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Our deepest thanks goes out to the Webster County Genies for donating this to our project. You can contact them via email for more information.


The Clerk of Court in Webster County, IA no longer has the old naturalizations records for the public. The original records are stored in the Webster County Genealogical Society in Fort Dodge, Ia. The Society has created four index books covering the records in our possession.

Some of these were filmed in 1984 by the Genealogy Society of Utah, Latter Day Saints. The following is their film numbers, which may be ordered at their Family History Centers, and what each film contains, these are US/CAN films:

No. 1401647- Naturalization record INDEX, by Webster Co. Gen. Soc. Naturalization record—First papers—includes:
Book 1—Final papers beginning 1864-1869 pages 161-470; 1863-1873; Book 2, 1869-1881;
Book 3, 1881-1886; Book 4, 1887-1893. To be continued with page 202 on next film.

No. 1401648— Naturalization record, Book 4, continued with page 202 1893-1896; Book 5, 1896-1906; Naturalization record—Final papers, Book 2 1873-1879; Book 3, 1879-1886 thru page 359 cont. On next film.

No. 1401649-Naturalization record—final papers continues with page 360 of Book 3, 1886-1888; Book 4, 1888-1889; Book 5, 1898-1903; Book 6, 1903-1904 thru page 21

No. 1401650 Naturalization record—Final papers continues vol. 6 continued with Page 22 1904-1906; Naturalization record—Minors—Book 1 1880-1903; Book 2, 1903-1906

The next films listed are microfilms of the originals in the National Archives Branch in Kansas City, MO.

No. 1769766 Items 1-3 Petition Records vol. 1-3 1909-1919, Items 4-5 Petitions for citizenship 1931-1932 Vol. 4-5

No. 1769765 Item 12--Declaration of Intention—General index 1917-1936; Petition for citizenship—General index 1909-1946; Item 13-14 Declaration of Intentions vol 1-2 1917-1936

No. 1769332 Items 1-4 Petitions for Citizenship 1932-1936 Vol. 6-9, Item 5 Petitions for Naturalizations recommended and granted 1929-1936.

Oct 1999—you will note there are still some missing records, the Webster Co. Genealogical Society is still searching for a record of these films.

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