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1882 Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory

Webster County Extracts

Extracted from the 1882-1883 R. L. Polk "Iowa State Gazetteer and
Business Directory" by Kandus Barland.

Copyright 1999, Kandus Barland <kbarland@worldnet.att.net>

Note: Dayton, Webster County, Iowa, 1882 Business Directory
      has been extracted by Amalea Anderson and is available
      for viewing in the Webster County Archives.


DUNCOMBE. A station on the I. div. I.C.R.R. in Webster County, 11 miles
east of Fort Dodge (c.b.). Ships wheat, corn and oats. Population, 70.
Mail, daily. Ira D. Rickard, postmaster.

Business Name/Surname  First Name   Occupation or Business
Anderson               Rev T        Lutheran
Creed                  C            railroad and express agent
Daniels                J A          justice of the peace
Harding                W K          hotel propr
Hiffner                Samuel       physician
Jones                  E B          constable
Woolsey & Harding                   general store

COALVILLE. A mining village near the centre of Webster county, 6 miles
south of Fort Dodge, its shipping point, and 65 in the air line from
Des Moines. Population, 600. Mall stage tri weekly to Fort Dodge; fare 20c.

HARCOURT. Small place in southern part of Webster county, 20 mile south
of Fort Dodge (c h) and 6 from Dayton, the nearest postoffice. It is a way
station on the S.C. br. C. & N.W. Ry.

TARA. The postoffice at th junction of the I.div. I.C.R.R. and
D.M.& D.R.R., 5 1/2 miles west of Fort Dodge, Webster County. Population,
80. u.S.Tel., W.U. Mail, daily. Wright, postmaster.

BORDER PLAINS. A small station on the Crooked Creek R.R. in Webster County.
18 miles southeast of Fort Dodge (c h). Farming land is worth from $10 to
$80 per acre. Exp.,A.m. Mail daily. n.G. Rooss, Postmaster.

Business Name/Surname  First Name   Occupation or Business
Anderson               A F          constable
Clark                  John A       wagonmaker
Pigman                 J            constable
Rooss                  G L          book agent
Rooss                  N G          justice of the peace
Rooss                  S P          general store

CLARE. A postoffice in Webster county, established May, 1889

BADGER. A lately established postoffice in Webster county.

BARNUM. A small station on the I. div. of the I.C.R.R., in the western
part of Webster County, 10 miles from Fort Dodge and 75 miles from
Des Moines. Exp.,Am. Maily, daily. Silas Cook, postmaster.

FORT DODGE. An important station on the I. div. I.C.R.R., at the terminus
of the M.&St.L.Ry, and the Ft.D.& Ft.R. adn D.M.& Ft. D.Rs., in Webster
County, of which it is county seat.  It is 170 miles due west of
Burlington, 120 northeast of Council Bluffs, and 70 (air line) northwest
of Des Moines. The principal features of the place are 3 public grade
schools, an opera house (seating capacity, 1,200), 2 national banks, with
a capital of $50,000 each, 4 weekly newspapers, the Gazette and Messenger,
Times, Webster Co. Topic, and Greenbacker, and 7 churches of various
denominations. There are in the vicinity inexhaustible beds of coal, with
some gypsum and stone. The shipments comprise of grain, stock, gypsum,
plaster and coal. Assessed value of the place, $500,000, with a bonded
indeptedness of $5,000. It was first established in 1855, incorporated
in 1868, and at present contains 5,000 inhabitants. Stages leave tri-weekly
for Coalville; fare 50c. Exp.,U.S.and Am. Tel., W.U.  Mail, daily Nelsom
M Page, postmaster.

Business Name/Surname  First Name   Occupation or Business
Armstrong              George W     wagonmaker
Armstrong              Peter        furniture

Arnold & Schmoker                   flour mill
Arnold                 Christopher
Schmoker               Jacob

Arthur                 Alexander J  dry goods
Baehring               Wm O         real estate & insurance

Barnes & Hipsley                    books & stationary
Barnes                 John R
Hipsley                James J

Bassett & More                      lawyers
Bassett                George W
More                   Charles H

Beecher                Hezekiah     Abstracts of Title
Belk                   Wenzel       shoemaker
Bell                   Ralph P      jeweler
Bennett                Sidney J     cigars and tobacco

Berry, JM & Son                     general store
Berry                  James M
Berry                  William A

Black                  Charles E    meat market
Bliss                  Moses H      county clerk
Boehm                  Louis        shoemaker
Botsford               Austin W     lawyer
Breene                 John jr      county recorder
Brown                  Jacob        grocer

Brown's Hotel
Brown                  Maggie H     proprietor

Brownell               John W       wholesale & retail dealer
                                    in farm machinery

Cahill sister's                     milliners
Cahill                 Maggie E
Cahill                 Jennie M

Campbell               John W       county treasurer & real estate
Canfield               Benjamin R   shoemaker

Carpenter & Garner                  hardware
Carpenter              Robert E
Garner                 John D

Carruthers R E & Co                 real estate & insurance
Carruthers             Robert E
Carruthers             William B

Carter & Staines                    painters
Carter                 Henry
Staines                Fred

Chantland              Peter W      sheriff, Webster Co
Chaplin                Lucus E      lumber

Cheeney & Oleson                    wholesale drugs, books & oils
Cheeney                John C
Oleson                 Olaf M

Childs                 Eugene       confectioner & newsstand
Clagg                  Wm M         hides
Clarke                 Albert E     lawyer

Colby Bros                          livery
Colby                  Wm H H
Colby                  Charles

Colford                Mathew       blacksmith
Collins                Patrick      cigars & tobacco

Conway, Owen & Sons                 lumber & grain
Conway                 James J
Conway                 John A

Conway                 Thomas       shoemaker
Coyle                  Rev Robert F Presbyterian

Craig Coal Co
Gunther                August F     pres
Craig                  Andrew       sec

Crawford               Robert W     drugs & books
Cronan                 Daniel       grocer
Crosby                 Daniel M     boots & shoes
Cullen                 Michael B    feed stable
Davis                  Davis        propr Duncombe House
Delano                 Alfred M     marble
Dillener               Louis M      restaurant & confectionery
Dimler                 Jonathan P   lawyer
Dolliver               Jonathan P   lawyer
Duncombe               John F       lawyer
Dunning                Eugene M     livery
Dunphy                 Patrick      blacksmith
Durham                 Willard A    eating house
Dwelle                 Wm H         propr St Charles House
Essinger               Martin       hair goods
Farrell                Frank        lawyer
Fessler                David        clothing

First National Bank
Blanden                Leander      pres
Morgan                 Edward D G   cashr

Fleek                  Nicholas     blacksmith
Foley                  Michael      feed stable

Fort Dodge Coal Co
Platt                  James L      pres
Hall                   Amos T       sec

Fort Dodge Telephine Exchange
Beecher                Miss Eugenia J manager

Frost                  Frederick    plaining mill
Fuller                 Hiram E      baker
Furlong                Richard P    general store
Gardney                Joseph       wagonmaker
Garmoe                 Isaac        real estate
Goldsworthy            John         blacksmith
Goodyear               Emma J Miss  flour & feed

Granger & Weiss                     farm implements & seeds
Granger                Clem L
Weiss                  George F

Gray, W S & Co                      jewelers
Gray                   Silas W
Carter                 John F

Grayson                Thomas F     physician
Green                  Alva J       barber
Groh                   John S       grocer
Gulden                 Christian H  grocer
Hailstock              Wm C         barber
Haire                  John         county auditor
Halligan               Christoper   blacksmith
Halstead               Charles M    telegraph operator
Halstead               Davis W      farm implements
Hardin                 Florence S   merchant tailor
Hartin                 Jihn         dyer
Hastings               Lemuel G     restarant
Hawley                 Theodore     lawyer
Helper                 Charles B    carpenter
Henry                  Mary E       milliner
Herman                 Julius       clothing

Heydenreich & Son                   cigars
Heydenreich            Charles
Heydenreich            Charles F

Hinkel                 Christian    meat market
Howlett                George M     loans & real estate

Hudson & Wright                     lawyers
Hudson                 Preston C
Wright                 Robert M

Hull, G M & Son                     dry goods
Hull                   George M
Hull                   Fred M

Hurlbut                Louis E      musical instruments &
                                    sewing machines. crockery &

Illinois Central Railroad
Hallock                Algernon D   agent

Jenkins, Israel & Son               carpenters
Jenkins                Israel
Jenkins                John S

Jewett & Willis                     Fort Dodge House
Jewett                 Charles E
Willis                 Henry E

Johnson                Albert H     butter tub factory
Johnston               Witter H     lawyer
Jones                  Benjamin     meat market
Jones                  Henry W Rev  Meth Episcopal

Kelley Sisters                      milliners
Kelley                 Katie M
Kelley                 Mary E

King                   Chester R    grocers
Kirchner               Jacob        four mill
Kline                  John         shoemaker
Koch                   Casper D     harnessmaker
Lanferman              Henry        billiard hall
Larson                 Even G       clothing

Lathrop M I & Co                    grocers
Lanthrop               M I
Plumb                  Wm H

Laufersweiler          Conrad       furniture
Leighton               Ariel H      hardware
Lenihan                Rev T M      Catholic
Lincoln                David K      grocer
Loeber                 Frederick C  meat market
Loomis                 Allen R      butter & eggs
McCabe                 John R       farm implements
Marshall               Charles      baker & confectioner
Marshall               John J       dentist

Merchants' National Bank
Vincent                Webb         pres
Edward                 H Rich       cashier

Mosness                Christian    painter
Mulrooney              John M       general store
Nelson                 John A       N Y House
Nichols                Byron P      sewing machines
Nichols                Theron       physician
Nicholson              Wm L         physician
O'Callaghan            John         saloon
O'Connell              Morris D     lawyer
O'Connor               John T       saloon

Olney & Son                         homeopathic physicians & surgeons
Olney                  Stephen B
Olney                  Floyd B

Pangborn & Sipes                    barbers
Pangborn               Albert A
Sipes                  David M

Parlasca               George       barber

Parsons J & Sons                    Patterson House
Parsons                John
Parsons                James
Parsons                Albert J

Peterson               Gus T        justice of the peace
Platt                  Henry A      grocer
Polsue                 John         grocer
Pray                   William L    gunsmith
Prusia                 Emanuel E    bardware
Pulling                Jennie       dressmaker
Raber                  Louis W      propr Topic (weekly)
Rank                   Anton        bookbinder
Rank                   Charles      dry goods
Rees                   Samuel       real estate & insurance
Reynolds               A S R        grocer
Reynolds               George B     real estate

Rich & Vincent                      foundry
Rich                   George L
Vincent                Leon

Riddile & Thorson                   dry goods
Riddile                George T
Thorson                Louis A

Rigg & Looby                        druggists
Rigg                   James
Looby                  John

Rinland, Vincent & Meservey Cardiff Plaster Mills
Ringland               George S
Vincent                Webb
Meservey               Stillman T

Ristine                Harvey G     physician
River Land Office
Brown                  John         agent

Roberts George E & Co               proprs Messenger (weekly)
Roberts                George E
Roberts                David

Robinson               Wm           grocer
Ryan                   John H       grocer
Rudesill               Charles M    boots & shoes
Sargent                Thomas       lawyer & real estate
Scallay                Patrick      Tyler Hall
Schaefer               Wm           blacksmith
Schaffner              Louis W      jeweler
Scherr                 Franz        restaurant, wines and beer
Schmoll                Jacob        saloon
Schulte                D B          harnessmaker
Scott                  John B       boots and shoes
Scott                  Wm R         rag peddler
Seifert                Julius       shoemaker
Seymore                Frank E      physician
Sherman                George B     lawyer
Sherman                Patrick W    blacksmith

Shultz Bros                         meat market
Shultz                 Louis
Shultz                 Gust

Slate & Ross                        dentists
Slate                  Frederick G
Ross                   Fletcher R

Sprick & Co                         saloon
Sprick                 Herman
Koerner                Christ

Springer               Michael      barber
Stack                  Thomas       grocer
Storey                 Miss Alice   propr Western Hotel
Strayer                Warren       saloon
Strobel                John         shoemaker
Strow                  James R      justice of the peace
Thissell               John         grocer
Thomas                 James H      merchant tailor
Thomas                 Seth         blacksmith
Thompson               Frederick    wagonmaker
Thompson               Mrs Ida l    dressmaker

Train R & Co                        props Daily & Weekly Times
Train                  Ross
Train                  Edith

US & American Express
Matschke               Emil         agent

Van Sickle             Andrew B     dentist
West                   Rev L L      Congregational
White                  James        laundry
White                  Zachariah L  shooting gallery
Wilbur                 Rose L       milliner
Wilkinson              John H       baker
Williams               James B      abstracts of title

Wright & Robertson                  hardware
Wright                 Thomas
Robertson              Samuel J

Young & Brown                       carpenters
Young                  Wm
Brown                  David

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