Data was typed as it appeared in the paper
Adams, Elenor Francis Infant M/M J.Q. Adams Calvary 12-24
Adams, Merlin 5 M/M Henry Danville, IN 06-16
Aklin, Addie 3 M/M/ Wm. Graceland 03-14
Allard, H. E. 33     10-17
Allen, George W. 40's   Hamburg, IA 02-19
Allender, Mrs. Jack     Mt. Pleasant, IA 02-?
Ames, Thomas 16   Morgan Cemetery 05-20
Anderson, Catherine 2 mo M/M/ J. A. Graceland 08-13
Aspelmire, Mrs. Henry 60's     03-02
Augustine, Mary 60   Hebron, Adair Co. 06-01
Austin, Samuel 46   Adams Co., IA 08-20
Avery, W. A.     Near Ottumwa, IA  
Babcock, Eddie 5 M/M Wes Babcock Greenlawn, Afton, IA 08-11
Bahm, son of Henry 6 M/M Henry Bahm Graceland 11-04
Baldwin, Harry or Harvey 5 M/M Edward Graceland 09-01
Ball, Mother of Mrs. Nathan     Died in Vermont 02-19
Ballard, Laura A. 7 mo Milton & Lydia Ballard Petersburg, KS 04-11
Barden, W. O.     Red Oak, IA 10-01
Baum, Henry 10 M/M Herman Baum Graceland ? 12-30
Baxter, Ray 1 M/M Charles Baxter Harmony 03-28
Bebbs, Child 10 mo M/M J. F. Bebbs   02-19
Becker, John Jr. 38 M/M John Becker Sr. Graceland 12-31
Bell, W. R.     Suicide in Montana 11-12
Bigham, Tom & Cousin of W. Bigham Died Ottumwa, IA 08-02
Bivens, Edith 3 M/M A. J. bivens Graceland 10-29
Bonner, Fannie B. 26   Harmony 07-02
Borland, James 73   Harmony 10-03
Boyd, Peter 27 Ann & John Boyd Calvary 07-16
Boyer, Son of John 1 M/M John Boyer Graceland 01-27
Brainerd, Laura 15 Sis of Mrs. M. Kanoff Buda, IL 02-22
Brotherton, Mehala 64   Graceland 03-29
Bullard, Cora May 14   Graceland 02-15
Bullard, Elizabeth   Grandmother of C. L. Graceland 03-18
Burk, Will     Died in St. Louis, MO 10-31
Burnett, Dtr of Andrew 3 Andrew & Catherine Calvary 03-05
Butler, John B.     Graceland 03-03
Carey, Con   Family in Orient, IA   09-06
Carpenter, W.T.       06-29
Childs, Harry 20 Nephew of Wm Dennis Died in Atlantic, IA 04-20
Chipman, William 39   Harmony Cemetery 09-11
Claiser, Mamie 18 M/M Nicholas Claiser Died near Orient, Diphtheria 10-??
Clark, George 8 or 9 &nsp   12-18
Cole, Baby Infant M/M B. Cole Harmony 04-15
Comstock, A.W.     Died in Mount Pleasant, IA 07-12
Connell, J.T.      , died in Creston 10-06
Cooney, Joseph 12 M/M Dan Cooney Calvary 05-14
Cosgrove, Mary, Sister   Sister of Bishop Cosgove   02-18
Crane, Sallie J. 40 Mrs. Robert L. Philadelpia, PA 05-12
Cronin, Dr.     Murdered in Chicago 05-??
Culver, C.C., Brother of in C.A.   Father-in-law of Rhodes Died in California 05-??
Curl, Sarah E., Mrs.   Wife of H.C. Graceland 05-15
Curl, Willie 5 M/M H. C Curl   09-21
Daily, Dtr. of James 3 M/M James Daily Died in Musoula, Montana 11-23
Daily, Maggie 18 M/M James Daily Calvary, Creston 10-20
Davenport, Mr.   Brother of W.J. Died in Racine, Wisconsin 02-22
Davison, Frank 16 M/M F. R. Davison Died near Nevinville, Adams Co, IA 03-27
Dempsey, Nancy, Mrs. 29 Sister of John Steele Harmony 06-26
Dill, Mrs. Monroe 60   Morgan 02-17?
Dole, Frank   Husband of Ella Clark Died Petersburg, Kansas 03-25
Dolon, John   Fthr of Mrs. S. Morrison Died Carey Station, IL 10-29
Dolon, Mrs.   Moth.of Mrs.S.Morrison Died Carey Station, IL 01-15
Donlin, Judge   Rel/ Homer& A.F. Harsh Died Hopkins, MO 03-26
Douherty, Mr. 72 Father of Tom & Joseph Died Juanita Co, PA 02-25
Dunn, Nelson     Died Janesville, Wisconsin 10-02
Eaklin, Mrs.   Mother of August Eaklin Died Bridgewater, Interrred Conway, IA 08-30
Easterday, Child 3 C.C. Easterday Near Massena, IA, Burned in fire 10-28
Eddington, Thomas     Suicide in Fargo, North Dakota 11-19
Egbers, Brother Of Barney     Died in Quincey, Illinois 07-10
Evershed, Miss Nellie   Dtr/E.Sis. Kate Childs Died in Kansas City 07-26
Ferman, Frank   Brother of James Died Blandville, Illinois 03-07?
Figgins, Clarence 4 M/M A.J. Figgins   01-12
Flesher, Jesse 1 M/M J. A. Flesher Lucas, Iowa 03-28
Fox, Roy Emery   M/M W.W. Fox Graceland 09-21
French, [R.R. Foreman]     Crashed near Tama, Iowa 12-31
Frick, Charles 33   Died in Burlington, Iowa 08-17
Gauss, Miss Annie     Died Near Nevinville, Adams Co. IA 08-05
Gessford, Dtr. 22 Father was S. Gessford Died of Typhoid Fever 08-31
Gilgan, Patrick H. 52 Born in Ireland Calvary 09-07
Grady, Mrs. Annie   Cousin of Mrs Donohue Died Iowa City, IA 09-04
Gray, Anna Gertrude 20 M/M Nelson Gray Calvary 05-05
Gunnoude, Infant   M/M James Gunnoude Died Council Bluffs, IA 07-29
Hale, Mrs.   Mot./Mrs. J.A.Stienger Moulton, Ringgold Co., IA 11-02
Haley, Mr. Art   Soninlaw of Glen Miller Funeral in Glenwood, IA 01-29
Hall, Charles 25 Railroad accident Graceland 09-16
Hargrave, Richard     Died Oregon Territory, lived Nevinville, IA 08-08?
Harness, Andrew 54   Graceland 09--30
Harrison, Edward D. 45 Husband of Eliza Maple Hill, Cromwell, IA, suicide 06-25
Hartsuck, Lenora Fay 11      
Hascall, Mrs.   Mother of B.A.& J.F. Died Cameron, Illinois 10-28?
Hawkins, John R.   Brother of H.H. Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 11-15
Hawksworth, Tom     Ottumwa, Iowa 09-14
Hayes, Mrs. Lucy   James & Maria Webb Fremont Co., Ohio 06-25
Healy, Child Infant M/M James Healy Calvary 04-29
Henry, William 88 Bro. of Mrs. Knouse   12-03
Hewitt, Benjamin 10 mo. M/M James Hewitt   2-21
Hoffman, Baby Son 02 mo. M/M Fred Hoffman   01-??
Holliday, female   Sis.of Mrs. A. Holliday Burlington, Iowa 01-??
Hookie, Mrs. Charles     Lived Kent, Iowa 07-20
Hosier, Josie E. 36   Lived near Spaulding, IA 01-17
Hunt, Dennis 70 P.J. Brady ? Funeral St. Malachy, Creston, IA 08-12
Huntington, Fred Dean   Ed & Belle Huntington Graceland 03-05
Hurley, Julia M. 32   Calvary 06-16
Hutchison, Mrs. John     Lived near Afton, Iowa 04-02
Indian, Surname Unknown     Lynched at Bedford, Iowa 07-01
Irwin, Infant   Child of E. Irwin Lived at Spauding, Iowa 05-04
Jandrey, Henry 18 mo. M/M Albert Jandrey Died of Diptheria, No cemetery listed 11-26
Jandrey, Ida 6 M/M Albert Jandrey Diptheria, No cemetery listed 10-30
Johnston, Ernest 15 mo. M/M Charles Johnston Greenlawn, Afton 12-17
Johnston, James K. 74 Father of Gus & S.F. Lived Cromwell, bur. Swan Station, Ohio 03-06
Jolly, Goldie E. Child M/M Ora Jolly Graceland 05-13
Jones, Child 18 Mo. M/M W.B. Jones   03-11
Jones, Mary E.   Wife of Peter Jones Maple Hill, Cromwell 03-13
Joseph, Robert Infant M/M J. M. Joseph Lived near Spaulding, IA 08-18
Keck, Cleo 11 Mo. M/M Phil Keck Diptheria, Graceland 10-20
Kellogg, Baby 2 weeks Mrs. I. Kellogg    
Kendall, J. W.   Cousin of Mr. Wolf Hawleyville 01-18
Kennedy, James     Lived Villisca, Iowa 10-05
Kinser, William 90 Father of Tyre & John  , Probably Platte Twp., Union Co. 01-30
Kirsch, Catherine, "Katie" 19 Relative Peter Fredrich Thayer, Iowa, Catholic Cemetery 11-20
Kunath, Clara 14   Graceland 12-31
Lacey, Bessie 6 M/M F.R. Lacey Graceland 06-16
Larson, Baby Son   M/M O. Larson Rose Hill at Nevinville, IA 07-22
Ledgerwood, Henry   Bro. J.M.,J.D., & Wm. Lived Glendive, Montana, Graceland, Creston 09-28?
Lee, Son 6 M.M Henry Lee Calvary 10-06
Lindsay, Alex I.   Father of Rose Lindsay Graceland, Died Des Moines 07-10
Lindstrom, Infant   M/M Charles Lindstrom Graceland 07-18
Long, Joshua 76   Graceland, Lived Platte Township 02-16
Mack, Son of E. 7 M/M E.W. Mack Died of Diphtheria 11-05
Maher, Edward C. 30 Bro-in-law Jas. Locke Lived Imperial, Nebraska 03-27
Malone, Anna   Mrs. John Malone Calvary 11-23
Markey, Edward     nbsp 07-17?
Martin, Clarence 7 Mo. Grandson of Bob Martin   07-14
Martin, Joseph   Brother of Mrs. Godfrey Lived Ottumwa, Iowa 11-23?
Maxwell, Lawrence 1 M/M H.E. Maxwell Graceland 03-09
May, Ernest 6 Mo. M/M Charles Maxwell Maple Hill, Cromwell 09-13
McClintock, Emma   Mrs. Clyde, nee Dargitz Lived Grainfield, Kansas 01-16
McConniff, J.     Lived Nebraska 01-07?
McCormack, John 61 Born Ireland Calvary 11-29?
McDonald, Owen 40 Born Co. Owen Ireland Calvary 08-13
Mehan, James   Fath.of Mrs. C. Pfeiffer Quincy, Illinois 05-22?
Merrill, L. L. 54   Woods Cemetery, Adams Co., Iowa 07-25
Miller, Daughter 05 Mo. M/M W.F. Miller   09-21
Miller, Son 6 M/M Curtis Miller Morgan 03-03
Mills, Mrs.   Mother of Bob Mills Murray, Clarke Co. IA 03-15
Moll, Arthur 20 Son of Elizabeth Moll [Spinal Meningitis] Graceland 02-09
Morrow, Lizzie 33 Wife of O.S. Morrow Greenwood, MO 02-12
Mullen, Rosa, nee Donahue 65 Widow of Edward Calvary 09-30
Munsell, Roland 2 M/M Henry Munsell Greenlawn 10-05
Munson, Helen 65 Wife of Phillip Graceland 08-21
Myers, Mrs. Henry     Graceland 08-28
Newman, Daughter 3 M/M Frank Newman   10-25
Neylon, Son 3 M/M John Neylon Calvary 07-11
Nichols, Mr.     Train wreck near Tama, IA 01-07
Noonan, Michael 35 Bro. of John, Pat, Tom Calvary 05-23
Norton, "Joey", Joseph 4 M/M Joseph Norton Calvary 05-03
Norton, Michael 35 Bro. of John, Pat, Tom Burlington, IA 02-04?
O'Brien, Daniel 74 Father of Mrs. C. Gunn Calvary 05-05
O'Day, Mrs. T.     Quincy, Illinois 12-??
Oehler, Son 04 days M/M C.H. Oehler Graceland  
Orvis, Mrs.   Mot.of Rev. G.M.Orvis    
Pardy, Child   M/M Frank Pardy    
Parry, David 74 Fath.of Mrs.McCauley McDuffie 04-08
Parsons, O.F.     Died Binghamton, N.Y., buried Westfield Cem. 04-12
Paulson/Polson, Charles     Adams County, IA 03-16
Pettit, C.A.   Wm. & M.R. Pettit Graceland 08-29
Pettit, W.S.     Graceland 12-25
Philpott, James 76   Graceland 03-25
Pilgrim, Grandchildren of Mrs. John     Died Riverton, Iowa 12-19?
Pontow, Linna 1 M/M Fran Pontow Graceland 09-28
Popjoy, Walter     Graceland 04-12
Porterfield, Mark   M/M S.N. Porterfield Died in Atlantic, IA 01-29
Powers, Mrs. C.H.S.   Mother of several Kewanee, Illinois 09-15
Presbyterian Minister, Afton     Greenlawn? 11-10
Price, Alice S. 37 Wife of W.C. Price Graceland 01-26
Reece, J. R. 64   Grove Chapel 04-04
Reeve, lad 10 no given name for him Lived Ottumwa, died Kent, IA 03-09?
Reichard, Charles   Bro. of Mrs. C. Doege Died Chicago 11-??
Richard, Charles H. 32   Railroad wreck Pottsville, PA 08-02
Roseberry, Unknown given name   Fath.of Mrs.I.Roseberry Died Chicago 10-31
Ross, Mrs. Walter   Sis. of D.H. Hamilton Died Kansas City, MO 06-10
Ruby, Mrs. G. W.   Sis. of Mrs. Spencer Burned in Dakota 04-10?
Russell Infant 10 days M/M Bert Russell   05-18
Sawyer, William     Cancer of face, died Red Oak, IA 02-20?
Saxton, Harris 84 Father of Cora Lived Macksburg, IA 03-14
Schmitt, Son 4 mon. M/M August Schmitt   09-17
Schrader, Lottie 6 M/M Gus Schrader Graceland 11-05
Scott, Claud G. 7 M/M W.L. Scott Graceland 08-01
Sheets, Thomas 60   Wheeler's Grove, Pottawattamie Co. IA 11-15
Simpson, Myra, Miss 22 M/M James Simpson Harmony 06-14
Sipple, F.J. 61   Calvary  
Smith, Addie Edna 6 mon. M/M C.C. Smith Graceland 02-12
Smith, Daughter   M/M J. C. Smith Diphtheria, no cemeetry listed 02-15
Snelling, C.G.       06-08
Snyder, Ben P. 45 Bro. A.J. & Mrs. Wilcox   08-31
Snyder, Infant   M/M Darry Snyder Dallas, Texas 12-10
Spaulding, I. C.   Bro-in-law of J. & A. Tiskiliwa, Illinois 02-24
Sprouse, Benjamin 70?   Morgan  
Spurrier, Sam, Dr. 84   Morgan 04-07
Stephen, Mr.   Fath. of W.I. Stephen Morris, Illinois 05-??
Sternberg, Sophia 4 mon. M/M August Sternberg   02-13
Stickland, Zillia   Wife/ George Stickland Graceland 09-25
Stinman, Mrs. 71 Wife of J.W. Stinman Fontanelle, IA 03-24
Strey, Herman 6 M/M August Strey Diphtheria, Graceland 11-24
Strey, John 7 M/M William Strey Membranous Croup, Graceland 11-09
Strouse, Peter 61 Fath. of Jake Strouse Morgan 10-05
Swan, Unknown Given Name        
Swanson, Mrs. Swan 42   Graceland 01-02
Swick, Joseph 21 M/M John Swick Consumption, Harmony 12-12
Thomas, Dan 28   Suicide near Mt. Etna, Adams Co., IA 09-30
Thompson, C. T. OR M.C. 74   Died near Cromwell, IA, buried in Michigan 03-14
Thompson, Ezra C. 28   Jerusalem NE of Creston 10-15
Toomey, David 11 mon. John & Maggie Toomey Goshen, Ringgold Co.,IA 11-03
Toomey, Maggie 22 wife of John P. Toomey Goshen, Ringgold Co.,IA 11-13
Turner, Minnie 5 mon. M/M Leonard Turner Graceland 08-12
Van Horn, Edward   Husband of Emma Morgan 03-18
Van Horn, Emma 31 Mrs. Edward VanHorn Morgan 03-14
Van Horn, James 72   Morgan 03-18
Vanlandschoot, William     Possibly Calvary, Funeral St. Malachy Church 07-01?
Ware, N. D. 63 Husband of Sarah Adams County 03-15
Waterman, Mr.   Fath. Nixon Waterman Dickinson, South Dakota   02-04
Watson, Lucy 36 Wife of Jesse Watson McDuffie 03-03
Weber, Gus 7 M/M August Weber Diphtheria, Graceland 01-03
Wells, E. E. [Clem]   M//M J.M. Wells Railroad Accident, Graceland 01-18
White, Minerva 68? Mot of Mrs. W.H. Robb Graceland 02-01
Winhafer, Leo 15 Mon. M/M Chris Winhafer Calvary 12-29
Wirth, Daughter 1 Rev.& M. Wirth Greenlawn 11-19
Wright, John J. 42   Graceland 02-01
Wright, Mrs.O.F.   Sister of R.S. Keith West Liberty, Iowa 07-02
Yeary, Infant   M/M E.M. Yeary Graceland 04-17
Younkin, Alpha 2 George & Anna Younkin Graceland 08-24
Zinn, Eddie 6 M/M Jake Zinn Graceland 12-28

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