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Hartman Cemetery : Section 10, 7 miles S of Duncombe, or 2 miles W, 1/4 S of Homer, West of Road. Located in pasture on hilltop. It has 8 markers although there are 14 graves just west of the creek. Jacob Hartman, Col. H. 44th Indiana Infantry, and his wife, Ceb. were buried here with relatives, except two children who were not related.

Vegor's Cemetery : Section 25, 1 mile W, 3 1/2 mile S of Homer (which is just outside of Webster County), north side of the road. Located on hill top overlooking the joining Boone and Des Moines Rivers. Of the 168 marked graves here are: 17 Vegors, 17 Eslicks, and 8 Bells. Wm. Vegors, the one year old son of C.H. & E. Vegors was buried here in 1861. C.H. Vegors died on 1891, age 44 years and his wife Emma died in 1894. A memorial marks the most Northern of 5 Indian Mounds in this Cemetery. In one grave, being reburied here in 1960 are the remains of several pre-historic people of this region who were originally buried in a "bundle" on a hill top Southeast of the mouth of the Boone River. The tall white monument which was placed in this cemetery September 9, 1911 by the Old Settlers Picnic Assoc. of Bell's Mill marks the grave of Mrs. Henry Lott who was the first white woman settler in Webster County in the summer of 1846. Isaac Sr. Sell was born in PA in 1796, farmed 12 years in Clay County, Ind., then came to Iowa in 1844 and to Webster County April 1849, farmed 160 acres in Yell Township. His father Benjamin Bell, served in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 He died February 10, 1853 aged 102 years and was buried in this cemetery. His sister, who died in early womanhood, had been a sweetheart of George Washington. Isaac died February 2, 1872 aged 76 years and his wife Amy, who was born in Virginia about 1798, died August 25, 1863 aged 65 years. Both are buried here. In 1857 Belleville was laid out by Isaac and Jacob Bell. Jasper M. Bell, born 1840, had donated the land for the Bell's Mill Park, south of Homer, where the Old Settler's Reunion is held every year, usually in August. USGS Map is no longer available.

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