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Hardin Township

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Hardin Township Cemetery, "Richey Cemetery" : Section 22, 1 mile W, 2 miles S, 1/2 mile W of Stratford, behind farm buildings. Found by driving west up a lane, lies behind a farmers home. It has over 305 marked graves, mostly Scandinavians. Some of the earlist persons buried here are: Emily Sackrison who died Jan 1, 1855; Mrs. J. Peterson born 1834 died 1877; and Lisa Lundgren born 1806, died 1878. Also called Johnson Cemetery on the USGS page.

Hardin Cemetery : Section 21, 1 mile S, 4 1/4 miles E, 1 mile S of Dayton, 1 block South in pasture. The two graves were fenced in by the Webster County Historical Society. Buried here - Jane Hardin, the wife of Joseph Hardin who came to the area in 1849 and settled in Section 21. She was the daughter of C. & C. Briant of Hocking County, Ohio, died Dec 17, 1855 age 37 years and is buried along side of her 7-year-old son Conrad.

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