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1901 Webster County Births

These births are from the Fort Dodge Messenger, 03 Jun 1902, and contain all the births from 1901 that were reported in the newspaper during the year. I have transcribed the extraction of these births by the Webster Genealogical Society as published in several issues of their newsletter, with permission. I have made corrections to obvious typographical errors but have left the spelling of most names as extracted.

Father's Name Birthdate Baby Residence Notes Father's Name Birthdate Baby Residence Notes
Adams, William 14-May Irina City Lilly, William 20-Jul Sadie Gowrie Twp
Albert, Andrew 27-Dec Harry Andrews City Lind, Gust 11-Aug Birdie Newark Twp
Anderson, Daniel 19-Jul Donald City Lind, Lincoln 4-Oct Melvin Badger
Anderson, David 31-Oct Ettie Clay Twp Linder, Richard 17-Jul Infant City
Anderson, David 31-Oct Hattie Clay Twp Lindquist, Herman 8-Aug Esther Gowrie Twp
Anderson, John 4-Jun Baby City Loehr, Fred 12-Apr Elsie Fulton Twp
Anderson, Nells 9-Feb Baby Callender Loehre, Frank 11-Sep Harold Clay Twp
Baker, Eli S. 5-Sep Charles Newark Twp Long, Leander 12-Sep Orvey Dayton
Banks, James 8-Oct James Coalville Long, Leander 12-Sep Orville Dayton
Bean, Eli 20-Jan Leonard City Loomer, Charles 7-Nov Charles Otho
Beckel, Peter 29-Mar Harrington Newark Twp Ludke, Henry 21-Apr Martha Otho
Beebe, Charles 15-May Florence City Lundgren, John 17-Mar Elmer Clay Twp
Behrens, Albert 6-Sep Adelbert Deer Creek Lundgren, Lars P. 13-Sep Inez Roland Twp
Behrens, Henry 14-Feb Aloriel Deer Creek Lundvigson, A. 16-Apr Clarence Vincent
Behrens, Henry 15-Aug Gladys City Lunn/Nunn, Albert 9-Feb Noel Coalville
Behrens, William 22-Sep Hazel City Lynch, Michael 26-Jun Joseph Johnson Twp
Benerich, Jack 9-Feb Katie Badger Maher, John 31-Jul T. F. Pleasant Valley
Benjamin, E. S. 25-Jun Edward Vincent Markey, John 20-Jun Lloyd Eagle Grove
Benson, August 28-Jul Frank Coalville Marquardt, Geo. W. 3-Sep George A. City
Benson, Joe 17-Mar Siger City Martin, John 4-Nov Caroline Pleasant Valley
Berhardt, S. E. 9-Oct Erick Harcourt Martin, John 23-Mar Liddie Otho Twp
Bettner, Ben 18-Aug Dennis Douglas Twp Mater, Fred C. 23-Nov Virgil City
Block, Edgar 14-Nov Henry Elkhorn Twp McCann, Frank 19-Dec Catherine City
Bloomquist, C. E. 6-Oct Ernest Clay Twp McCarroll, Joe 20-Nov Irene Fulton Twp
Bloomquist, Frank 2-Dec Caroline Dayton McCarthy, Dennis 30-Dec Charles A. City
Boggs, Frank S. 10-Jul Ella M. City McDermott, Mat 7-Dec Mary Johnson Twp
Bohdin, Emil 13-Sep Delphia Lost Grove Twp McDonald, Michael 17-May Clarence Colfax Twp
Bragg, C. H. 23-Nov U. E. Gowrie Twp McDonald, R. 29-Dec James Washington Twp
Bragg, James A. 27-Jan James A. Roland Twp McDonough, Charles 20-May Earl Roland Twp
Brieland, R. 30-Oct Alfred Harcourt McEwen, William 8-Oct Edna Coalville
Brindseil, Adolph 12-Jul Teresa City McMahon, Thomas 8-Nov Philomena Deer Creek
Brown, Fred 20-Mar Fred Cooper Twp Megena, Charles 16-Sep Rance Clay Twp *Possibly Vince?
Brown, James 7-Jul Josie City Mericle, Allen 2-Sep Allen Pleasant Valley
Bryant, C. F. 21-May Marian City Mericle, John 20-Feb Mode Elkhorn Twp
Bunda, Mike 10-Apr William City Mericle, John 20-Feb Mode Elkhorn Twp
Burke, Charles 21-Nov Francis Dayton Mericle, William 17-Oct W. H. Pleasant Valley
Burke, John 6-May Mary Gladys City Meyer, William 20-Jan Walter Gowrie Twp
Burkland, Hans 5-Nov Herman Vincent Michkleson, Gabriel 9-Jan Viola City
Burleson, C. 6-Jun Leona Yell Twp Miller, Charles 5-Dec Clarence Coalville
Burns, John 1-Jun Bertha Pleasant Valley Miller, John 17-Jul Mary M. City
Buscher, F. 5-Dec Karlie Washington Twp *Name is Carl Herbert-KDJ Mills, Lambert F. 4-Dec Caroline City
Butzier, Jno 31-Jul Ida L. Fulton Twp Mix, Charles 24-Mar Leonard Otho
Byrne, Emil 2? Jan Wm. Jennings City Moard, Andrew 27-Jun Mildren Dayton
Cahill, Dennis 25-Apr Mary E. Pleasant Valley Monoghan, J. 11-Dec E. Johnson Twp
Cahill, Thomas 5-Sep Grace Newark Twp Mooney, Jas. 1-Sep Howard Pleasant Valley
Cain, Michael 2-Jul Joseph Deer Creek Twp Morgan, John 27-Mar Elinor Johnson Twp
Callery, Edward 23-Aug Elizabeth Duncombe Nelson, Albert O. 20-Oct Albertina City
Camnel, Carl 20-Nov Carl Alfred City Nelson, Andrew 15-Nov Ingaborg Newark Twp
Campagne, Oscar 22-Feb Eel City Nelson, Frank 3-Dec Lena Lost Grove Twp
Campbell, I. S. 31-Mar M. E. Cooper Twp Nelson, Gustave 20-Jul Verney Dayton
Carlson, Frank 10-Oct Edith Dayton Twp Nelson, James 21-Sep Hilda Cooper Twp
Carlson, Gus 10-Apr Kenneth Coalville Nelson, John 15-Jan Ethel Lost Grove Twp
Carlson, John R. 16-Aug Vera City Nelson, Knute 20-Aug Nettie Badger
Carlson, William 17-Dec Ray Cooper Twp Nelson, Swan 4-Jan Oscar Dayton
Carlstrom, Victor 19-Mar Agnes Roland Twp Ness, John 13-Apr Blanche Colfax Twp
Carr, Ira J. 24-Oct Leo Fulton Twp Newsom, H. 7-Dec Fern Washington Twp
Carstenson, J. 23-Mar Clarence Gowrie Newsum, Lewis 6-Apr Baby Washington Twp
Chinberg, Axel 5-Aug Ida Newark Twp Novak, Albert 9-Oct James City
Christenson, Chris M. 3-Oct Annie Clay Twp Novak, Albert 9-Oct James City
Clausen, Jacob 16-Jun Hazen Duncombe Novak, Frank 13-Jun Caroline Deer Creek
Condon, James P. 21-Oct Patrick Johnson Twp Novak, Frank 28-May Raymond Deer Creek
Cooper, Clarence ?? Feb Infant City Nugent, P. P. F. 18-Nov Catherine City
Cox, Arthur 5-May Dorothy City Oakland, Swan 23-Apr George Badger Twp
Crawford, Charles J. 17-Dec Helen J. City O'Brien, W. M. 15-Jan Helen Vincent
Dahl, Charles 18-Feb Samuel Lost Grove Twp O'Hara, Frank 21-Apr Harold City
Dahl, Gustaf 8-Jan Anna Dayton Twp O'Hara, W. P. 24-Jul Kathleen City
Daniels, D. 27-May David Washington Twp Olds, Charles E. 15-Jun Robert City
Darnell, Daniel 31-Mar Baby Flugstad Oleson, Charles 9-Apr Oscar Elkhorn Twp
Davidson, Leonard 6-Dec Esther Roland Twp Oleson, Charlie 9-Apr Oscar Elkhorn Twp
Davis, Christ 27-Oct Ellen City Oleson, Gustaf 2-Jun Elmer City
Dawley, George ?? Aug Gladdes City Oleson, John 24-Sep Alby City
Dayton, Frank 11-Dec Baby Webster Twp. Oleson, Nels 22-Dec Jennie Duncombe
Dickerson, Tilden 24-Jan Hazel Elkhorn Twp Orness, Elling 17-Jul Albert Fulton Twp
Dickerson, Tilden 24-Jan Hazel Elkhorn Twp Osterson, Alfred 28-Feb Pearl Clay Twp
Dixon, Samuel 26-May Marian Coalville Osterson, John A. 5-Nov Ray W. City
Dobson, William James 20-Jan Harry Otto City Owen, D. O. 7-Aug D. O. City
Doll, Fred 26-Aug Rolf Cooper Twp Palmberg, Carl 2-Sep Ida Lost Grove Twp
Dopp, Charles 12-Dec Charles W. City Parkeny/Parkering, F. 18-Feb Tessie Deer Creek Twp
Duffield, Harry 7-Nov Ruth Clay Twp Peters, Henry 1-Oct Ethel City
Ecklund, Charles 26-Mar Rosa Dayton Twp Peters, Henry J. 28-Aug Eleanor City
Edwards, Albert 26-Aug Flora Callender Peterson, Albert 11-Jul Elna Roland Twp
Ekquist, Elmer 24-Feb Florence E. Clay Twp Peterson, Carl 28-Mar Clara Newark Twp
Eldridge, Barney E. 7-Mar Alva City Peterson, Halvor 8-Sep Pearl Newark Twp
Eperson, George 26-Oct Selmah Roland Twp Peterson, Hans 7-Nov Dagmar Roland Twp
Errith, Frank 10-Jun Glen Roland Twp Peterson, K. K. 29-Nov Pearl Badger
Eslick, Walter 10-Jan Cliras Edwin Webster Twp. Peterson, Otto 6-Aug Percy Roland Twp
Ferguson, W. 14-Apr George Washington Twp Peterson, Rasmus 2-Nov Walter Badger
Fialla, Frank 13-Feb Devery Elkhorn Twp Pierce, Ellis 13-Jul Alma Washington Twp
Fialla, J. H. 27-Dec Theodore Roland Twp Porter, Clarence 16-May E. L. Newark
Fishel, G. 30-Mar Lee Clay Twp Quad, William 00 Aug John Johnson Twp
Fisher, William 17-May Clarence City Randall, George 6-Jan Lottie M. City
Fisher, William 30-Jan Gertrude Duncombe Rasmussen, S. 16-Apr Rosa Badger
Flynn, John 11-Oct Anna Duncombe Ray, William 3-Oct Ilean Coalville
Foloag, Peter 16-Mar Lloyd Badger Reckard, Charles 1-Jan Gladys
Fortney, David 29-Dec Pearl Otho Redman, John 30-Jan Derie Elkhorn Twp
Fortney, Wellington 1-Jul Walter Otho Redmond, John 30-Jan Dennie Elkhorn Twp
Frances, Samuel 31-May Mae Ellen Hall City Rial, C. C. 14-Aug Thomas Johnson Twp
Freed, Carl 14-Oct Eveline Lost Grove Twp Rial, John 8-Jan Agnes Johnson Twp
Freund, Henry 3-Dec Lona Otho Rial, T. F. 7-Jul Edward Johnson Twp
Fuller, Frank 9-Dec Henry Elkhorn Twp Richardson, Emery 24-Jun Emil W. Lehigh
Gahan, M. 4-Sep Mary Deer Creek Twp Ring, John 14-Oct Gilfield Badger Twp
Garvey, Timothy 22-Aug Mary Roland Twp Robbins, Al 28-Jun Ida Vincent
Gerdes, Harem 23-Jun Hinrokee A. City Rogers, Frederick 8-Jan Gladis V. City
Gifford, Eric 29-Sep Zola Roland Twp Roovison, Robert 5-Nov Glen Johnson Twp
Goodrich, William H. 14-Dec Baby Webster Twp. Roper, Lee 26-May Anna L. City
Grabenhorst, W. H. 3-Mar Evelyn Rossa, Grant 28-Jan John Washington Twp
Grail, William 12-Oct Helen Pleasant Valley Ruby, William 26-Jul Lester Washington Twp
Granquist, John 17-Mar John Dayton Rugg, T. B. 14-Feb Kathleen V. City
Greene, Milton K. 12-Oct Margaret Ruth City Ruthoosky, S. 22-Sep Martha Badger Twp
Greenside, Horace 21-Dec Robert Elkhorn Twp Sampson, Sam 8-Oct Clifford City
Griffith, Milton 1-Nov Milton Roland Twp Sandholm, Charles 12-May Alva Dayton
Gruver, George 29-Oct George Elkhorn Twp Sandquist, Carl 5-Apr Carl Lost Grove Twp
Gurnstad, Theo. 27-Jun Grace Callender Saul, John 21-Apr Richard City
Gustafson, A. 19-Aug Elsie Lost Grove Twp Scharf, Henry 2-Jan Marian Colfax Twp
Gustafson, John 26-Jul Jennie Schener, Herman 21-Nov Ruth Elkhorn Twp
Gustafson, S. M. 17-Mar Carrie Cooper Twp Schiedeman, L. 30-Sep Lula Deer Creek Twp
Guth, George 16-Dec Roy City Schip, D. 12-Jun Bertha Newark Twp
Haggen, I. C. 25-Nov Mary Halverson Badger Schliske, Edward 2-Jul Adolf Colfax Twp
Hall, Frank 10-Aug Toney Fulton Twp Schmoker, Jacob 17-May Leslie Colfax Twp
Hanson, Charles P. 15-Dec Emma Roland Twp Schoonmaker, H. 1-Jun Mary Newark Twp
Hanson, John 18-May Oliver Roland Twp Schures, Edward 13-Feb Edward Elkhorn Twp
Harrington, Dan 12-Mar Francis Elkhorn Twp Schuster, Joe 11-Sep Lawrence Deer Creek Twp
Harrington, Dennis 12-Oct Florence Elkhorn Twp Scott, Robert 17-Dec Floyd Pleasant Valley
Harris, G. W. 2-Oct Loretta Elkhorn Twp Sellstrom, G. A. 7-Aug Verna Clay Twp
Harris, Levi 4-Nov Velsie Colfax Twp Shaw, Theo. 21-Sep Helen Harcourt
Hart, Willis 18-Jul Ruth Otho Sheker, John 27-Aug Viola Elkhorn Twp
Hartman, E. 23-Nov Lottie Webster Twp. Shouka, Joe 31-Jul Albert Roland Twp
Hartnett, Patrick T. 16-Jun Agnes City Shryock, Fred 12-Dec Fred City
Hayek, Joseph 12-Dec Annie Elkhorn Twp Sigafous, Fred 30-Jul Eva City
Hayek, Vincent 10-Jan Charles Elkhorn Twp Simenson, Albin 30-Aug Joe City
Hayek, William 2-Dec William Elkhorn Twp Simeox, Albert 16-Sep Ilo E. City
Headly, P. H. 27-May Hawnard Jewell Junction *Possibly Maynard? Sindlinger, Fred 19-May Luella City
Healy, Robert 8-Aug Ina City Skoglund,, John 27-Jul Martha Dayton
Healy, Thomas D. 16-Jul Hiatt H. City Slama, Frank 28-Dec Blanch City
Hecht, Fred 10-Jan Jirald City Smith, Emory E. 5-Dec Emory E. City
Hedgecock, I. C. 24-Mar Len Otho Smith, Vern C. 10-Nov Mary Effel City
Hedien, Albert Henrietta Otho Snider, William 4-Jun Rosamond Dayton
Heileman, Earnest C. 7-May Fred E. City Solso, Chris 15-Dec John Washington Twp
Henry, Lister J. 12-Oct Francis City Sperry, Messena L. 3-Oct Ethel A. City
Herman, Knut 9-Feb Anderson Newark Spindler, Philip 26-Jul Alton City
Holmberg, August 10-Dec Wendell City Stack, James J. 16-Dec Harry City
Homan, Henry J. 22-Aug Anna L. City Stahl, Frank 19-Aug Mary Washington Twp
Houge, Carl 20-Apr Kenneth Badger Stambert, John 1-Sep Charles Clay Twp
Hoyer, Henry 21-Oct Lawrence Deer Creek Twp Stanek, Peter 9-Feb Rosie Elkhorn Twp
Hoyer, Lewis W. 4-Apr Walter H. City Steffings, John 2-Apr Cillah Clay Twp
Hueneis, Henry 13-Jan John City Stenshoel, O. 31-Aug Hollis Callender
Hurley, Burges 20-Nov Hazel City Stinger, Elmer 12-Mar Baby Cedar Twp
Hutzell, E. S. 28-Jul Roy Gowrie Twp Stinger, Will 27-Mar Harry Roland Twp
Inness, Frank 16-Dec Emerson Otho Strasburg, Simon 25-Sep Resalaer Cooper Twp
Intermill, Rudolph 23-Aug Frank Clay Twp Stringer, George 2-May Selma Otho
Jacobson, Ed 29-Apr Elna L. Clay Twp Studdle, V. M. 19-Apr Tressa Badger
Jacobson, Jacob 15-Aug Ethel Washington Twp Suer, John 15-Dec Clarence Coalville
Jameson, Henry 31-Oct Gladys Washington Twp Suer, W. H. 14-Aug Ida Coalville
Jensen, Nels 30-Aug Howard Washington Twp Swanson, A. 5-Apr Emil Roland Twp
Johnson, Edmund 19-Jun Earl Dayton Swanson, Thomas 10-Sep Theo. Vincent
Johnson, F. 25-Jul Arnor Lost Grove Twp *possibly Arnold Swearinger, D. 20-Feb Baby Washington Twp
Johnson, J. 9-Jan Viola Elkhorn Twp Theesfield, Siimon 20-Aug Henrietta Manson *Manson is in Calhoun Co.
Johnson, John 28-Nov Eith Lost Grove Twp Thelin, Emil 7-Sep Ray Clay Twp
Johnson, Robert 30-Nov Robert City Thompson, John 25-Jan Robert Duncombe
Johnson, Victor 2-Jul Rosa Roland Twp Thompson, Nels 7-Jun Carl G. Newark Twp
Johnson, William 22-Dec Mary Otho Thompson, Peter 15-Feb Pauline Badger
Jondle, Frank 26-Dec Helen Elkhorn Twp Tierney, Jno. 13-Mar Raymond City
Jondle, Wenice 22-Jul Ferdinand Elkhorn Twp Tornell, Oscar 1-Feb Bertha City
Jones, U. S. 28-Sep Howard Washington Twp Tourtellotte, M. 3-Apr Randall City
Julius, John 9-Feb Bessie City Townsend, Sam 24-Jun Wayne Washington Twp
Kauffman, G. A. 13-Mar Ethis Roland Twp Treband, Charles 4-Oct Theodore City
Keating, Thomas 17-Sep Mary Deer Creek Twp Urban, Frank 21-Jul Julia City
Keister, William 9-Sep Grace Dayton Van Sickle, Peter 24-Aug Gladys City
Kelly, Frank 14-Jul Myrtle Roland Twp Victors, Charles 26-Sep Mary Clay Twp
Kempley, James L. 4-Dec Thomas H. City Vote, Guy 1-Mar Florence Clay Twp
Kinney, George 1-Jul Ida Harcourt Waggon, Frank 18-Jun Stella City
Klienke, Herman A. 24-Jan Baby City Wagner, N. J. 5-Feb John Duncombe
Klipple, Fred 20-Sep Rogene Gowrie Twp Walters, Charles 27-Apr Mildred Dayton
Kluett, William 12-Jan John Deer Creek Twp Warland, Nels 18-Apr A. Newark Twp
Koester, Hans 27-May Chris Colfax Twp Weiss, Lewis 8-Jun Dollis Badger Twp
Kolbosky, Andrew 22-Dec Herman Cooper Twp Weiss, Otto H. 18-Jul Lorna City
Lang, Joh E. 12-Mar Infant City Welch, Michael 4-Dec Joseph Johnson Twp
Larson, Lars 23-Apr Oliver Fulton Twp West, William 8-Jun Lorena City
Larson, Laurice 27-Dec Peter Badger Wilder, James 18-Jul Maggie City
Larson, Ole N. 23-Aug Joseph Roland Twp Wiles, C. H. 1-Oct Davis Gowrie
Larson, Warner 5-Sep Donald B. Clay Twp Will, August 26-May Clarence Badger Twp
Laugeland, Andrew 28-Jan Martha Newark Twp Wing, Eric 9-Nov Ellen Roland Twp
Lehay, Olaf 12-Sep Olaf Dayton Wood, Alfred 27-Dec Jesse City
Lennox, Thomas 2-May Robert Roland Twp Wood, John 15-Jan Lucille Lost Grove Twp
Lennox, William 15-Sep Ruth Roland Twp Woodard, W. A. 30-Nov Max O. Gowrie
Lewis, B. W. 17-Jul Ethel Newark Twp Woodworth, F. 17-May Jake Elkhorn Twp
Lewis, N. A. 4-Dec Ruth Kalo Yetmeir, J. 1-May Joseph Elkhorn Twp
Lillegard, Osburn 23-Oct Bertha C. Webster Twp. Yetmire, Joseph 1-May Joseph Elkhorn Twp
          Zabel, Fred 17-Jan Williams Lehigh

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