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Douglas Township

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Burns Cemetery : Section 16, 3 1/4 miles W, 1/2 mile N of Fort Dodge, E of road at the corner. Where 8 markers were found among tall weeds by a neighbor several years ago. Several infants were buried there in unmarked graves after an epidemic. There are 6 Burns and 2 Banks tombstones located here.

Douglas Township Cemetery,also known as "Carpenter Cemetery" : Section 24, W edge of Fort Dodge, W of 169. Has 275 graves. James Karr is the first person buried here, had lived on a farm nearby and donated the land for a cemetery. He was buried in 1863 .

Old Lizzard Cemetery "Lumpkin Cemetery" : Section 18, 5 miles W, 3/4 mile W, 1/2 mile N of Fort Dodge. Has 32 known buried in this badly neglected cemetery which is used as a cow pasture, has a few tombstones rolled down in the creek. Among the markers 6 were Davis and 5 were Elson.

St. Olaf Cemetery : West edge of Fort Dodge, W of Highway 169. Has 676 graves and lies east of Douglas Township Cemetery.

Willowledge Cemetery, or "Coffin Cemetery : Section 14, 1 3/4 miles W, 1/2 mile N of Fort Dodge. Is on a hill, fenced in and well kept, amid a cow pasture E of the house. Lorenzo S Coffin of Alton, New Hampshire was born in 1823, came to Fort Dodge in 1854, owned one of the largest Shorthorn cattle herds in the West and was nationally known for promoting railroad safety legislation. He preached from 1859 to 1876 sometimes going 40 miles on horseback and also served in the Civil War. He promoted temperance among railroad men, furnished funds for the disabled and infirmed railroad men near Chicago, Il. There are 5 Coffin, 2 Chase and 1 Pierce graves here.

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