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Did you know that the State of Iowa was part of the
Louisiana Purchase?

Lousiana Purchase Map

Thomas Jefferson purchased this vast region from France in 1803, the final cost totaling less than five cents per acre at $15 million (about $283 million in today's dollars)..

Special thank you to: Maps ETC courtesy FCIT

Do you know how the town of Badger received her name?

A group of soldiers stationed 10 miles south at Fort Dodge in the early 1850's, were crossing a creek with their dogs when they came across a badger. They quickly commanded the dogs to attack this strange creature. To their surprise the outcome of this fight was, dogs 0, badger 2. They shot the badger, and carried it back to the Fort. This incident gave the creek its name, and later the town was named for the creek which flows west of it.

The Fort was originally named Fort Clarke, but in the spring of 1851, the name was changed to Fort Dodge, in honor of General Grenville Dodge.

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Read some of the history of Webster County, Iowa:

1876 Centennial History of Webster County
PDF that is 80 pages long ~ I will work on getting it transcribed, until then, enjoy!

1858 A Brief Description of Fort Dodge, Iowa
History portion now transcribed, including the names of advertisers linked to images of their ads. Very cool read...

Bios of Politicians buried in Oakland Cemetery

Webster County in the Military

How'd It get Its Name?

History of Corpus Christi Catholic Parish

Condensed history of Badger

History of Callender

Cardiff Giant Hoax

Century Farms with applications

NARA Historic Places of Webster Co.

List of Soldiers and Sailors from Webster County during World War 1.

Thank you to Dorothy Johnson for transcribing and sharing this list with us!



2 Volume set of books from the Archive.org.
Book 1 is 520 pages in PDF Format

To learn more without the slow download, check out transcribed to web version:
The History of Fort Dodge Vol. I  Index (first 15 chapters transcribed)

Northwestern Iowa
Its History and Traditions
1804 - 1926

This is just chapter 4 of Volume 1 listed above.

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