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1875 Patrons of the Iowa State Atlas

This list of Warren County residents is found in A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa, 1875. This is not a comprehensive listing of all the residents of Warren County because they paid to be in the Atlas.

A name with a link means there is a scanned image of a sketch of that person's home (from the Atlas).

Came to State
Post Office
Alverson, David Lacona Druggist Washtena Co., MI 1856 Lacona White Breast
Ash, Michael Section 25 Farmer Loudon Co., VA 1852 Summerset Greenfield
Baldwin, W.S. Section 2 Farmer Muskingham Co., OH 1853 Lathrop Jefferson
Banks, George Section 13 Farmer Ireland 1856 Lathrop Jefferson
Barcroft, James K. Section 11 Farmer & Stock Raiser Harrison Co., OH 1864 Des Moines Greenfield
Barkley, Robert Section 3 Farmer Down Co., Ireland 1854 Norwalk Linn
Baugh, Thomas W. Carlisle Physician Highland Co., OH 1849 Carlisle Allen
Beem, Aaron Section 1 Farmer & Proprietor of Beem's Coal Bank Allegany Co., MD 1854 Sandyville Union
Bender, Levi Farmer Richland Co., OH 1848 Des Moines Allen
Bentley, M.A. Section 6 Farmer Brown Co., OH 1865 Com. Mills Linn
Berry, W.H. Indianola Attorneys at Law Warren Co., Iowa 1848 Indianola Washington
Bidlake, C.K. Section 10 Farmer Portage Co., OH 1850 Indianola Palmyra
Bishop, Levi Section 34 Farmer & Stock Raiser Shelby Co., IN 1846 Summerset Greenfield
Bradway, Miss F. Indianola Seamstress Indiana 1852 Indianola Washington
Brand, D.C. Section 18 Farmer Erie Co., NY 1848 Springhill Washington
Britton, Major L. Section 8 Farmer Lowell Co., MA 1856 Carlisle Allen
Brombull, John Section 17 Farmer England 1850 Carlisle Allen
Brown, K.T. Section 29 Farmer Baltimore, MD 1867 Sandyville Union
Bryan & Seevers Indianola Attorneys at Law Coshocton Co., OH (both) 1850 (B) 1855 (S) Indianola Washington
Bryan, J.W., Jr. Indianola Carpenter Green Co., OH 1849 Indianola Washington
Bryson, Jesse Indianola Merchant Miller Pennsylvania 1854 Indianola Washington
Bundy, John W. Section 19 Miller Stokes Co., NC 1844 Indianola Washington
Burns, A. Indianola President Simpson Centenary College Ireland 1864 Indianola Washington
Burtch, Irwin H. Section 26 Farmer Herkimer Co., NY 1859 Indianola Washington
Buxton, Wm Section 3 Farmer England 1851 Carlisle Allen
Calvin, William A. Summerset Teacher Jay Co., IN 1855 Indianola Washington
Carpenter, James Saw Mill Vermont 1848 Indianola Washington
Carpenter, Willett Indianola Livery Orange Co., NY 1854 Indianola Washington
Cavit, George Section 11 Farmer Alleghany Co., PA 1853 Indianola Washington
Chandler, Mrs. F.R. Section 11 Farmer Alabama 1853 Hamondsburg Otter
Chapman, J.B. Section 23 Farmer New London Co., CT 1846 Hartford Richland
Cheshire, John Indianola Bank, Warren County (President) Hampshire Co., VA 1855 Indianola Washington
Chittenden, D.B. Schoneburg General Merchandise Gallatin Co., KY 1874 Schoneburg Belmont
Cock, E.B. Section 32 Farmer Fayette Co., PA 1868 Indianola Washington
Cole, Benj. Section 10 Farmer & Fruit Raiser Belmont Co., OH 1855 Liberty Center Liberty
Cole, J.H. Section 6 Farmer Rockbridge Co., VA 1854 Com. Mills Linn
Collings, George Indianola Attorney at Law Highland Co., OH 1871 Indianola Washington
Conklin, Daniel Section 2 Farmer & Stock Raiser Fayette Co., PA 1868 Des Moines Greenfield
Cooke, Theo Section 9 Farmer Warren Co., NJ 1868 Summerset Greenfield
Cooper, Benj. Section 2 Farmer & Proprietor of Cooper's Bank England 1865 Sandyville Union
Cooper, J.D. Section 16 Farmer Hunterdon Co., NJ 1855 Schoneburg Belmont
Cowie, Matthew Section 26 Farmer Berwickshire, Scotland 1855 Summerset Greenfield
Cox, N.T. Section 36 Farmer Chester Co., PA 1849 Ackworth Washington
Creighton, Hugh R. Indianola Attorney, Abstractsof Titles Stark Co., OH 1873 Indianola Washington
Creighton, L.P. Section 21 Farmer Stark Co., IN 1861 Hartford Richland
Cummings, D.D. Section 13 Farmer & Stock Raiser Owen Co., IN 1849 Summerset Greenfield
Dashiell, M.A. Section 21 Farmer & Physician Dearborn Co., IN 1853 Hartford Richland
Davis, C.W. Indianola Physician Troy, NY 1856 Indianola Washington
Devore, C. Section 18 Farmer Fairfield Co., OH 1853 Schoneburg Belmont
Dotson, Uriah Section 27 Farmer Harrison Co., WV 1843 Hartford Richland
Dowell, James W. Section 23 Farmer & Stock Raiser Pulaski Co., KY 1845 Summerset Greenfield
Everett & Kennedy Indianola Pubs. & Job Printers Ohio (both) 1866(E) 1848(K) Indianola Washington
Farmer, Leonard Section 34 Farmer Guilford Co., NC 1850 Indianola Washington
Fetters, Samuel Sr. Hartford Merchant Morrow Co., OH 1852 Hartford Richland
Ford, Wm H. Section 9 Farmer & Stock Raiser Preston Co., VA 1857 Schoneburg Belmont
Fowler, Benjamin Section 16 Farmer Perry Co., OH 1865 Indianola Washington
Francis, Alfred Section 17 Farmer Erie Co., NY 1856 Indianola Washington
Freel, James Section 15 Farmer Hamilton Co., OH 1848 Hartford Richland
Gareaw, A. Section 4 Farmer Berwickshire, Scotland 1855 Des Moines Greenfield
Gilbert, Jas Section 5 Farmer & Stock Dealer Staffordshire, England 1852 Schoneburg Belmont
Goss, J. Section 23 Farmer Rowan Co., NC 1850 Sandyville Union
Graham & Knox Indianola Publishers Westmoreland Co., PA 1868 Indianola Washington
Graham, Mrs. B.A. Section 6 Farmer Harrison Co., OH 1854 Com. Mills Linn
Grievs, S.L. Section 17 Farmer and Stk. Dealer Green Co., OH 1868 Springhill Washington
Gwinn, S.M. Section 16 Farmer Greenbrier Co., VA 1854 Hartford Richland
Hall & Carruthers Indianola Attorneys, Real Estate, & Insurance Agents Ireland 1854 Indianola Washington
Hall, J.S. Section 16 Farmer Guernsey Co., OH 1850 Liberty Center Liberty
Hartman, E.W. Indianola Ins., Real Est., & Attorney Richland Co., OH 1846 Indianola Washington
Hastie, A.B. Section 19 Farmer Scotland 1856 Summerset Allen
Hastie, Philip Section 14 Farmer Scotland 1867 Summerset Greenfield
Hastie, Wm Section 18 Farmer Scotland 1848 Summerset Allen
Haworth, Dillon Section 24 Farmer Green Co., TN 1845 Ackworth Washington
Haworth, George D. Section 14 Farmer and Stk. Feeder Vermillion Co., IL 184? Ackworth Washington
Haworth, Jeremiah M. Section 23 Farmer and Stk. Feeder Clinton Co., OH 1846 Ackworth Washington
Haworth, John M. Section 22 Farmer and Stk. Raiser Vermillion Co., IL 1841 Ackworth Washington
Heiny, Geo W. Section 16 Farmer & Stock Dealer Lancaster Co., PA 1850 Sandyville Union
Henderson, A.L. Indianola Real Estate and Abstract of Titles Warren Co., Iowa 1850 Indianola Washington
Henderson, J.H. Indianola Attorney at Law Cass Co., IL 1867 Indianola Washington
Henderson, P.P. Indianola Real Estate Indiana 1847 Indianola Washington
Henry, Richard Section 28 Farmer Crawford Co., PA 1866 Indianola Washington
Henson, B.F. Section 29 Farmer Harrison Co., KY 1853 Indianola Washington
Hodgin, D. Section 13 Farmer & Blacksmith Hendricks Co., IN 1853 Hamondsburg Otter
Hoshaw, D.H. Sandyville Blacksmith Shelby Co., OH 1856 Sandyville Union
Huff, H.A. Section 1 Farmer and County Supervisor of Schools Fulton Co., IL 1854 Indianola Washington
Hursh, W.H.H. Indianola Merchant Miller Pennsylvania 1865 Indianola Washington
Irion, T.W. Section 11 Farmer & Clerk Courts Fayette Co., OH 1857 Indianola Washington
Jenkins, J.L. Section 28 Farmer Licking Co., OH 1869 Lacona White Breast
Jewett, A.F. Section 26 Farmer Licking Co., OH 1868 Indianola Washington
Johns, Mary Section 21 Farmer Owen Co., IN 1856 Sandyville Union
Johnson, Samuel Farmer & Mechanic Highland Co., OH 1853 Hartford Richland
Johnston, John H. Indianola Hardware Merchant Mahoning Co., OH 1857 Indianola Washington
Jones & Brown Indianola Livery Kentucky 1834 Indianola Washington
Judkins, M.W. Indianola County Recorder Owen Co., IN 1852 Indianola Washington
Kail, Peter Carlisle Farmer Harrison Co., OH 1854 Carlisle Allen
Lamb, J.B. Teacher Howard Co., IN 1852 Carlisle Allen
Lee, John M. Section 21 Farmer Indiana 1846 Lacona White Breast
Lockridge, J.A. Section 30 Farmer Indiana 1853 Spring Hill Greenfield
Lukenbill, Henry Section 11 Farmer Washington Co., IN 1855 Sandyville Union
Lympus, David Section 25 Farmer Fayette Co., IN 1857 Norwalk Linn
Lyon, Peter Section 36 Farmer Warren Co., IA 1851 Wheeling Richland
Maloy, J.H. Section 22 Farmer & Teacher Pennsylvania 1867 Indianola Washington
Marshall, Wm Section 31 Farmer & Mem. Co. B'rd Richland Co., OH 1865 Palmyra Palmyra
Martin, Wm Section 28 Farmer Donegal Co., Ireland 1842 St. Charles Jackson
McClintic, J.E. Summerset Merchant Monroe Co., WV 1838 Summerset Washington
McClurg, J.E. Section 16 Farmer Seneca Co., NY 1853 Lacona White Breast
McCollam, Jos Lacona Attorney & Notary Harrison Co., OH 1851 Lacona White Breast
McEldery, A.T. Section 6 Farmer Tuscarawas Co., OH 1858 Des Moines Greenfield
McEntire, L.C. Section 15 Farmer Crawford Co., PA 1865 Hartford Richland
McGranahan, John Section 27 Farmer Crawford Co., PA 1868 Indianola Washington
McIntire, T.E. Section 17 Farmer Adams Co., OH 1869 Springhill Washington
McIntire, Wm W Section 15 Farmer Crawford Co., PA 1853 Hartford Richland
McNeil, H. Indianola Attorney and Land Dealer Logan Co., OH 1862 Indianola Washington
Miller, J.H. Section 32 Farmer & County Treasurer Chester Dist., SC 1856 Indianola Washington
Mills, Elias Section 28 Farmer Warren Co., IN 1847 Liberty Center Liberty
Misner, Wm H Farmer & Blacksmith Augusta Co., VA 1871 Com. Mills Linn
Mitchell, T.J. Indianola Farmer Indiana   Indianola Washington
Moore, Daniel Section 8 Farmer Cumberland Co., PA 1835 Carlisle Allen
Moore, Richard Section 15 Farmer & County Supervisor Monroe Co., OH 1856 Indianola Washington
Moore, T.C. Section 19 Farmer Morgan Co., OH 1858 Indianola Washington
Morrison, O.O. Sandyville Teacher, Farmer, & Breeder of Fine Horses Lee Co., IA Sandyville Union
Mosher, J.P. Liberty Center Furniture Dealer Morrow Co., OH 1853 Liberty Center Liberty
Myers, Isaac Section 21 Farmer & Miller Marion Co., OH 1852 Lacona White Breast
Myrick, Wm Section 29 Farmer Athens Co., OH 1845 Hartford Richland
Nicholson, Robert Carlisle Miller England 1853 Carlisle Allen
Noble, W.A. & T.D. Indianola Agricultural Implements Organized 1863 Indianola Washington
Notestine, John A. Section 19 Farmer Juniata Co., PA 1865 Hamondsburg Belmont
Oaks, W.N. Section 18 Farmer Washington Co., OH 1870 Indianola Washington
Owen, Samuel Section 34 Farmer Warren Co., OH 1850 Ackworth Washington
Park, John Section 28 Farmer Ireland 1851 Hartford Richland
Park, Robt Section 3 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ireland 1851 Schoneburg Belmont
Parker, George F. Indianola Publisher Tippecanoe Co., IN 1854 Indianola Washington
Parrott, R.B. Indianola Attorney at Law Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada 1854 Indianola Washington
Peck, Daniel G. Indianola Agricultural Implements (Manuf.) Putnam Co., IN 1851 Indianola Washington
Perkins, Oliver Section 31 Farmer Virgo Co., IN 1848 Indianola Washington
Pilmer, David Section 14 Farmer & Stock Raiser Berwickshire, Scotland 1855 Summerset Greenfield
Pilmer, George Section 24 Farmer & Stock Raiser Berwickshire, Scotland 1856 Summerset Greenfield
Pilmer, John Section 25 Farmer & Stock Raiser Berwickshire, Scotland 1856 Summerset Greenfield
Pilmer, Robert Section 3 Farmer Columbiana Co., OH 1856 Des Moines Greenfield
Plumley, O. Sandyville Physician & Surgeon 1848 Sandyville Union
Proctor, H.R. Section 10 Farmer Preble Co., OH Lacona White Breast
Purdy, Ruben Section 11 Farmer Holmes Co., OH 1868 Lathrop Jefferson
Pyle, A.W. Section 9 Farmer & Coal Merchant Morgan Co., IN 1855 Hartford Richland
Randleman, M.C. Section 10 Farmer & Shipper Owen Co., IN 1856 Carlisle Allen
Randleman, Will R. Carlisle Merchant Owen Co., IN 1868 Carlisle Allen
Rawson, James E. Section 11 Farmer & Stock Raiser Wood Co., VA 1853 Hartford Richland
Reeves, Levi Section 23 Farmer Meigs Co., OH 1857 Sandyville Union
Richard, Geo Section 13 Farmer France 1848 Hamondsburg Otter
Rife, Jackson Section 1 Farmer & Stock Raiser Harrison Co., OH 1859 Summerset Greenfield
Riste, J.S. Section 20 Farmer Fayette Co., PA 1870 Springhill Washington
Roberts, B.F. Section 8 Farmer New York 1854 Carlisle Richland
Roberts, J.E. Section 8 Farmer & Stock Raiser Newark, OH 1854 Carlisle Richland
Rogers, J. Sandyville Druggist & P.M. Licking Co., OH 1853 Sandyville Union
Runyon, P. Section 10 Farmer Columbia Co., PA 1874 Schoneburg Belmont
Sandy, J.G. Section 22 Farmer & Stock Dealer Owen Co., IN 1853 Sandyville Union
Sandy, J.H. Section 9 Farmer & Stock Raiser Owen Co., IN 1852 Schoneburg Belmont
Saylor, J.P. Section 3 Farmer & Stock Raiser Rush Co., IN 1837 Des Moines Greenfield
Schee, Alexander Section 16 Farmer New Castle Co., DE 1850 Schoneburg Belmont
Schee, Nathan Section 21 Farmer Harrison Co., OH 1851 Schonberg Belmont
Schooler, Thos. Section 13 Farmer Berwickshire, Scotland 1853 Summerset Greenfield
Schooley, W.H. Indianola Attorney at Law Columbiana Co., OH 1864 Indianola Washington
Shaw, Samuel Section 20 Farmer & Stock Fdr. Ohio 1866 Schoneburg Belmont
Sheetz, Michael Section 36 Minister M.E. Church Jefferson Co., VA 1858 Indianola Washington
Sheppard, J.M. Schoneburg General Merchandise Ohio Co., VA 1854 Schoneburg Belmont
Sheriff, Alex Section 1 Farmer & Stock Raiser Berwickshire, Scotland 1854 Des Moines Greenfield
Shook, M.G. Section 13 Farmer Summit Co., OH 1849 Hartford Richland
Shupe, E. Section 13 Farmer Fairfield Co., OH 1856 Liberty Center Liberty
Shupe, J.M. Section 24 Farmer & General Merchandise Fairfield Co., OH 1856 Lacona Liberty
Slone, William W. Indianola Grain Dealer Clermont Co., OH 1863 Indianola Washington
Smith, Carlos F. Section 2 Farmer Petersburgh, Russia 1857 Des Moines Greenfield
Smith, S. Leroy Section 3 Farmer Coshocton Co., OH 1856 Lathrop Jefferson
Smith, Wm Carlisle Farmer England 1851 Carlisle Allen
Snyder, Jackson Section 25 Farmer & Saw Mill Ohio 1853 Norwalk Linn
Sommers, Lewis Lacona Contr. & Lumber Manuf. Bavaria, Germany 1870 Lacona White Breast
Spry, B.F. Section 27 Farmer Champaign Co., OH 1853 Hartford Richland
Spry, Geo. W Section 16 Farmer Logan Co., OH 1852 Hartford Richland
Spurgeon, Levi Section 11 Farmer & Stock Raiser Rowan Co., NC 1852 Sandyville Union
Stanley, W.G. Ackworth Teacher Columbiana Co., OH 1852 Ackworth Washington
Starr, J.C. Lacona Physician Edgar Co., IL 1862 Lacona White Breast
Surber, L.H. Section 26 Teacher Washington Co., VA 1855 Summerset Greenfield
Swallow, A.L. Carlisle Merchant Montgomery Co., OH 1853 Carlisle Allen
Swayne, Isaiah Section 17 Farmer Fountain Co., OH 1852 Summerset Greenfield
Swayne, J. Jr. Section 9 Farmer Fountain Co., OH 1852 Des Moines Greenfield
Swayne, Oscar Section 17 Farmer Fountain Co., OH 1852 Summerset Greenfield
Thompson, Jas Section 16 Farmer Virginia 1867 Schoneburg Belmont
Thompson, N.M. Section 19 Farmer Boone Co., KY 1853 Summerset Allen
Thompson, Thos. Section 24 Farmer & Stock Raiser Center Co., PA 1853 Des Moines Greenfield
Todhunter, Lewis Indianola Attorney & Bank Director Fayette Co., OH 1855 Indianola Washington
Towsend, Eli Section 11 Farmer & Stock Raiser Belmont Co., OH 1864 Sandyville Belmont
Trueblood, Charles L. Section 29 Dairyman & Fruit Grower Washington Co., IN 1866 Indianola Washington
Trueblood, John Section 11 Farmer Ogden Co., OH 1867 Sandyville Belmont
Trueblood, Oliver Section 11 Farmer Washington Co., IN 1869 Taunton Belmont
Vance, J.C. Section 26 Farmer & Fruit Grower Beaver Co., PA 1852 Summerset Greenfield
VanPelt, D.H. Section 12 Farmer & Stock Dealer Highland Co., OH 1852 Indianola Washington
Vansyoc, Jesse Section 15 Farmer & Stock Raiser Washington Co., PA 1854 Schoneburg Belmont
Wadsworth, B.F. Section 19 Farmer Hartford Co., MD 1854 Summerset Allen
Wakefield, H.T. Section 34 Farmer Jefferson Co., PA 1857 Indianola Jefferson
Wakefield, J.I. Spring Hill Physician and Surgeon Jefferson Co., PA 1856 Summerset Greenfield
Wakefield, T.J. Spring Hill Physician and Druggist Jefferson Co., PA 1856 Summerset Greenfield
Wallace, Julia A. Section 33 Farmer Hamilton Co., OH 1848 Bevington Jefferson
Ward, Wm Section 5 Farmer Mason Co., VA 1836 Des Moines Allen
Welch, M.S. Section 13 Farmer Morgan Co., IL 1835 Lathrop Jefferson
Whitman, C.C. Section 32 Farmer Warren Co., IL 1869 Indianola Washington
Whitman, J.S. Section 31 Farmer & Stock Raiser Warren Co., IL 1874 Indianola Otter
Wickliff, Gen'l M. Section 34 Farmer Shelby Co., IN 1846 Summerset Greenfield
Wilbur, Josiah Section 33 Farmer & Stock Dealer Jackson Co., OH 1848 Sandyville Union
Wiley, Jacob Section 36 Farmer Morgan Co., OH 1855 Norwalk Linn
Wiley, Mary Section 36 Washington Co., OH 1855 Norwalk Linn
Williams, D.H. Section 2 Farmer & Stock Raiser Deleware Co., OH 1857 Lacona White Breast
Williamson, J.E. Indianola Attorney at Law Boone Co., KY 1852 Indianola Washington
Willits Bros Section 10 Farmer Hamilton Co, IN 1869 Sandyville Belmont
Wilson, J.L. Indianola Real Estate Agent Belmont Co., OH 1855 Indianola Washington
Wood, J.M. Liberty Center General Merchandise & P.M. Morrow Co., OH 1861 Liberty Center Liberty
Woodward, James Section 11 Farmer Windsor Co., VT 1852 Hartford Richland
Worth, A.R. Indianola Boots and Shoe Merchant Morgan Co., IN 1863 Indianola Washington
Worth, G.A. Indianola Bank, First National (Cashier) Henricks Co., IN 1856 Indianola Washington
Wright, Don Section 25 Farmer & Stock Raiser Warren Co., IA Sandyville Union
Wright, I.C. Section 35 Farmer & County Auditor Ireland 1855 Indianola Washington
Yount, Enoch J. Section 16 Farmer Indiana 1849 Des Moines Greenfield
Yount, Geo. Section 3 Farmer Montgomery Co., OH 1857 Carlisle Allen
Zurley, Robert Section 20 Farmer Fayette Co., PA 1855 Indianola Liberty