Source: Wayne County entries, R. L. Polk & Co.'s Iowa

State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1912-1913, Vol. XVI

Transcribed by a generous volunteer

ALLERTON. Population, 862. An incorporated town, located on the C., R. I. & P. Ry, in Warren township, Wayne county, 614 miles south of Corydon, the County seat, and 366 from Chicago. It dates its settlement from 1870, has a fire department, 5 churches, a $25,000 school house, a public library, an opera house, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the News. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S.; J. C. Meredith, postmaster.

Allerton Auto Co (Henry and Ray Whitely).
Allerton Implement Co (D A Page, W T Grimes, J T Kaster).
Allerton News, J Q Bloom publr. 
Allerton State Bank (capital $40,000), J F Wilson pres, O B Cobb cashier.
Allerton Telephone Co, Isaac Porter and J H Jacques directors.
Ayres Roderick W, drugs.
Bettis H L, real estate.
Bijou Opera House, A A Peck mngr.
Bloom Joseph A, lawyer.
Bracewell B, cattle breeder.
Bull A R, live stock.
Bullis Wm L physician.
Carmichael Everett E, general store.
Chase Miner, furniture and undertaker. 
Clark B C, meats.
Combs George K, real estate.
Creese John S, drayman.
Davis Wm H, coal. 
Dougherty & Merritt (W L Dougherty, D L Merritt), groceries and chinaware.
Duden Wm H, physician.
Duncan & Boyer (A Grant Duncan, Addie N Boyer), meats.
Everett B S, physician. 
Farmers National Bank (capital $30,000) J M Shelton pres, D T Sollenburger cashier.
Ferral John S, hardware. 
Fuller Lumber Co, Harry Coulter mngr.
Galford James A, dry goods. <br>
Garrett John A, live stock.
Goughnour Bros (Wm M and Edwin, H), marble works.
Grimes W T, cattle breeder.
Habenicht H A, physician.
Hartweg Bros, cattle breeders.
Hillyard & Vest (Arthur E Hillyard, Edgar W Vest), livery.
Jaques J H & Son (J H and O B), real estate.
Layton J R, contractor.
McNabb J T, propr Merchants Hotel.
Mace Albert A, agrl implts.
Merchant's Hotel, J T McNabb propr.
Meredith John C, postmaster. 
Moore Ralph E, real estate
Morgan Herbert C, feed mill. 
Nelson & Son, carpenters.
Parker Bert S, hardware. 
Parsons James E, hardware.
Phillips Claude E, general store. 
Read Wm, dentist. 
Reck & Keller (D C Reck, E E Keller), grocers.
Richie James O, real estate. 
Richie John K, carpenter.
Ross Ralph R, jeweler.
Russell Walter C, restaurant. 
Scholty H B, live stock.
Shelton J M, live stock. 
Sherman House, P B Turkle propr.
Shirley David D, lawyer. 
Shriver Thomas B, grocer.
Smith Harry E, restaurant. 
Smith Oliver C, carpenter.
Smith Samuel V, mason. 
Southard Jasper M, baker and restr.
Stromsten Sophia, photographer.
Swegle Cloe, milliner.
Trowbridge E L, produce and creamery. 
Turkle Perry B, propr Sherman House.
Wigert A L, brick mnfr.
Wilson John H, r r, express and tel agt. 
Wilson Joseph T, loans.

BETHLEHEM. In Union township, Wayne county, 11 miles n. e. of Corydon, the judicial seat. Has rural delivery from Russell.

BIG SPRINGS. In Jefferson township, Wayne county, 17 miles s. w. of Corydon, the judicial seat, and 8 from Lineville, its banking and shipping point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

CAMBRIA. Population. 160. On the Burlington Route, in Washington township, Wayne county, 10 miles n. w. of Corydon, the county seat. Has Baptist, Christian and Methodist churches and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. Telephone connection. John H. Moore, post master.

Adams Express Co, Ben Grimm agent.
Benda J, propr Cambria Hotel.
Cambria Hotel, J Benda propr.
Cambria Savings Bank (capital $15,000), J H Park pres, W S McManis cashier.
Dicks J N, physician.
Garton G D, meats.
Grimm Ben, r r, exp and tel agt.
Hutchinson Bros, general store.
McKilveen & Eikenberry, lumber and coal.
Miller W W, general store.
MOORE JOHN H, General Store and Postmaster.
Rinard S H, harness.
Western Union Telegraph Co, Ben Grimm agent.

CLINTON CENTER. Wayne county, 15 miles s. of Corydon, the judicial seat. Has rural delivery from Allerton.

CLIO. Population, 178. An incorporated town on the C., R. I. & P. Ry., in Grand River and Jefferson townships, Wayne county, 15 miles s. w. of Corydon, the judicial seat, and 72 from Des Moines. It has Baptist, Christian, Methodist Episcopal and United Brethren churches, a graded public school, and a bank. Exp., U. S. Tel, W. U. Telephone connection. Henry C. Paddock, postmaster.

Bettis D E, insurance.
Bruner W A, drugs and mayor.
Cass E E, cabinetmkr and blacksmith.
Clio State Savings Bank, Hugh M Speer pres, Carl R Shriver cashr.
Cook George, restr and grocer.
Cousins W L, r r, exp and tel agt.
Elson Bros, live stock.
Gardner Charles, carpenter.
Hemenway F A, physician.
Johnson J D, lumber.
Jones George, cement block mnfr.
Jones Roy, vet surgeon.
Kesterson J E painter and paperhgr.
Lathrop C P & Son, general store.
Lewis Bros, live stock and grain.
Meyer W F, furn and undertaker.
Mitchell A M, restaurant.
Moore J C, physician.
Owen W O, live stock.
PADDOCK HENRY C, Stationery, Toys, Crockery and Postmaster.
Rucker J F, carp and painter.
Scott & Co, general store.
Selby M C, hardware.
Sharr M F, corn mill.
Shriver C H, hotel and livery.
Shriver C S, conveyancer and notary.
Smith Frank, carpenter.
Souder G W, jeweler.
Souder & Galiger, harnessmakers.
U S Express Co, W K Cousins agt.
Western Union Telegraph Co, W K Cousins agt.
Wright M V B, general store

CONFIDENCE. A discontinued postoffice in Wright township, Wayne county, 16 miles n. e. of Corydon, the county seat. Has rural delivery from Melrose.

CORYDON. Population, 1,669. The judicial seat of Wayne county, is an incorporated town located on the C. R. I. & P. Ry, and Burlington Route, 110 miles w. of Burlington and 85 s. e. of Des Moines. The town owns and operates its own electric light plant, has excellent educational advantages, 3 banks and 2 newspapers, the Times-Republican and the Wayne County Democrat. Stage daily to Allerton. Tel., W. U. Exp.. Adams. C. F. Le Compte, postmaster.

Alexander W L Mercantile Co, Wm L Alexander propr, hardware.
Auditorium The, M C Lugar mngr.
Boswell Charles, plasterer.
Bower John J C, books and musical instruments.
Bracewell H B, county attorney.
Brock Drug Co (Victor S and Wm B Brock).
Brock Wm B, physician.
Brown Seth, carpenter.
Burk Charles A, photogr.
Burton Albert P, carpenter.
Carter & Bracewell (Horace H Carter, Hollie B Bracewell), lawyers.
Carter & Hunter (F D Carter, A O Hunter), dry goods, clothing and shoes.
Clark C L, sec Commercial Club.
Clark Fred L, tailor.
Clark Henry W, livery.
Clark Joshua, tinner.
Clark W G & Son (Walter G and Clarence L), grocers and queensware.
Commercial Club, C L Clark sec and treas.
Corydon Creamery Co, E F Davis mngr.
Corydon Lumber Co (D D Sturgeon, R A Youngblood, A J Hayes).
Corydon Public Library, Lottie Sallman librarian.
Daniel Ora L, osteopath.
Davis Isaac G, poultry breeder.
Day J W, recorder.
Dennis W E, jeweler.
Dorsey & Co (A M, W M and John Dorsey), restaurant.
Dotts Albert G, county auditor.
Draper A J, real estate.
Evans H K, district judge.
Farmers and Merchants' State Bank (capital $60,000), R C Poston pres, R R Craig cashier.
Farris Wm J, lumber.
First National Bank (capital $75,000), C W Steele pres, F B Fry cashier.
Freeland John W, lawyer.
Gardner H B, real estate.
Graham Latimer & Miller, Paul S Miller mngr, variety store.
Greening August D, restaurant and cigar mnfr.
Hand Lyman, livery.
Hart Samuel S, real estate.
Hawkeye Telephone Co, George W Patterson mngr.
Henderson Thos L, grocer.
Hook Hiram, painter.
Hotel Rea, Mrs Allie Elam propr.
Howell & Baltimore (W F Howell, B F Baltimore), law and abstracts.
Jared Benjamin T, implements.
JORGENSON LOUIS, Propr Lacey Hotel.
Kelso R F, vet surgeon.
Kerr Auto Co, J L Kerr propr.
Kerr & Gallagher (J L Kerr, A T Gallagher), marble works.
LACEY HOTEL, Louis Jorgenson Propr.
LACEY WM & CO (Wm Lacey, Frank Havner), Dealers in Grain. Seeds, Feed and Fuel.
Le Compte C F postmaster.
Le Compte C F & Son (CF and K M Le Compte), publishers Times-Republican.
Lee Bros (Leslie and Devern), restr.
Lellenberg Chas F, real estate.
Lewis Harl H, real estate.
Littell O O & Co (Otto O and Wm M Littell), livery.
Littell Wm, real estate.
Livingston Warren L, lawyer.
Lugar McClellan C, livery.
McClanahan Wm P, dentist.
McCoy Joseph N, physician.
McCullough-Richard Motor Co (D A Mc Cullough, L H Richard), automobiles.
Mardis Alexander, brick mnfr.
Miles Bros (Lewis W E and C B), dry goods.
Miles B T & Co (Benjamin T Miles, Daniel E Jaquis), grocers.
Miles & Steele (Lewis Miles, Charles W Steele), lawyers.
Murrow Cary L, notary.
Nickles & Son (James W and James W jr), produce.
O'Hannagan James and Walter, restaurant.
Palace Hotel, Wm E Wilson propr.
Patterson John F, meats.
Payne George H, osteopath.
Payne Mabel Willis, osteopath.
Poston & Murrow (Rufus C Poston, D L Murrow), lawyers.
Prugh Grocery Co (Wm G and Von Prugh).
Rea Everett A, hardware, harness and implts.
Reynolds Thomas C, baker.
Rice John A, jeweler and optician.
Riley Wm G, hardware and harness.
Ripper Adam, paints.
Rudd Wm, carpenter.
Saling George H, meats.
Sallman Mrs Flora, milliner.
Sallman Karl E, lawyer.
Sallman Lottie, librarian Corydon Public Library.
Scales Elias H, sec Farmers (Wayne Co) Mutual Fire Ins Co.
Shipley Drug Co, E P Shipley mngr.
Shriver Elias, real estate.
Silvernail Philip D, dentist.
Snider W H, railroad and express agt.
Sollenbarger George H, physician.
Stark & Ellingsworth (J N Stark, FH Ellingsworth), real estate.
Stirling John J, publr Wayne County Democrat.
Stromsten John M, photographer.
Sutton O B, abstracts and loans.
Talbert John A, planing mill.
Talley & Hinshaw Auto Co (Thomas P Talley, Claude A Hinshaw).
Tedrow & Richard (W H Tedrow, W S Richard), lawyers and real estate.
Tewksberry Lydia, milliner.
Times-Republican (Weekly), C F LeCompte & Sons Publishers.
Turpen & Gaylord (G M Turpen, W R Gaylord), hardware.
Walker & Walker (B S and W G), phys.
Warder Lloyd E, dentist.
Wayne County Democrat, J J Stirling publr.
Wayne County Farmers' Mutual Insurance Co., E H Scales sec.
Wayne County State Bank (capital $75,000), J W Freeland pres, J K Green cashier.
WEST FRED M, Grain and Seed Merchant.
West W E, phys
West's Eye Infirmary, W E West propr.
Wilson Wm E, propr Palace Hotel.
Wolf Furniture Co (Jacob A and R L Wolf), undertakers.

GENOA. A discontinued postoffice in Monroe township, Wayne county, 21 miles s. e. of Corydon, the county seat, and 6 from Seymour, the nearest railroad station and banking point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

HARVARD. Population, 150. Formerly called Grainville, is on the C., R. I. & P. Ry., in Jackson township, Wayne county, 7 miles s. e. of Corydon, the county seat and 3 1/2 from Sewal, the nearest banking point. Tel., W. U. Exp. U. S. Maggie McKee, postmaster.

Bollman A M, painter and paperhngr.
Campbell Daniel C, hotel and carp.
Hinkle Dr George W, drugs.
MCKEE MAGGIE, Postmaster.
McKee W R, general store.
Miner W H, coal miner.
Richardson W O, justice and carp.
Ripper Peter & Son, hdware and lmbr.
Ripper P W, live stock and grain.
Roderick T E, genl store.
Rowe E P, live stock.
Stewart J F, r r, exp and tel agt.
Stine Albert, grocer.
U S Express Co, J F Stewart agt.
Western Union Telegraph Co, J F Stewart agt.

HUMESTON. Population, 1,006. An incorporated town located on the Burlington Route, in Wayne county, 14 miles n. w. of Corydon, the county seat, and 73 s. of Des Moines. Has Baptist, Christian, Episcopal, Congregational and Methodist churches, excellent schools, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the New Era. Ships grain, live stock, butter and produce. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. Alfred D. McCulloch, postmaster.

Arnold Robert R, physician.
Barker Albert, moving pictures.
Berry James L, lawyer.
Bloemsma A P, painter.
Bolor Mrs Harry C, photographer.
Bott R L, real estate.
Boyce & Yates (John C Boyce, James L Yates), hardware and implts.
Clark George L, real estate.
Connor John H, carpenter.
Culmsee Carl F, dentist.
Dennis & Poland (George H Dennis, Melville R Poland), grain and coal.
Doze J E, real estate.
Doze Motor Co (J E, Lynne K, Dean and Lizzie Doze), autos.
Evans & Son (Joseph V and Theodore), grocers.
Farr F E & Co (Floyd E Farr, N F Reed), drugs and jewelers.
Fisher Charles & Son, livery.
Gardner George O, general store.
Hart Charles L, clothing.
Hasbrouck Jacob J, auctioneer.
Hawkeye Lumber Co, Perry O Sterett mngr.
Heskett Ida M, milliner.
HOME STATE BANK (Capital $60,000, Surplus $10,000), George McCulloch Pres, J Herbert Park Vice-Pres, Bert McCulloch Cashier, Lynne Doze Asst Cashier.
Hotel Reid, J H Moore propr.
Humeston Alva & Sons (Alva, Clarence and Charles), grain and coal.
Humeston State Bank (capital $40,000), Benjamin King pres, Seaman W Lewis cashr.
Humeston Telephone Exchange, George O Gardner propr.
Humeston & Thompson (Alva and C S Humeston, T S Thompson), live stock.
Humphrey James L jr, H D Hines mngr, whol butter and eggs.
Hutchinson & Son (Robert C and Clyde C), furniture and undertaking.
Hyde T G Hardware Co (Thomas G Hyde Joseph P Gibson and Fred M Kyner), hardware and implts.
Kyner C E Auto Co, Claude E Kyner propr.
Kyner Roy, vet surgeon.
Lane John A, general store.
McCulloch Alfred D, postmaster.
McCulloch & Smith (George McCulloch, Harry T Smith), physicians.
McCulloch Ellsworth, hog breeder.
McKibben Frank T, real estate.
McKinley Mrs George, poultry breeder.
Middlebrook Henry, general store.
Moore H H & Co (Harry H and Clarence Moore, Wm Lewis), general store.
Moore J H, propr Reid Hotel.
Moser Bros (George and Matthew), meats.
New Era The (weekly), Sanford & McGuire publrs.
Northrup Daniel, drayage.
Old Colony Creamery, H D Hines mngr.
Poston & Goodrich (R C Poston, D P Goodrich), lawyers.
Ridenour Charles C, restaurant.
Rutledge Pearl, restaurant.
Sanford & McGuire (Heck Sanford, Adolph D McGuire), publrs New Era.
Sheets W P & Co (Wm P Sheets, Belle and Jack Logan), restaurant.
Shriver Ira, real estate.
Smith Lee, harness.
Southerland Warren A, r r, exp and tel agt.
Taylor Allen E, variety store.
Taylor James L, jeweler.
Ulm W F, drayage.
Young C W, photographer.
Young Paul, photographer.

LEWISBURG. A discontinued postoffice in Wayne county, 2 miles w. of Corydon, the county seat, whence it has rural delivery.

LINEVILLE. Population, 600. An incorporated town on the C., R. I. & P.  Ry., in Grand River township, Wayne county, 22 miles southwest of Corydon, the judicial seat, and 110 south of Des Moines. It has a weekly newspaper, the Tribune, 2 banks, etc. Mineral springs possessing curative properties are located in the vicinity. Exp., U. S. Tel., W. U.; C. H. Austin, postmaster. 

Abents John P, photographer.
Achison D, general store.
AUSTIN & AUSTIN (Charles H and Carl G), Publrs Tribune.
Avery W L, grocer.
Baldridge C L, grocer.
Belvel & Duden, general store.
Blanchard L E, grocer.
Calbreath C B, physician.
Craney J S, drugs.
Davis J S, real estate and barber.
De Haan M, cheese mnfr.
Dehm J T, meats.
Duncan H B, genl store.
Duncan & Belvel, hardware.
Elson C W, lawyer.
Engle H S, dentist.
Evans & Hooker (Dudley Evans, Jerry Hooker), carpenters.
Farmers and Merchants' Bank, E R Belvel pres, W O Mullinix cashr.
First National Bank (capital $25,000), Geo Rockhold pres, R E Molleston, cashier.
Fuller & Co, marble.
Greenlee I A, paperhanger and plastr.
Greenlee O O, furniture.
Greenlee & Logan, cement.
Gunn Mrs, propr Iowa Hotel.
Hammond John, grocer.
Harver & Co, notions.
Iowa Hotel, Mrs Gunn propr.
King T F, drugs.
Laughlin J C, coal.
Laughlin J E, hardware.
Lineville Mineral Springs Co, hotel.
Lovett I M, physician.
McDougal & Swann, implts and blacksmiths.
McNamara J B, vet surgeon.
May T J, genl store.
Miller Samuel, meats.
Petty S T, harnessmaker.
Rand H L, lumber.
Ross F F, jeweler.
Shira R, produce.
Shriner Mrs M J & Co, millinery.
Smith B I, cement block mnfr.
Summers S H, drugs.
TRIBUNE THE, Austin & Austin Publishers.
Varney H C, grocer and imptls.
Varney J M, general store.
Wallace George H, live stock.
Wasson Tella, milliner.
Wright & Varney (Elijah G Wright, J M Varney), flour mill

OVID. A discontinued postoffice in Wayne county. Send mail to Cambria.

PROMISE CITY. Population. 274. An incorporated town on the Burlington Route, in South Fork township, Wayne county, 10 miles e. of Corydon, the county seat. Has Christian and Methodist Episcopal churches, a graded public school and two banks. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. W. E. Hanna, postmaster.

Adams Express Co, A Conway agt.
Alexander J S & Son, genl store and grain.
Barrickman & Whitmore, meats.
Chapman H T, furniture.
Citizens' State Bank (cap $25,000), R M George pres, M E Stout cashr.
Conway Arthur, r r, exp and tel agt.
Cook & Anderson, carpenters.
De Mar F A, mayor.
Farmers' State Bank (cap $67,000), C R Noble pres, H P Chrisman cashr.
Fox & Wolfinger, hotel.
Green O G, restaurant.
HANNA W E, Postmaster.
Ingersoll R Z, physician.
Inskeep G W, livery.
Noble C R & Son, lumber.
Robertson Bros, general store.
Robertson Bros & Kinser, grain.
Russeau Wm, saw and feed mill.
Sager C A & Co, drugs and jewelers.
Stonebraker N C, hardware.
Western Union Telegraph Co, A Conway agt.

SAXON. A discontinued postoffice in Clay township, Wayne county, 7 miles w. of Corydon, the judicial seat, nearest shipping and banking point. Has rural delivery from Corydon.

SEWAL. Population. 300. On the C., M. & St. P. Ry, in Jackson township, Wayne county, 11 miles s. e. of Corydon, the seat of justice, and 65 from Des Moines. Has Christian, Latter Day Saints and United Brethren churches and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., W., F. & Co. John W. Livesay, postmaster.

Adams W S, livery.
Bank of Sewal, Henry A Whiteley pres, A J Davis cashier.
Banta Ira & Co, genl store.
Guy J W, r r, exp and tel agt.
Liggett Milton, undertaker.
LIVESAY JOHN W, Postmaster.
Loughman Fred, genl store.
McCannell Ola, milliner.
McNeiley J D, physician.
Quick G W, hotel and restr.
Stewart E G. furn and hdware.
Waughof C L, poultry.
Whiteley Bros, lumber and hdware.
Wolte W E, live stock.
Wymer A E, contr and bldr.

SEYMOUR. Population, 2.290. First settled in 1871, is a stirring incorporated town on the C., M. & St. P. and C., R., I. & P. Rys (depots 100 rods apart), in Walnut township, Wayne County, 16 miles s. e. of Corydon, the judicial seat, 49 from Ottumwa, 124 from Burlington. and 169 from Davenport. It has Baptist, Christian, Methodist, United Brethren and Presbyterian churches, two school buildings costing $25,500, electric light plant, water works, public library, 2 banks, 2 weekly newspapers, an opera house, etc. There are 2 large coal mines here, employing over 300 men. Ships live stock, grain and coal. Telephone connection. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S. and W. F. & Co. H. E. Morrison, postmaster. 

ADAMS JOHN J, Publr Seymour Leader.
Allison Wm R, hardware.
Anderson Produce Co, RJ Lane mngr.
Ballew T W Lumber Co, C L Shanafelt mngr.
Bank of Seymour (capital $40,000), M H Wilson pres, J W Lowery cashier.
Barker Frank, plumber.
Barrickman Claude P, meats.
Bartlett John B, farm implements.
Bateman Bros (Wm O and Joseph T), drugs.
Bennett Daniel R, restaurant.
Blakely Charles E, veterinarian.
Bonner Samuel W, drugs and jeweler.
Bragg Sherman, baker.
Brattain Bros (Harlan E and Zuma), livery.
Brenneman & Darrah (Rudolph G Brenneman, David N Darrah), restaurant.
Bronson Almon E, dentist.
Brown & Norris (Ira T Brown, Charles G Norris), general store.
Brown Wm H, carpenter.
Bryant & Shepherd (David E Bryant, Henry H Shepherd), grain.
Burchett Edwin, physician.
Cain Marion J, grocer.
Cain & Cain (Lettie and Hazel) milliners.
Cambruzzi Jack, general store.
Cates Hiram, grocer.
Coehren Charles F, r r exp and tel agt.
Coleman Ernest A, real estate.
Conger C A, notary public.
Cover O Alvin, physician.
Cramer Andrew E, shoes.
Daniels James M, grocer.
Davis Arthur E, physician.
Dignan Frank R, restaurant.
Drew Wm A, photographer.
Dyball Robert, mason.
Eckels Hugh S, lumber.
Emerick James H, propr Windsor Hotel.
Farmers' Mutual Telephone Co, Byron, L Hoschar sec, John Stoner mngr.
First National Bank (capital $50,000), D C Bradley pres, J D Johnston cashr.
Gump A E & Sons (A E,  C E and H C), pianos.
Gump Grant, well borer.
Gump Martin, drayage.
Gunn Lottie, milliner.
Gunter Marion, plasterer.
Harper Noah, live stock.
Hoschar Byron L publr Seymour Democrat.
Hotel Wayne, G W Wisehart propr.
JACKLEY A M, City Attorney.
JACKLEY & CONGER LAND AND LOAN CO (A M Jackley, C A Conger), Real Estate Bought and Sold.
Jamison Mercantile Co (John W, Robert E and Sadie Jamison), general store.
Jamison W O, real estate.
Johnson Fred M, general store.
Kerby David H, lawyer.
Lane Richard J, mngr Anderson Produce Co.
Latimer Bros & Kingery, Daniel C Kingery mngr, general store.
Lowry's Opera House, J W Haines mngr.
Luse Joe R, auctioneer.
McCoy John R, drugs and books.
McKee Lloyd E, livery.
Mace Bros (James E and Millard L), clothing.
Magers & Magers (James T and Mary J), osteopaths.
Majestic Theatre (400), A L Haines mngr.
Merritt Charles H, drayage.
Morrison Hiram E, postmaster and sec Seymour Commercial Club.
Morrow Bros (Clayon Z and Raymond A) meats.
Numa Block Coal Co The, A G Widmer sec.
Patton Fred B, garage.
PEOPLES SAVINGS BANK (Capital $50,000), George M Barnett Pres, Edwin Burchett Vice-Pres, W H Owen Cashier, E R Owen Asst Cashier.
Perkins Thomas M, flour, feed and produce.
Perkins & Johnston (Wm B Perkins, Thomas W Johnston), grocers.
Phillips John C, live stock.
Rosengren Theodore, jeweler.
Scott John A, meats.
Seymour Bottling Works & Ice Cream.
Runyan John H, physician.
Sawyer Robert, agt C R I & P Ry.
Schnibley Edward, plasterer.
Scott Jean E, dentist.
Factory, G H Webb propr.
Seymour Commercial Club, H E Morrison sec.
Seymour Creamery Co, John McLane mngr.
Seymour Democrat The, Byron L Hoschar editor and publr.
Seymour Hardware Co (John La Follette).
SEYMOUR LEADER THE, Weekly, J J Adams Publr.
Seymour Library, Mrs C A Conger pres.
Seymour Marble & Granite Co, W O Jamison propr.
Seymour Telephone Co, George E Elmore pres, F L Ammons sec.
Shearer Sibley U, carpenter.
Slavens Charles, auctioneer.
Smith George W, harnessmaker.
Squire & Ruby (John Squire, George M Ruby), furniture and undertakers.
Steinberg Jacob, general store.
Stevens JM & Son, contrs.
Stone John M, grocer.
Strome & Merritt (James M Strome, Wm S Merritt), real estate.
Sumner Thomas, moving pictures.
Varney John C, clothing.
Wagner Wesley, lawyer.
Webb George H, restaurant.
Webb J W & Son (John W and Leon), restaurant.
Williams G Frank, grocer.
Wilson Michael H, live stock.
Windsor Hotel The, J H Emerick propr.
Wisehart George W, propr Hotel Wayne.

NEW YORK. A discontinued postoffice in Union township, Wayne county, 10 miles n. e. of Corydon, the county seat and banking point, and 8 from Cambria, the nearest shipping point. Has rural delivery from Russell.


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