An exceptional relationship between mother and son, and the words between the lines that told how love and lives were shaped by the war. A great manuscript for the devoted reader. A true reflection, best I can type it into words for viewing.  -Deb Barker

Jan 12 1943

Ottumwa Sep 17 1943

Ottumwa Sep 19 1943

Agency Oct 8 1943

Oct 17 1943







Ottumwa, Ia.

Feb. 17 -43


My Darling Angel:-


Here I am again tonight so tired and sleepy that my name is mud. I had a rush day right at closing time and it always makes me so tired in both mind and body. I have had supper and looked after the fire as Jack is not home tonight, just every other night, so Betty and Bobby and I are all alone with Peggy, she is sleeping however.


It has been a fine mild bright day all day long and Betty has not had to put coal in all day long. I hope this is the last of the sub zero weather but I have thought that so long that I have given up and look for it to drop just any time.


Well I got five letters from someone today, can you guess who? Well they were not all letters, but they were five envelopes with some mighty fine pictures in them. I am sure glad that you have had the opportunity to go and see all these lovely places. Gee, but I was glad to get the full view of ďYour Majesty.Ē I was also glad to get LaVellís picture too so that I could see who it was that I talked to that night.


I was so glad to see the faces of the people who have been so wonderful to you and taken you into their homes. I enjoyed looking at the faces and I guess that they are very much like the human beings in Iowa. I am glad that you turned the bankerís daughter down for a dinner with the boys that day because I expect that she is a ďprigĒ anyhow, that sure was letting the air out of her balloon sure enough. That girl in the car was fairly good looking but not good enough for my boy. There isnít any of them worth it, if you ask me. I knew that Vera would be writing you, I see what the aim of the Richards gang is and you canít fool me about them, but Vera is too droll and dumb acting to suit me and not only that but that Lotus Richards anywhere near as well as his mother and dad finishes it for me.


Oh, heck to the women and girls, what I like is those pictures you sent me, am I ever the proud and happy person to get them of you. I enjoyed those beautiful buildings and all that but I sure love your pictures. I am so sleepy that I canít write strait tonight and it is nearly time for the news so I think I had better close and get some sleep as I didnít get to bed until midnight last night and I sure feel drowsy tonight. I am so glad that you are enjoying church as you are and I hope you donít have to leave there any too soon but I do hope you can get in to some place and get application for leave made out.


Well, the news is coming on now and I am going to listen to it and then off to bed and I am going to enclose the back sheet of the Courier which has an item about Roland Bush in the ďWinning the War.Ē Matt Carr is in Ky. I saw Frieda this morning on the bus.


I am so sorry that your little watch has given out on you that I could just bawl but when I get my insurance money you can just figure on a good watch, for you shall have one that you can depend on too.


I canít get any more films for the Kodak so I just have one roll and I hate to send it with just one roll but if you can get 6-20 films, I will sent it right away, if not I will keep it until I can get several rolls and then send it to you for there is no use of your dragging it around without films. Say if you want any navy clothing let me know because Jack can get them out at the base now, so send me your size in anything you want and I expect some money for just what you would have to buy

Ö..and I expect some money for just what you would have to buy

down there. Tee shirts and shorts and whatever you are going to need and I would like to have one of the rain coats in large size for to use in rainy weather around here. So just let us know what you will need and send some money and you can have them from here.


Well I guess I had better close and take Bobby to bed now for I am so sleepy that I canít make sense. I will do much better tomorrow night, so my darling, God Bless you and Keep you well and safe for us and do hurry home so that I can give you a big hug and squeeze and just bite you good.


Love from Mother and Bobby and the rest of the gang.