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Cemetery Listing

From USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)

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Feature Name ID County State Latitude Longitude Ele(ft) Map Entry Date
Blanchard Cemetery 454684 Webster IA 422410N 0940000W 1086 Evanston 30-Apr-79
Blossom Hill Cemetery 454706 Webster IA 423743N 0940637W 1155 Thor 30-Apr-79
Border Plains Cemetery 1996859 Webster IA 422330N 0940241W 1096 Evanston 16-Sep-03
Burns Family Plot 1996862 Webster IA 423130N 0941631W 1132 Clare 16-Sep-03
C C Carpenter Cemetery 455033 Webster IA 423006N 0941300W 1119 Fort Dodge North 30-Apr-79
Callender Cemetery 1996857 Webster IA 422209N 0941645W 1155 Gowrie 16-Sep-03
Calvary United Presbyterian Cemetery 1996851 Webster IA 422827N 0942301W 1175 Knierim 16-Sep-03
Colfax Cemetery 455528 Webster IA 423121N 0940111W 1129 Vincent 30-Apr-79
Concordia Cemetery 455567 Webster IA 423346N 0941145W 1168 Fort Dodge North 30-Apr-79
Corpus Christi Cemetery 455635 Webster IA 423126N 0941049W 1109 Fort Dodge North 30-Apr-79
Danish Cemetery 455789 Webster IA 422207N 0942208W 1161 Gowrie 30-Apr-79
Dayton Cemetery 1996855 Webster IA 421602N 0940433W 1122 Lehigh 16-Sep-03
Elkhorn Cemetery 456305 Webster IA 422539N 0941358W 1138 Fort Dodge South 30-Apr-79
Fulton Cemetery 456804 Webster IA 422536N 0942209W 1171 Moorland 30-Apr-79
Fulton Township Cemetery 1996854 Webster IA 422538N 0941857W 1148 Moorland 16-Sep-03
Gowrie Township Cemetery 463764 Webster IA 421650N 0941817W 1142 Gowrie 1-Jan-00
Graceland Cemetery 457004 Webster IA 422539N 0941247W 1119 Fort Dodge South 30-Apr-79
Hardin Cemetery 457248 Webster IA 421428N 0935817W 1122 Fraser 30-Apr-79
Hartman Cemetery 1996849 Webster IA 422200N 0935901W 1079 Stratford 16-Sep-03
Hovey Cemetery 1823229 Webster IA 423747N 0941024W 1145 Humboldt 30-Mar-99
Jackson Center Cemetery 457889 Webster IA 423442N 0942229W 1178 Clare 30-Apr-79
Lost Grove Cemetery 458626 Webster IA 421530N 0941359W 1158 Harcourt 30-Apr-79
Low Cemetery 458649 Webster IA 421747N 0940055W 1102 Lehigh 30-Apr-79
McGuire Cemetery 1996853 Webster IA 422027N 0935917W 1089 Stratford 16-Sep-03
Memorial Park Cemetery 458976 Webster IA 423008N 0940853W 1109 Fort Dodge North 30-Apr-79
Mizpah Cemetery 459157 Webster IA 422302N 0942217W 1158 Moorland 30-Apr-79
Newark Township Cemetery 459500 Webster IA 423608N 0940228W 1138 Vincent 30-Apr-79
North Lawn Cemetery 459600 Webster IA 423145N 0941028W 1109 Fort Dodge North 30-Apr-79
Oak Grove Cemetery 459695 Webster IA 422038N 0940251W 1109 Lehigh 30-Apr-79
Oakland Cemetery 459764 Webster IA 423118N 0941042W 1060 Fort Dodge North 30-Apr-79
Ober and Scott Cemetery 1996860 Webster IA 422303N 0935954W 1086 Duncombe 16-Sep-03
Old Lizzard Cemetery 1996861 Webster IA 423131N 0941841W 1145 Clare 16-Sep-03
Otho Cemetery 459916 Webster IA 422409N 0940656W 1070 Evanston 30-Apr-79
Our Lady of Good Council Cemetery 459955 Webster IA 422634N 0941817W 1158 Moorland 30-Apr-79
Our Saviour Cemetery 459966 Webster IA 422023N 0941855W 1145 Gowrie 30-Apr-79
Pioneer Cemetery 460184 Webster IA 423750N 0940859W 1138 Humboldt 30-Apr-79
Pleasant Valley Cemetery 460300 Webster IA 422649N 0940521W 1106 Evanston 30-Apr-79
Saint James Cemetery 460988 Webster IA 423409N 0942153W 1171 Clare 30-Apr-79
Saint Josephs Cemetery 461121 Webster IA 422843N 0935930W 1112 Duncombe 30-Apr-79
Saint Josephs Cemetery 461123 Webster IA 423102N 0942241W 1181 Gilmore City SW 30-Apr-79
Saint Olafs Cemetery 461235 Webster IA 423006N 0941256W 1115 Fort Dodge North 30-Apr-79
Saint Patricks Cemetery 461255 Webster IA 423540N 0942633W 1204 Gilmore City SW 30-Apr-79
Saint Paul Cemetery 461272 Webster IA 423148N 0941039W 1122 Fort Dodge North 30-Apr-79
Swedish Lutheran Church Cemetery 1996863 Webster IA 421303N 0940628W 1161 Boxholm 16-Sep-03
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery 462321 Webster IA 423515N 0941531W 1168 Clare 30-Apr-79
Vegars Cemetery 462547 Webster IA 421903N 0935634W 1040 Stratford 30-Apr-79
Washington Cemetery 462689 Webster IA 422540N 0935930W 1093 Duncombe 30-Apr-79
Washington Cemetery 462690 Webster IA 422815N 0940001W 1106 Evanston 30-Apr-79
West Lawn Cemetery 462878 Webster IA 422142N 0940405W 1109 Lehigh 30-Apr-79
Willowledge Cemetery 1996850 Webster IA 423130N 0941421W 1086 Fort Dodge North 16-Sep-03

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