin
56 Wm. Darmony 89 H. D. Patterson
57 Daniel Noonan 90 Gordon Patterson
58 Geo. W. Haviland 91 Henry Weller
59 J. B. Haviland 92 D. A. Weller
60 D. Okeson 93 A. Carpinter
61 John Ryley 94 John F. Cheney
62 G. Ryley 95 G. B. Sherman
63 O. E. White 96 James Barber
64 James Gilday 97 Geo. Grely (Crely?)
65 J. W. Lane 98 Wm. Reily
66 A. J. Haviland 99 John Martin
67 Sam Ray 100 Wm. Finney
(End page 2)
No.      Name No.      Name
109 J. C. Watkins 140 W. W. Morelett
110 Thos. Tomlin 141 C. C. Dewing
111 B. McCorvin 142 Geo. Bates
112 E. Prusia
113 E. G. Morgan
114 Wm. Tylghman
115 E. D. G. Morgan
116 A. McClarin
117 A. W. Wisner
118 Wm. N. Meservey
119 D. W. Steret
120 Geo. Klinedob
121 A. Beyer
122 S. B. Olney
123 Wm. H. Plumb
124 E. H. Albee
125 Seborn Hinton
126 G. Todd
127 Stephen Maher
128 Geo. F. Noble
129 L. L. Pease
130 Saml Reese
131 R. K. Wilson
132 Barney Calligan
133 H. W. Ringland
134 W. E. Brooks
135 Benj. F. Brown
136 G. W. Prindle
137 N. Jacobs
138 Adam Jacobs
139 Saml Todd
(End page 3)

At an election held in Wahkonza Township, Webster County Iowa at the School House in Fort Dodge on Monday the 4th day of April A.D. 1857, there were 141 ballots cast for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction of which
L. H. Bugbee had 58 votes
Maturin L. Fisher 83 Voltes
Also there were 141 ballots cast for the office of Commifsioner of the Des Moines River Improvement of which
Edwin Manning had 58 votes
Gideon S. Bailey 83 votes, also there were 141 ballots
cast for the office of Register of the State Land Office of which
Wm. H. Holmes had 59 votes
Theodore S. Parvin had 82 votes, also there were 141 ballots
cast for the office of County Judge, of which
Samuel Rees had 89 votes --- and there were 140 ballots
cast for the Office of District Clerk of which
W. E. Brooks had 60 votes
Samuel Rees had 89 votes --- and there were 131 ballots
cast for the office of Recorder of which
Wm. Burkholder had 61 votes
Jn. Garaghty had 70 votes ----and there were 132 ballots
cast for the Office of Treasurer of which
A. Carpenter had 59 votes
Thos. White 73 votes----and there were 142 ballots
cast for the office of Assessor of which
Ezra Comley had 56 votes
Lewis Davis had 86 votes----also there were 141 ballots
cast for the Office of Sheriff, of which
Jno. W. Brady had 61 votes
Jno. H. Williams had 80 votes----and there were 139 ballots
cast for the office of County Surveyor, of which
F. B. Drake had 59 votes
A. Morrison had 80 votes ---- also, there were 141 ballots
cast for the Office of Drainage Commifsioner, of which
Francis Crosby had 57 votes
Adam Mepmore had 84 votes

(End page 4)

     Also there were 241 ballots cast for the office of Justice of Peace, of which
          J. F. Cheney had 59 votes
          A. Carpenter had 59 votes
          Fred Boot had 75 votes
          Geo. Kleindob had 68 votes ------also there were 399 ballots
     cast for Township Trustee, of which
          D. A. Haviland had 54 votes
          J. B. Burkholder had 59 votes
          J. R. Gtrow had 57 votes
          L. M. Scott had 81 votes
          E. E. Colburn had 76 votes
          D. E. Stine had 72 votes ------also, there were 264 ballots
     cast for the Office of Constable, of which
          W. A. Beer had 63 votes
          Oscar White had 51 votes
          Rob't F. Gray had 76 votes
          Jno. Martin had 74 votes ------also there were 137 ballots cast
     for Township Clerk of which
          Wm. H. Plumb had 59 votes
          J. A. Humphrey had 78 votes

                    We do hereby certify that this preparing is a true

                                        Sig. of Judges
                                          Thos. Sargent
                                          John Garaghty
                                          Jarvis F. Howe

     Attest:     Cosmore G. Bruce
                     William H. Plumb

(End page 5)

   We, Thomas Sargent, John Garaghty, Jarvis J. Howes do solemnly swear that we will impartially and to the best of our abilityies perform the duties of Judges fo the present election and that we will studiously endeaver to prevent fraud and deception in concuting the same.
                                          Signed:    Thos Sargent
                                           as           John Garaghty
                                          Judges    Jarvis J. Howe

Sworn to before me,
         Signed:  William H. Plumb, Township Clerk


We William H. Plumb and Cosmose G. Bruce do solemnly swear that we will impartially and the the best of our ability perform the cuties of Clerk of the present election and that we will studiously endeavor to prevent fraud and deception in conduction the same.
                                          Signed as clerks:
                                             Cosmore G. Bruce
                                             William H. Plumb
Sworn to before me,
         Signed:  John Garaghty, Judge of Elections

(End page 6)

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