{This page is provided to the researchers of Wayne County courtesty of Pauline Williams}

Caroline Greenlee-Helt Autograph Book

Caroline lived in the Lewisburg area and went to school there where her father was a Baptist preacher in Cambria and Unity Church. These autographs were from those times from
1891 to 1892.
Pauline has copied these pages off onto
separate pages,
some have 2 to 4 copies per page.
If you have a relative and would like to see their signature,  send a LSASE (two stamps for every 3 pages) along
with any information you may have on
the individual in exchange.

Send to: Pauline Williams
         2718 Chicago Ave
Des Moines, IA  50317-2609

1887-1892 - Lewisburg, Corydon, Cambria, Humeston,
Big Springs and Allerton areas in Wayne Co. IA.

Edward Warren, Seth, Marshall May and Ida (SNOWDEN) GREENLEE, brothers and sister-in-law

B.A. HELT, husband to be

REV. L.L. GREENLEE, father

Roland and Mallinda (GUINN) GREENLEE, brother and sister-in-law to be

Mattie and Guilford GREENLEE, sister and brother

Hattie BEAL, aunt

_______BUCKLAND; Belle CARROLL; Alice CHADWICK, friends

Eloris, E. Cleveland, C. and Lena L. COFFEY, friends

Laura COIE, Lettie DYE, friends

Caroline FERRELL, cousin

Etta COX, Orval E. and Eva M. (DILLEY) MENDENHALL

Milley and Miley DILLEY  Minnie  (SNOWDEN) DILLEY, friends

Gertie, Eliza and Malinda GUINN, friends

Oliver and Hattie (MCCART) GIBBS, friends

Nellie HELT, sister-in-law

Zillah HELT, sister


Della L. MENDENHALL, friend

Emma, W.E., Hanna and Etta HULSEBUS, friends

Minnie A. LOCKWOOD, Mary MEAD, friends

Isaac NELSON and Mina NELSON, friends

John Morris and Florence (CHAPMAN) GREENLEE, brother and sister in law

Alice, Dora and Fannie NIDAY;
Laura, Emma and Sarah RICE; Bertha M. RUF, friends

Louis and Stella SNOWDEN

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