Transcribed by Ann Selvig, from:  Iowa's 1812 Veterans

  Veterans of the "WAR OF 1812" Who Lived in Iowa   (672 Found - as of Feb. 14, 2016)

Name of Veteran Dates of Birth and/or Death Cemetery Nearest   County last Find a Grave Grave

of the War of 1812 of Veteran if known where Buried Location Located In Memorial # Photo

Albertson, Garrett born Jun 6, 1791, died Aug 26, 1875 Southlawn   Seymour Wayne   67810523 No

Baker, William born 1785, died 1862 Bethelehem   Union Twp. Wayne   88773519 Yes

Beaver, Michael born 1793, died May 3, 1881 Southlawn   Seymour Wayne   139895823 Yes

Fish, Manley born Unknown, died Unknown Bethlehem   Union Twp. Wayne   157102733 No

Henry, William born Unknown, died Unknown Humeston   Richman Twp. Wayne   157125760 No

Kimberlin, Nathaniel born Sep 2, 1789, died Jan 5, 1877 Cambria   Cambria Wayne   120504529 Yes

Lancaster, Bartlet born Jan 4, 1796, died Apr 23, 1861 Corydon   Corydon Wayne   67907862 Yes

Lewis, William T. born Unknown, died Unknown Corydon   Corydon Twp. Wayne   157127355 No


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