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Deaths at the Webster County Home
also known as the
Webster County Farm

Material contributed by Susan M. Olson

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The following people died at the Webster County Home. These records were abstracted by the Webster County Genealogical Society. Records after 1934 were not abstracted. No entry was made in the records as to where buried or a different cemetery was listed. If you have questions on this listing, please email Webster Co. Genealogical Society

Adams, Henry 15 Apr 1934   77y NOTE: paralytic cerebral hem. buried in Oakland cem. WCR
Adams, Walter 15 Dec 1930   47y NOTE: Acut Myocarditis. St. Olafs Cemetery WCR
Allen, Roger 4 Sep 1929   61y NOTE: Arthritis. Catholic Cemetery WCR
Anderson, Betsy 9 Jan 1922   80y NOTE: old age. Duncombe Cemetery WCR
Anderson, Lewis P 27 Apr 1930   86y NOTE: Double hernia. Buried in Callender, IA WCR
Anderson, Peter 9 Aug 1915   71y NOTE: nativity Sweden resid. Harcourt buried in Swede Cemetery, Fort Dodge WCR
Andress, Robert Mrs 14 Apr 1933   41y NOTE: Sarcoma of spine, buried in Carpenter Cemetery, Ft Dodge IA WCR
Ashmore, Edward 24 Mar 1899   NOTE: English - resid. asylum buried in Ft Dodge WCR
Baltzell, John 28 Jun 1928   67y NOTE: Taken to Webb City, MO by K P Lodge WCR
Barry, John 00 000 1896   62y NOTE: b. Ireland - tramp - death date not given between 1895 & 1887 - buried in Catholic cemetery, Ft Dodge WCR
Barry, John 19 Feb 1892   65y Note: b. Ireland- no resid. buried in Catholic cem, Ft Dodge WCR
Bateman, Wirda 30 Jan 1901   NOTE: American - insane asylum buried at Lehigh WCR
Beeman, William E 19 Mar 1933   72y NOTE: Apoplexy, buried in Humboldt, IA by Webster County WCR
Benning, Laura 10 Apr 1934   67y NOTE: cardiac failure - buried in Oakland cem. WCR
Benson, Elia 15 Oct 1904   54y NOTE: b. New York r- Ft Dodge IA - buried in Fort Dodge WCR
Bettinger, Charles 14 Mar 1918   63y NOTE: nativity Alsace resid. Ft Dodge buried in Corpus Christi Cemetery WCR
Blesington, Thor 25 Apr 1920   55y NOTE: cerebral hemorrage, buried in Catholic cemetery WCR
Bouty, Fredrick 13 Nov 1893   51y NOTE: b. Germany resid. Ft Dodge - buried in poor farm graveyard, removed to German Lutheran cem. at request of his wife WCR
Bowers, Thomas 14 Nov 1896   63y NOTE: b. Ireland resid. Webster co buried in Ft Dodge WCR
Bowldin, Clphias 14 Dec 1890   54y NOTE: b. Ill. resid. Ft Dodge died on farm WCR
Brophey, Emma 3 Nov 1930   76y NOTE: acut endo-carditis. Oakland Cemetery. Ft Dodge, IA WCR
Brophy, Joseph 7 Mar 1922   74y NOTE: dropsy. buried Catholic Cemetery WCR
Brown, Micheal 8 Mar 1915   63y NOTE: nativity Ireland resid. Ft Dodge buried in Catholic cemetery WCR
Brundien, Peter 20 Sep 1929   73y NOTE: Remains sent to Dayton WCR
Buck, Noble 19 Mar 1930   60y NOTE: Blood Prison. Lehigh, Iowa WCR
Burke, Jane 00 000 1919   75y NOTE: old age buried Corpus Christi cemeter WCR
Burkholder, Richard 22 Feb 1933   83y NOTE: Cerebral Hemorrhage, buried in Oakland Cemetery by Webster County WCR
Buscart, Ed 20 Sep 1931   83y NOTE: Catarrhal Interitis. Buried in Oakland cem. Ft Dodge IA WCR
Cahill, Catherine 7 Apr 1929   60y NOTE: Nausea. Corpus Christi WCR
Campbell, Joseph 31 Jan 1923   83y NOTE: old age. In Oakland Cemetery by his children WCR
Carlson, Mathilda 2 Feb 1899   50y NOTE: nativity Sweden resid. Hardin twsp buried at Stratford, IA WCR
Carroll, Bridget 24 Apr 1895   58y NOTE: b. Ireland resid. Ft Dodge - insane died on farm buried in Catholic cem Ft Dodge WCR
Cavanaugh, Pat 4 Feb 1899   27y NOTE: nativity Ireland resid. Jackson twsp buried at Ft Dodge WCR
Cavender, Joshua 12 Dec 1897     NOTE: b. NH resid. Dayton died on farm WCR
Cayle, Thomas 23 Oct 1896   68y NOTE: b. Ireland resid. Web. co. buried in Ft Dodge WCR
Chapman, Lizzie 11 Jan 1930   86y NOTE: Pneumonia. Buried by her family WCR
Clark, Almira 27 Apr 1883   18y NOTE: b. WI resid. Humbolt d. at the farm WCR
Clark, Thos 27 Jan 1881   49y NOTE: b. Ireland resid. Ft Dodge died on farm WCR
Collins, Dominic 17 Dec 1932   80y NOTE: Cerebral Hemorrhage, buried in Corpus Christi Cemetery by Webster County WCR
Coney, Frank 24 Mar 1899     NOTE: American resid. Asylum taken back to insane asylum WCR
Cooney, Frank 15 Jan 1933   88y NOTE: Cerebral Hemorrhage. Sent to Iowa City IA WCR
Cotton, Lily Mrs 7 Dec 1934   54y NOTE: cerebral hemorrhage epilepsy Carpenter Cemetery Ft Dodge IA WCR
Cozez, Clementi 19 Apr 1930   84y NOTE: female - Nephrites. Buried in Corpus Christi Cemetery WCR
Crooks, John 14 Dec 1928   67y NOTE: Taken by his folks WCR
Crouse, Sara Ann 23 Oct 1919   79y NOTE: anemia, taken by her folks to Evanston WCR
Curley, Daniel 21 Feb 1929   64y NOTE: Paralysis. Remains sent to his brother, John Curley at Prairie DuChien, WI for burial. Brothers paid all burial expense WCR
Daley, Joseph 19 Nov   73y NOTE: old age. Catholic Cemetery WCR
Daneher, Tim 13 Feb   65y NOTE: b. Ireland resid. - none buried in Catholic cem, Ft Dodge WCR
Davidson, Charles 20 May   59y NOTE: Yellow jaundice. Iowa City WCR
Davis, John 15 Jun 1930   68y NOTE: Chronic Brights Disease. Iowa City, IA WCR
DeMorris, Andrew 16 Jul 1930   80y NOTE: Hemiplegia. Ft Dodge, IA WCR
Depler, George 8 Dec 1934   71y NOTE: died at Iowa City Univ. hosp, buried by Mrs E Stansfield at Duncombe, IA WCR
Dinyer, John O 9 Nov 1928   56y NOTE: Buried in Corpus Christi Cemetery WCR
Donaher, Timothy 13 Feb 1909   64y NOTE: nativity Ireland resid. Webster co buried in Corpus Christi Cemetery WCR
Dowd, Patrick 22 Jul 1889   82y NOTE: b. Ireland resid. Ft Dodge died on farm WCR
Draper, George 18 Jan 1933   86y NOTE: Myocarditis, buried at Eldora, IA WCR
Duering, Julius 24 Feb 1923   74y NOTE: Hernia. In Oakland Cemtery WCR
Dunscombe, John 31 Mar 1933   76y NOTE: Chr. Nephritis, buried in Duncombe Cemetery by Webster County WCR
Easley, Edward 9 Apr 1881   20y NOTE: b. Tenn. resid. Ft Dodge - collardl (?Colored) died on farm WCR
Eldridge, Florence 10 Oct 1930   45y NOTE: Diabetes, taken to Omaha, NE for burial by relatives WCR
Fahey, Martin 27 Aug 1921   86y NOTE: old age. buried Corpus Christi Cemetery WCR
Fivecoats, Fay Ann 23 Sep 1921   80y NOTE: infirmities of old age. Buried in Oakland cemetery by relatives & friends WCR
Fleming, John 25 Jan 1930   90y NOTE: General decline. Corpus Christi Cemetery WCR
Flynn, Martin J 21 Apr 1923   70y NOTE: Myocarditis. In Oakland Cemtery by relatives WCR
Fox, William 9 Oct 1932   66y NOTE: Died. Hemiplegia, buried by the Board of Supervisors at Clare IA WCR
Framme, Andrew 26 Feb 1925   86y NOTE: cerebral hemorrhage - sent to Iowa City IA WCR
Frost, A 17 Apr 1930   69y NOTE: male - Paraplegia. Buried in Callender, IA WCR
Gilligan, A J 3 Feb 1930   71y NOTE: Cancer. Taken by his folds for burial WCR
Goodspeed, James 7 Feb 1932   70y NOTE: Cerebral Hemorrhage. Epilepsy. Buried in Oakland Cemetery at Ft Dodge IA by Webster Co, WCR
Grady, George 27 Dec 1876   NOTE: b. Iowa - admited 1874 WCR
Gunnerson, Lars 8 Nov 1903   73y NOTE: nativity Sweden resid. Gowrie buried at Gowrie WCR
Gusteranderson, Sram 9 Mar 1882   60y NOTE: b. Sweden resid. Hardin twsp died on farm WCR
Gustofon, David 29 Oct 1901   19y NOTE: b. Sweden resid. Eagle Grove - sent to Independence by order of Board of Control WCR
Hamilton, John 6 Jul 1933   67y NOTE: anasorca, was buried in Lehigh, IA by his brother Alex Hamilton WCR
Hansen, Kathryn 12 Mar 1920   80y NOTE: arterio sclerosis, taken by her daughter and buried in Clare cemetery WCR
Hardin, Minnie 13 Jul 1897   33y NOTE: American resid. Ft Dodge buried in Ft Dodge cemetery WCR
Heater, William F 00 Aug 1929   NOTE: died at farm - no other info WCR
Helland, John 19 Jan 1933   80y NOTE: Flue & pneumonia Sent to Iowa City, IA WCR
Hill, Charles 2 Apr 1887 10 Feb 1887   NOTE: died on farm - newborn - mother was 1 of 2 sisters admitted 1/21/1887 and they left 4/11/1887 WCR
Hoefer, Joseph 10 Oct 1931   75y NOTE: Pneumonia. Cont.fracture femur. Buried at Williams, IA by his relatives WCR
Holland, John 15 Mar 1904   35y NOTE: b. Norway - resid. insane asylum returned to Cherokee WCR
Hood, Louis 1 Jun 1932   58y NOTE: Hemaplegia. Buried in Corpus Christi cem. WCR
Howell, William 22 Dec 1931   59y NOTE: pneumonia, buried by his relatives in Oakland cemetary at Ft Dodge IA WCR
Hurley, Neal 8 Aug 1930   84y NOTE: Senility, Ft Dodge IA WCR
Hutchinson, George 14 Feb 1897   77y NOTE: American resid. Lehigh buried at Lehigh WCR
Jennings, Sam C 16 Jan 1933   82y NOTE: Terminal Penumonia, buried in Oakland Cemetery WCR
Jennings, Sam Mrs 9 Jul 1932   58y NOTE: died. General debility, was buried in Oakland Cemeteary by daughter WCR
Jessup, Jasper 6 Dec 1881   23y NOTE: b. IA resid. Dayton, IA d. at the farm WCR
Johns, William 12 Aug 1881   35y NOTE: b. England resid. Ft Dodge died on farm WCR
Johnson, Ross 18 Jan 1938   69y NOTE: Flue & pneumonia, buried in Oakland Cemetery WCR
Johnson, Swan P 28 Aug 1906   75y NOTE: b. Sweden resid. Dayton buried in Dayton WCR
Johnson, William 1 Jul 1923   65y NOTE: cancer. Sent to Iowa City University WCR
Jones, David 24 Dec 1904   43y NOTE: nativity- Scotch resid. Ft Dodge died on farm WCR
Joslin, Zack 5 Dec 1933   71y NOTE: Cerebral Hemorrhage. Buried in Oakland Cemetery by Webster County WCR
Julius, Mary 1 Sep 1913   NOTE: nativity Bohemian resid. asylum buried by her folks in Bohemian quarter WCR
Keating, John 23 Sep 1921   85y NOTE: old age. buried in Corpus Christi Cemetery by relatives WCR
Kelley, Bridget Mrs 4 Feb 1894   84y NOTE: b. Ireland resid. Duncombe Station died on farm - buried in Catholic cem., Ft Dodge WCR
Kelly, William 2 Apr 1934   66y NOTE: neuritis cerebral hem. buried in Corpus Christi cem. WCR
Kelper, Chauncey 30 Aug 1922   76y NOTE: paralysis. Buried at Lehigh WCR
Kennedy, John 19 Mar 1881   34y NOTE: b. Mass. resid. Ft Dodge died on the farm WCR
King, Ben 00 Jul 1906   41y NOTE: nativity England killed by cars, 7/1906 in Iowa City WCR
Klobeck, Vencil 2 Apr 1933   82y NOTE: Arthritis C B D Sent to Iowa City, IA WCR
Koeper, Henry 14 Feb 1923     NOTE: gastritis. In Lutheran Cemetery WCR
Kramer, Joe 10 Jan 1928   56y NOTE: tubralosis. Oakland Cemetery WCR
Kramer, Joe 10 Jan 1928   56y NOTE: Tubralosis. Oakland Cemetery WCR
Kreemhine, Louis 4 Mar 1921   70y NOTE: pneumonia. Taken by his folds buried in Lutheran Cemetery WCR
Larkins, James 7 Mar 1929   70y NOTE: Apoplexy. Otho Cemetery at County expense WCR
Laurer, James 9 Aug 1920   68y NOTE: organic heart disease . Buried in Otho Cemetery by county WCR
Lindgren, Andrew 7 Sep 1922   74y NOTE: old age & constipation. buried by relatives at Dayton IA WCR
Lingren, Isaac 13 Jan   87y NOTE: nativity Sweden resid. Burnside buried at Otho WCR
Lingtrelt, John 28 Aug   23y NOTE: b. Norway resid. Ft Dodge died on farm WCR
Lomez, Dorothy 28 Dec 1921   64y NOTE: Cardiac Disease. Buried at Otho Cemetery by the county WCR
Louis, John 26 Feb 1935   82y NOTE: Cardiac dysponea Buried in Lehigh, IA WCR
Lund, Walberg 00 May 1904     NOTE: independence insane asylum - sent to Cherokee in May WCR
Lund, Walberg 25 May 1923   76y NOTE: female diabetis. Taken by Chris Lund, Thor, IA for interment WCR
Lundy, Ester Mrs 25 May 1912   67y NOTE: nativity Salem, NY resid. Duncombe - housekeeper buried at Duncombe WCR
Mayne, Christian 19 Mar 1934   84y NOTE: Cerebral hemorrhage - in Perry, IA by Webster Co. WCR
McAllister, William 7 Jan 1933   83y NOTE: Pneumonia, Sent to Iowa City, IA WCR
McAvay, Patrick 4 Jan 1892   70y NOTE: b. Ireland - resid. Webster co buried in Catholic cem., Ft Dodge WCR
McCormack, John 5 Feb 1928   71y NOTE: acute bronchitis Dayton, IA WCR
McGuire, Andrew 23 Mar 1931   84y NOTE: suicide. Buried in Lehigh IA WCR
McGuire, Jake 23 Jun 1915   62y NOTE: nativity Iowa resid. Ft Dodge buried in Oakland cemetery WCR
McLaughlin, Michael 9 Apr 1920   80y NOTE: erysippilar, taken by his daughter and buried at Yetter, IA WCR
McMahon, Thomas 5 Aug 1915   59y NOTE: nativity Ireland resid. Webster co buried in Corpus Christi cm WCR
McMayor, Thomas 5 Aug 1915   70y NOTE: nativity Ireland resid. Badger buried in Corpus Christi Cemetery WCR
Miller, Bertha 00 Apr 1930   NOTE: no info - died at farm WCR
Miller, Joseph 11 Aug 1888   61y NOTE: b. England resid. Coalville died on farm WCR
Needham, Charles E 31 Dec 1876   1y NOTE: youngest son of 1st woman admitted to home in 1874 - could be brd, on farm WCR
Nelson, Grimmell Marie 14 Apr 1919   80y NOTE: old age - and infirmities of body and to Callender for burial WCR
Nelson, Sophie 30 Jan 1932   78y NOTE: Cerebral hemorrhage. Buried in Dayton, IA WCR
Nesbit, Mary 1 Dec 1930   76y NOTE: Paraplegia. Oakland Cemetery WCR
O'Brien, Thomas 1 Apr 1934   76y NOTE: Asthma pneum. buried in Corpus Christi cemetery WCR
O'Connor, Michael 11 Sep 1910   91y NOTE: nativity Ireland resid. Fort Dodge buried by his folks WCR
O'Conor, Thomas 00 000 1896   64y NOTE: b. Ireland resid. Webster co - buried in Catholic cem, Ft Dodge WCR
Oleson, Anna Christoffon 27 Dec 1876   18y NOTE: d. at county home - b. Norway - admitted 1874 WCR
Oleson, Gustaf 15 Feb 1890   73y NOTE: b. Sweden resid. Hardin twsp died on farm WCR
Olson, Gilbert 26 May 1886   23y NOTE: b. Norway resid. Calendar died on farm WCR
Olson, John 10 Jan 1897   50y NOTE: b. Sweden resid. Lost Grove buried in Lost Grove twsp WCR
Olson, lena 22 Jun 1930   70y NOTE: Nephrites & myocarditis. Buried in Callender, IA WCR
Peterson, Brenda 8 Oct 1921   60y NOTE: wild.Anemia.Senility.Buried by her folks at Peirpoint, SD
Peterson, Julia 18 Mar 1903   89y NOTE: nativity Sweden buried in Duncombe WCR
Phipps, John 10 Oct 1921   68y NOTE: cancer. buried at Lehigh WCR
Poole, Robert 30 Mar 1934   65y NOTE: Uremic poisning caused from bad leg. Buried in Vincent by Webster co. WCR
Pugh, Thor 24 Nov 1929   76y NOTE: Paralysis. Oakland Cemetery WCR
Rain, Nels 16 Mar 1904   32y NOTE: nativity Norway resid, ft Dodge buried in Douglas twsp WCR
Revell, Joseph Henry 21 Aug 1920   77y NOTE: prostatic hypertroxy. brd. in Osage, IA by his daughter Mrs Callsius, Britt IA WCR
Rosen, Bertha 16 Apr 1914   80y NOTE: nativity Sweden resid. Ft Dodge- housekeeper buried in Norwegian cemetery WCR
Samelson, Mrs 29 Jan 1882   70y NOTE: b. Ireland resid. Deer Creek- Messenger obit - had been there about 3 yrs - no first name WCR
Scovel, Nathaiel 20 Aug 1930     NOTE: Hemaplegia. Duncombe, IA WCR
Shaupp, Henry 27 Apr 1888   64y NOTE: b. Germany resid. Colfax died on farm WCR
Skinner, W 31 Jan 1931 1887   NOTE: male - asthma & general sclerosis. Buried in Oakland Cemetery by county WCR
Smith, D C 14 Jul 1920   70y NOTE: male - apoplexy, buried in Moorland Cemetery by his daughter WCR
Smith, Elmer 2 Feb 1928   58y NOTE: Urine trouble. Otho Cemetery WCR
Smith, Lena 8 Mar 1934   48y NOTE: Cardiac vascular disease, in Oakland Cemetery WCR
Spamn, Louise 33 Mar 1918   67y NOTE: nativity, PA resid. Ft Dodge housekeeper taken by her daughters WCR
Stanbra, Alice 8 Feb 1933   75y NOTE: Arterio Sclerosis, Buried at Otho, IA WCR
Stattel, Anthony 27 Apr 1879   39y NOTE: b. OH resid. Washington, IA died at farm WCR
Stevens, Theodore 16 Mar 1911   64y NOTE: nativity Germany resid. Clare buried in Catholic cemetery WCR
Stone, Martha 19 Dec 1923   61y NOTE: Gastritis. Buried by friends in Badger Cemetery WCR
Stotts, Alonsa 15 Jan 1934   69y NOTE: Chronic Nephritis - Hamilton County WCR
Stotts, Catherine 24 Jul 1916   82y NOTE: resid. Brushy invalid buried at Webster City by her folds WCR
Stoughton, Frank 30 Apr   55y NOTE: Cerebral hemorrhage, arteria sclerosis Buried at Dayton, IA WCR
Swanson, Carl B 00 Jan 1923   46y NOTE: exposure. In Oakland Cemetery by his brothers WCR
Sweeney, Julia 29 Jun 1931   75y NOTE: Paraplegia. Buried in Corpus Christi Cemetery WCR
Tell, Nellie 30 Aug 1934   87y NOTE: general senility- buried in Dayton, IA by relatives WCR
Templar, George 15 Aug 1928   62y NOTE: Myocarditis. Remains sent to Iowa City as provided by law WCR
Tennant, Riley 22 Jun 1919     NOTE: heart failure, buried by his folks in Otho cemetery WCR
Thompson, Lars 16 Jul 1931   43y NOTE: Tuberculosis. Buried at Vincent, IA by parents WCR
Tumblin, William 12 Jul 1923   73y NOTE: apoplexy. Buried in Oakland Cemetery WCR
Vance, Wesley 20 Mar 1934   64y NOTE: Cardiac failure - in Oakland Cemetary by Webster County WCR
Waltz, Polly 2 Jul 1899     NOTE: resid. Ft Dodge buried in Ft Dodge WCR
Warden, Charles 16 Nov 1934   56y NOTE: carcinoma - buried in Oakland cemetary Ft Dodge IA WCR
Weamer, D A 00 000 1906   5By NOTE: nativity American resid. Gowrie - agent taken to Ft Dodge hospital, died- death date is blank in records 190? WCR
West, Frank 30 Dec 1933   72y NOTE: Cardiac Failure. Buried in Perry, IA by his son WCR
Wheeler, Eliza 21 Aug 1900   93y NOTE: nativity Germany Resid - Burnside buried at Burnside WCR
White, William G 3 Dec 1921   69y NOTE: Diabetis. Buried at Cowrie by his folds WCR
Wilcox, Charles E 28 Mar 1929   68y NOTE: Buried by his relatives at their expense WCR
Will, Albert 2 Mar 1930   45y NOTE: Pneumonia. Ft. Dodge, Iowa WCR
Willey, Ernest 2 Jan 1917   56y NOTE: nativity Germany resid. Ft Dodge buried in Lutheran cemetery WCR
Wilson, George 3 Feb 1899   56y NOTE: American resid. Lehigh, IA Miner- gone to Chicago WCR
Woodbury, Nellie 13 May 1934   41y NOTE: dropsical heart - buried in Otho, IA WCR
Wright, Charles 7 Mar 1932   63y NOTE: Cerebral Hemmorrhage. Buried in Oakland Cemetery by Webster Co. WCR
Young, H 25 Jun 1877   68y NOTE: b. Candada d. at the farm WCR

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