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Washington Township

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Blanchard Cemetery : Section 28, 5 miles S, 1/2 mile W of Duncombe, N up lane,1/4 mile, 1/8 mile west. Has over 103 graves. The earliest marker is Cath Gatchel, daughter of E & M, who died December 1, 1859.

Border Plains Cemetery : Section 36, 1 mile north of Lehigh,on a gravel road, at the back of a farm field. The gate is marked with a small sign. Border Plains Cemetery has over 79 graves - many are unmarked. In September 1929 a marble stone was placed here marking the grave of Rev. John Johns who was born in Kentucky in 1801. He was an ardent abolitionist, migrated to Ohio, Indiana and then to one mile North of Lehigh, Ia. before 1853. He was the first white man to cultivate in Webster County, on the west side of the Des Moines River. He weighed 225 pounds and was over 6 feet tall, had a heavily bearded face, hunted and trapped during the day, and was a Justice of the Peace. He won the respect at the Republician Convention with his brilliant oratory, although at first he was ridiculed because of his coon skin cap and deer skin clothes. He was selected delegate-at -large to the national convention which he nominated Abraham Lincoln for the president. He walked most of the way to Chicago to attend it. He held a religious meeting one mile east of the river in a wooded tract, July 1860 and all persons attending were to bring tents and provisions. This is the approximate location of the cemetary. He died in 1865.

Duncombe Methodist Cemetery : Section 5, West of downtown Duncombe at the corner of Boise & Cedar Streets. USGS lists this cemetery incorrectly. Has over 400 graves.

Ober & Scott Cemetery : Section 33, 6 miles S, 1/2 mile E of Duncombe, on hill top. Has been in a neglected state for over 33 years - has 7 tombstone amid the many raspberry bushes, thistles and poison ivy. The earliest dated marker was December 2, 1891, for one month old son of Wm. & Julia Scott. The last dated marker was for Oliver, 10 year old son of D.w & E. Ober, who died April 7, 1921.

Washington Cemetery "Duncombe Lutheran Cemetery" : Section 16, 3 miles S of Duncombe. Located on a corner of intersection of 250th and Vasse Ave, has an evergreen near the gate with one trunk and two tops. Over 204 graves are marked here. (Duncombe's Catholic Cemetery is in Colfax Township) USGS lists this incorrectly.

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