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This simple but lovely, Souvenir came from CD, who is cleaning out her grandmother's things.
first page Image in this page believed to be Beulah Hauser, Teacher

I believe in boys and girls, the men and women of a great tomorrow; that whatsoever the boy soweth the man shal reap. I believe in the curse of ignorance, in the efficancy of schools, in the dignity of teaching, and in the joy of serving others. I believe in wisdom as revealed in human lives as well as in the pages of a printed book, in lessons taught, not so much by example, in ability to work with the hands as well as to think with the head, in everything that makes life large and lovely. I believe in beauty in the schoolroom, in the home, in daily life and in out-of-doors. I velieve in laughter, in love, in faith, in all ideals and distant hopes that lure us on. I believe that every hour of every day we receive a just reward for all we are and all we do. I believe in the present and in its opportunities in the future and its promises and in the divine joy of living.

Edwin Osgood Grover
teacher's greeting


District No. 4

Gowrie Township, Webster Co. Ia.



Mabel Johnson
          Alice Wilkinson
                         Margaret Gunion
                                   Cleo Hittle
                                             Bessie Hittle
                                                       Darlene Wiles
Alice Clutter
          Arthur Whitcomb
                         Lester Leitch
                                   Leonard Gustafson
                                             Charlie Whitcombe
                                                       Everett Conover

W. R. Wiles, President
M. Leitch, Secretary
Bruce Hittle      Eliza Johnson

Teachers Greeting Teacher's Greeting

When comes the close of school my friend
What varied feeling stir the heart!
How soon all pleasures have and end
How soon the choicest friends must part.

A backward glance will fill the mind
With grateful joy for knowledge gained
For time well spent, and feelings kind
And friendships strong and unrestrained.

At time of "books" with joyful zest
Fair learnings pathway we've pursued,
Knowing full well they study best
Whose minds are set in willing mood.
pg 5 Soon as the playing period came
Our books and foil we laid aside,
And gave our zeal to every game
As to the play-ground forth we hied.

In due proportion thus the hours
Were yielded up to work and play -
The body trained, the mental powers
Unfolded in true wisdom's way.

We feel both glad and sad to-day.
And scarce can hide the rising tear,
We're glad for changes on life's way
Yet sad to part from schoolmates dear.
pg 6 Ah! me that some will that return
When opes again the schoolhouse door;
How oft their hearts within will burn
As they recall the scenes of yore.

Where'er they go to do the will
Of him who guides each boy and girl,
May peace and gladness o'er them still
Their banner brave and true unfurl.

So one and all my pupils dear,
Whatever comes of joy or stress
Your teacher bid you have good cheer
And win the crown of true success.

Seibert Printing Co.
Cenal Dover, Ohio.

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