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Mining Deaths in Webster Co.

 Extract of men killed in mines from the State Archives
Name Date of Death County Date of Accident
(If different from death)
Burgess, James 1902/01/10 Webster
Chelleen, Wilbur Wesley 1946/02/03 Webster 1946/02/01
Churchill, C.H. 1891/03/11 Webster
Davis, Ben 1945/08/11 Webster
Dawson, Emerson W. 1911/04/07 Webster
Enburg, John 1901/11/07 Webster
Hayes, Charles Wesley 1899/01/05 or 07 Webster
Kolesar, John (Gypsum Mine) 1948/05/06 Webster
Lankford, George T. 1957 Webster
Leiss, Conrad 1943 Webster
Lungren, Able 1948 Webster
May, Fred 1927/10/27 Webster
McClellan, Peter 1897/01/23 Webster
McEwen, William 1936/02/17 Webster
Peart, Alfred - Gypsum Mining 1940/10/01 Webster
Peart, Leonard 1945/08/11 Webster
Pessica, Joseph 1944/04/24 Webster
Pobjecky, John 1945/08/11 Webster
Ray, John 1897/01/23 Webster
Smith, George 1903/12/11 Webster  
Smith, William Belle (Gypsum Mine) 1946/06/15 Webster  
Taylor, Robert 1898/12/26 Webster  

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