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Lost Grove Township

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Lost Grove Township Cemetery : Section 16, 1 1/4 mile W, 2 miles N of Lanyon, 1/2 mile W, 1/4 mile N. Or 3 mi W of Harcourt then 1 mi. S, 1/2 mi E and 1/2 mi N. Located on hilltop by way of a lane. The large ash tree, near the south gate was planted in 1876 by the Nelsons the same year in which their 20-year-old daughter, Christina was buried. Later Gust Carlson of Lanyon measured out the cemetery from that grave. An Eskimo named Constantine Aparsook died July 17, 1904 while visiting with a missionary, and was buried here also. The 1882 sign for the cemetery was made by Harry Carlson in 1967. A regular cartaker was obtained in 1906.

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